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Whether it’s the historic presidential contest between Barack Obama and John McCain in 2008 or a local school board, elections are and will always be a hot topic on the Internet, in the blogosphere, and social media realms. Elections can take many forms, from a simple majority rules format in which anyone can participate, to more complex primary run-off systems, for example, where registered members of a party participate in a process that first selects a few top candidates before a final vote is held.

While the "who" of elections is always of interest for important races in which important issues and political power are at stake, elections themselves are themselves meaningful in many ways, such as in terms of access to free and open elections, and election reform movements.

Election reform in the state of Florida, for example, became an area of intense debate stemming from the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. And more recently, Al Franken and Norm Coleman engaged in a protracted legal battle in the aftermath of an unclear election outcome for a Senate seat in the state of Minnesota that led to a recount trial.

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