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Will Senator Barack Obama win the presidency like so many polls, formulas, and Ivy League-educated augurs predict? Will John McCain pull a stunner in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and many other states Howard Dean can name in 5.8 seconds? Will Ralph Nader jump onto the stage, tie both candidates to each other with seat belts, and steal electoral votes? And how many write-ins will we see for Rick Astley?

These are just a couple of the questions that will answer themselves on the eve of Election Day, and the heads at BC Magazine who enjoy the sound of their own typing will be bringing you coverage of all things TV, web, and anecdotal.

I will be joined by illustrious Blogcritics personalities, who are not limited to:

• Feisty proprietor of the BC-affiliated Glosslip.com and one-time let-me-crash-in-her-kids-bed hostess, Dawn Olsen
• BC's political editor who once spent 8 hours looking in a mirror because he couldn't stop trying to prove his reflection wrong, Dave Nalle
• BC assistant political editor and fully-licensed boat guy, Clavos

• Law talkin' fellow and BC's resident Panamaniac, Dan (Miller)

As a bonus, I am currently tucked neatly away in the prairies of Saskatchewan, so I can also throw you the Canadian perspective to the American election. (Cultural aside: it would just be easier to buy a t-shirt that says "No, I don't want gravy on my fries.")

State initiatives, tight congressional races, and of course, the contest for President of The United States Of The Part Of America Between The Atlantic Ocean And Somewhere In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean. There will be links, live polls, and tons and tons of sassy, brassy, and informed biased opinions you won't find on the Huffington Post.

We are expecting even more of BC's glamorous level-headed community to participate in the live blog tonight, so please feel free to comment at the bottom as you normally do with other articles — without reason, regard, or revision. (We tried publishing comments in the live blog the first time, but it was just too impractical.)

Follow along, and be sure to set your watches to 7:30 p.m. EST, when the fun begins.

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  • Rick Astley! First, the EMAs; then, the presidency!

  • My early vote was for Rick Astley!

  • I’m listening to WCCO (CBS Twin Cities) on AOL (gotta use AOL IM to work) and I’ve heard that the networks (not to mention blog-sites with some extra cash) may call this very soon. Exit polling is going right now. The question is now being decided whether to call the whole thing early.

    A fellow I work with who comes from Philly says that (the new and improved) Black Panthers have been reported blocking polling places with night-sticks.

  • They better not call it early. That’ll make our work ridiculously easy and un-fun.

  • We can call it early too, Matt. That way, we can create our own fun. I mean with analysts like Dave Nalle and Baritone, how can we miss? Also, maybe Lisa Warren has an inside line into all this. If you get an iconoclast like Cannonshop writing in, I mean, it might actually get to be fun! I’d call in but, I’m too cheap to call in from outlying precincts like Judea and Samaria….

  • Chandra

    This will be a McGovern night!!

    Indiana, SC, Georgia all gone…….look at the exits

  • Chandra

    Sorry, to add…gone in favor of Obama

  • Baronius

    BC’s level-headed community is welcome? Fine; I know when I’m not wanted.

  • Baronius, what are you complaining about? I’M here.

  • I haven’t gotten all the details of CBS, but Gallup reports that the old folks are coming out en masse, and the blacks and the kids are staying home. Blacks only turned out around 13%, .5% higher than the last election. I didn’t get any numbers for the kiddies…

    In the mean time, CBS (Dan Raviv) is pushing the economy and Obama. The press is in Obama’s bag, obviously….
    Bulletin: CBS News calls Kentucky for McCain and Vermont for Obama.

    This is from CBS News

  • Clavos

    OK, I’m here…has Obama conceded yet?

  • I don’t know… CNN is calling Firginia for McCain.

    I’m confident that Minnesota will go for Obama, but it will depend on how many people vote in the 4th and 5th Congressional districts, which usually have the lowest turnout, but who are probsbly the strongest voters for Obama in the state.

  • Well, this was about the point at which Kerry conceded four years ago…!

  • Jet

    I used to know a very loose girl in highschool named Firginia Ruvy.

  • Firginia – the land of the Firgins (hairy liquor). My vinger slipped while typing….

  • Jet

    My vinger slipped while typing….
    Don’t let your wife sit so close when you’re typing

  • Jet,

    It’s about 02:50 here in Israel. My wife is fast asleep while I’ve been editing the bad news in the quarterly reports in the States. WCCO is playing for me because I have to use AOL IM. Having listened to ‘CCO for two decades in MN, I figured, why not? And that is why I get CBS News for you guys: ‘CCO is the CBS affiliate in the Twin Cities, and I prefer it to WCBS in New York.

