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Electronic Smoking Reducer

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I am a chain smoker; how often do you smoke? A few months ago my cigarette consumption was up to two and a half packs a day. After several warnings from my doctor and my trainer, I had to try to quit smoking. Any smoker will admit this isn’t so easy; I came down to a half pack a day, but sometimes still it goes beyond that. For the smoker who really wants to reduce their smoking or even quit the habit completely, Fagor came up with a wonderful idea

The Nicostopper by Fagor is an electronic cigarette case that regulates your tobacco consumption. It works by gradually lengthening the time between each smoke, blocking your access to the cigarettes for a specified time frame. Since you can’t get the cigarette out of that box, before a specific period, you have to wait for your next cigarette time. So you can say it’s a cigarette protector, hmm.. you can even call it your health guard.

The case holds ten king-size cigarettes. All you need to do is put the cigarettes in and set the timer. It will even show a friendly “self-help” lighted message during the moment you open the box and when taking a cigarette.

If you are really interested in quitting or reducing your smoking, the $300 for this amazing gadget won’t hurt your wallet.


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  • for me at least, the electronic cigarette is something I would want to do for the rest of my life in order to get my daily nicotine fix without all the other stuff. Nicotine does have certain benefits…

  • super super super skoke free guy

    im a god freak im super freaky for GOD

  • macie nicholas

    your right

  • andrew flowers

    this is sooo STUPID you want to know a way to stop smoking turn to G O D he will be your 24/7 craving if you let him be

  • Johnny Blaze

    This is really a very slick item. I work within the e-cigarette industry, and have not yet seen this fantastic device. Its nice to see others driving the industry with such great innovation, and hopefully saving millions of lives in the process.

    Johnny Blaze

  • I was in the hospital for a couple of days last week. After about 26 hours of not smoking a cigarette my nurse came in and told me she was applying a nicotine patch. She said, “the doctor feels it will help reduce your craving.” Well, for 26 hours the LAST thing on my mind was a cigarette and an hour after the patch was applied I wanted a cigarette so badly I begged for Valium. So much for the patch. I know smoking is bad for me, and it’s an expensive habit which I have to conquer. That being said, fake cigarettes, fancy locked packs and nicotine patches are not going to cut it. Legalize pot. At least then my withdrawal from cigarettes won’t be as traumatic.

  • Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming the hottest trend for 2009. Traditional cigarette smoking has too many hazardous chemicals and are sixty-nine of them are proven to cause cancer. the SMOKeFREE electronic cigarette is the first all-natural electronic cigarette produced with a proprietary non-nicotine based solution. The solution, named Gykuro Mist, is a green tea derived solution that immitates smoking nicotine only without the harmful side-effects.

  • Jay

    Hi, i started smoking electronic cigarettes lately, really helped me reduce my intake, i can even choose how much nicotine the cartridges contain. highly recommended!

  • I love the E-Cig. They sell e-smoking liquid, so i can refill the cartridge multiple times. They also sell lose atomizers, so i do not have to buy a complete new one when newer tech. is available.

  • Yes Anna i noticed that too. I already asked the editor to edit it.


  • Not only better words, but in fact the correct spelling of them. A massage is different from a message.

  • Illuminated text would have been better words I guess. Sorry for the confusion.

  • What is a “lighted massage“?