    My wife is a crackerjack at catching my typing mistakes, and when she does sit next to me, my typing improves dramatically.

  • Jet

    At the moment Obama is ahead in popular votes, however CNN has called South Carolina for McCain

  • troll

    penn to Obama

  • Is there a vote-counter site that keeps up on the popular vote?

  • Jet

    CNN has called

    For Obama
    New Jersey

    for McCain

  • NH IL MD for Obama, according to CBS news at 20:00 EST.

  • Jet


    Florida advantage Obama 56-43 Ahead by 517,000

    Virginia Mc Cain 56-43 +62-38

    N Carolina Obama 62-38!!!

  • Jet

    Fumble fingers-Virginia McCain +56,000

  • Breaking: Obama 77/McCain 34

    Hey folks it’s OVER…CHANGE IS COMING…IT’S here.

    My sister and daughter have tickets to the Grant Park lakeside rally tonight. He just won North Carolina! There has been an African American tsunami of voters there.

    I am off to write an article and read my interview with McWhorter. Thanks


  • Chicago is going Crazy! I am looking for my sister and my daughter in the crowd out at Grant Park on the beautiful lake shore drive in Chicago. It has bar none the most beautiful lakefront in the world.


  • Baronius

    If Pennsylvania holds up, it’s impossible for McCain to win. But Philadelphia reports early, and the Republican counties report late. The press mis-called PA in 1988.

  • So far, for what little it iws worth, the popular vote according to CNN is Obama 50%, McCain 50%. Presently, Obama is projected for 81 votes in the EC, McCain 34.

    Apparently Pennsylvania has been called Obama.

  • CNN shows a very slim lead for McCain in the popular vote.

    McCain 50%
    Obama 49%

  • According to CNN the EC is as follows

    Obama 102
    McCain 34

  • I’m calling it a night. It’s early Wednesday morining here and I have to catch a bus into J-lem in not too long.

    Looks like the a-hole (or isa is t o-hole?) will win. Surprises may yet come out of left field. But they will not be in the vote count….

    Good night.

  • Is anybody else really annoyed by the casino-ey ‘BLING!’ sound every time CNN calls a state?

  • Jet

    Actually it’s helping me Doc, the TV’s in the living room and I’m in the den.

  • Franco

    DD, you took the words right out of my mouth. What is with that?

  • handyguy

    NBC has called Ohio for Obama. Several commentators are on the verge of calling Florida for the Dems as well.

  • McCain finished after O-HI-O

  • Gesundheit…

  • Cindy D

    Florida for Obama per FOX

  • Cindy D

    Did somebody sneeze Dr.D? πŸ™‚

  • Cindy D

    woo hooo hooo I love it I love it I love it!

  • STM

    Just a little note to philistine America from God’s Own Country.

    Here I am down in Oz watching the US election live, following it with more interest than our own boring-as-batshit outing to elect a new government a year ago, and noticing all the different opinions on this site and how people – mostly – are reacting to each other almost pleasantly. Moon’s banned, then?

    Seriously, you’ve gotta love democracy, even if the American version seems slightly bizarre and comes with really weird accents πŸ™‚ … Change (or not, as the case may be) at the point of a pencil (or at the point of one o’ them new-fangled touch-screen voting machines) instead of at the point of a gun or a bomb vest.

    Good on you, America. We’re loving it here. Keep spreading the fun.

  • Arch Conservative

    Now America has a fuhrer………


  • Cindy D

    10:00 pm the live election thread has 42 comments including my 4, and I thought I was boycotting you for election night!

  • Arch Conservative

    If he sticks to the schedule fuhrer Obama will start building the concentration camps for insolent citizens and media sometime around March 2010.

  • Arch Conservative

    Say it with me Cindy.

    HEIL OBAMA!!!!!!

  • We heard you the first time, Arch. Actually, it didn’t make sense then, either. Sore loserdom is not attractive on anyone.

  • Arch Conservative

    Well handyguy unless the fuhrer doesn’t turn out to be what I already know he is I will do nothing but ridicule him for the next four years.

  • Clavos

    According to the FOX News Channel I get on my TV, at this time, FL Is still too close to call…

  • You go right ahead. But unless you find a more meaningful vocabulary with which to do so, you are starting off looking ridiculous and are only likely to get worse.

  • Correct, Clavos. No calls yet on FL, NC, VA or IN. Some commentators let their opinions show, apparently based on exit polls and returns from Tampa and Orlando.

  • Baronius

    Arch – The other side whines when they lose. We’re supposed to have more class. If this election is as one-sided as it’s looking, we should do the Republican thing: act honorably, savage our own candidate for failing us, and blow the Dems out of the water in the midterms.

    May God bless the next President of the USA.

  • Arch Conservative

    Maybe you can lay some hope and change on me handy. Tell me how all my problems are going to be solved by the furher.

  • Zedd


    OK, I’m here…has Obama conceded yet?

    Aaaawe. Precious. Bless your heart. Hug?

  • Arch Conservative

    I do have more class Baronius. I’m not crying “voter fraud” like the weak minded little bitches who supported Kerry and Gore.

    But if you think I’m ever going to refer to eight ball barry by using the word president or any other term that connotates respect you’re delusional.

    I hear what you’re saying Baronius. Without Carter there would have been no Reagan. Obama is my generation’s Carter. One and done by the hands of his own arrogant incompetence. The question is………who is the next Reagan?

  • I can’t speak for other liberal Dems, but if we were losing, I wouldn’t be anywhere near here. I’d be silently sulking.

  • Cindy D

    “Tell me how all my problems are going to be solved by the furher.”

    Your problems Arch, aren’t likely be solved by 42 years of intensive therapy.

    They allow you to post here Arch but not moon…

    Say it with me Arch…” I’m a loser!.”

    Surely we are both that.

  • Why are you a loser, Cindy?

  • Arch Conservative

    That’s the difference between you and I handy. I’m not afraid of you and the agenda of your ilk.

    We’ll blow the whole thing up before we let you take over. You can count on that. Why do you think there were so many people buying guns down in Texas, Florida etc….leading up to this election?

  • Cindy D


    i am a loser in that i have lost moon’s contribution, which i found valuable.

  • “They allow you to post here Arch but not moon…”

    More people need to complain to management. That’s what helped push moon out

  • STM

    Fair dinkum … thanks America, I love the US election. It’s on every TV in the office, we’re entrhralled, some of my colleagues have been down at the Sheraton getting on it with the US consul-general in Sydney … and now the Yanks are sending us oysters and other goodies this arvo to celebrate.

    *Note to Americans: next time, please research journalistic staples and send beer too (even Bud, because at this price, it’s perfect).

  • Jet

    Oh go change your tampon Arch, you’re getting really boring

  • “I do have more class Baronius.”

    obviously not.

  • Had a few cocktails, there, Arch? Tomorrow morning, when you look at what you just typed tonight, won’t you feel so…proud.

  • please don’t completely delete AC’s sad, pathetic commets. It makes him look like a better person than he really is.

  • STM

    I can’t understand why Arch is so frightened of the citizens of the US finally getting the things that every other western democracy has had for decades, and which don’t seem to have caused one iota of drama.

    We love our anti-lunatic gun laws and (almost) free health care down here. You can catch the bus to work without idiots taking potshots at you, and no one needs to go bankrupt to have an appendix removed.

    Arch will benefit too. He can have the remaining half of his brain removed at no cost.

  • Jet

    Oh he’s just bitter because his lawsuit failed. He was trying to sue McDonald’s for royalties because they call them “golden arches”

  • And Arch is off the mark comparing Obama to Carter. Actually, Obama could be the Dems’ Reagan – a transformational political leader who carries the country further than we may have believed it would go.

    And our conservative friends may find it disconcerting if this does not turn out to be such a bad thing, after all. Just as we lefties must grudgingly concede that some of what the Reaganites accomplished [like the Thatcherites in Britain] was not all bad.

  • My window is open in New York City right now. The sounds of celebration are rushing in….

  • zingzing

    handy, you’re in new york? i’m in greenpoint, brooklyn and i can’t hear a thing. no jinxes!

    oh, the tide is turnin’!

  • I am west of Columbus Circle. Not a huge noise, but medium-sized waves of hollerin’….

    I am so relieved. Like most Dems, I refused to believe it until it happened…we’re accustomed to losing these things.

  • McCain’s remarks are incredibly moving and gracious.

  • McCain’s remarks are incredibly moving and gracious.

    agree. mentioning obama’s late grandmother was a nice touch.

  • STM

    What a fantastic speech by John McCain.

    How can you not be proud to be American, guys, after hearing that, no matter your political persuasion?

    Amazing stuff, all round. Absolutely momentous.

    Congratulations from Down Under (the 51st state πŸ™‚ on your new prez and on a man so gracious in defeat he can make that kind of speech.

  • I am proud of several things tonight, and it would be hard to pinpoint which is more wonderful: Ohio putting Obama over the top, casting my vote for Obama, being filled with tears and joy that I was able to participate in this watershed moment, or John McCain’s gracious and kind speech.

    I am completely disgusted however at the angry, hateful rhetoric spewing forth from the mouths of sore losers. SHUT THE F UP. YOU LOSE, GET OVER IT and look forward to a better world where ALL people are created equal and each of us has the opportunity to reach the highest level of office in this great nation. We are all winners with Obama as president.

  • Jet

    That was the real McCain we saw tonight, not the one the GOP machine made up. Thank you John McCain, thank you

  • Jet

    Rejoice! for tomorrow the phone will stop ringing

  • McCain certainly has more class than some of his supporters who were booing during his speech. Too bad that McCain disappeared during the campaign.

  • Zing,

    My son is also in Greenpoint. I just spoke with him on the phone. We couldn’t really hear each other.

    My older son is at Rock Center. It’s the same there.

    Oh, and by the way. Yay!


  • Zedd


    Slaves built the white house folks. Let’s all take this in! God bless America.

  • Clavos

    Oh, please, people. The “gracious speech” was written by speech writers.

    Speech, shmeech. He lost.

    The Republicans should put him out to pasture, find a better candidate, and start grooming him (or better yet, her) now.

  • Jet

    80-Zedd, you should be ashamed of yourself-I know I am… and I feel sorry for you

  • Wow! Check out Grant Park in Chicago. Holy Mackerel!


  • Monumentally momentous. Can’t wait to hear President-Elect Obama’s speech!

  • Okay, so did Dave’s head explode?

  • My sister and daughter are somewhere in that Chicago Grant Park crowd. I just wrote an article…can somebody get it published Clavos or Dave if ya’ll ain’t sore losers…ouch.

    Republicans have bit the dust, big TIME!!!


  • Lordy, Clavos, turn down the cynic-o-meter just a few notches for one night, could ya? Allow us a few genuine moments of grace. There are far too few in this life.

  • STM

    Deano: “Okay, so did Dave’s head explode?”

    Lol. Some of your best work Deano.

    However, whatever else Dave is, he’s a genuine believer in the democratic process. Let’s give him that much.

  • Doug Hunter

    Congratulations to the gracious winners, I love the new tone already (although I’m skeptical how long it’ll last). It’s always frustrating to realize that over half the country doesn’t share the values that you do but I’ll get over it. I’m a bit jealous I didn’t have the chance to be a part of history and vote in the first black president.

    The rhetoric of our leadership has changed but the core values of everday Americans remains the same. Freedom and capitalism still have firm entrenchment in our collective spirits. Change, even if you believe it to be bad, means opportunity. The entrepeneurs, the pioneers, and those with ingenuity will not be held down by a few % of tax rate. (especially when its sooo easy to show no profit or shift income to cap gains!)

    Me, I’m betting on a nice wave of government spending next year. Just perfect in our current slowdown. Must talk to my wife about following up on the HUB certification for the business she runs. Gotta be ready for change!

  • Obama’s speech was pretty good. On the right track. Let’s see how long it takes for the large and hate-filled element of his party to drag him down. If he can resist their pull and put Pelosi and her allies in their place he could achieve greatness.


  • Clavos

    Allow us a few genuine moments of grace.

    Have a ball, handy.

    I just find it strange that the same man who was being vilified by every democrat on this blog just twenty four hours ago is suddenly such a great guy.

    He’s still the guy who selected Palin as his running mate, remember? The “POW who gave up military secrets to get medical help?”

  • “The “gracious speech” was written by speech writers.”

    You mean that didn’t come of the top of his head? Great insight, yet it doesn’t change the fact that the tone was gracious. If they gave him an angry, bitter speech, he wouldn’t have read it.

  • STM


    Repeat after me: “All will be well …

    “The sky will not fall …

    “The sun will rise again in the morning …


  • americanized

    i believe today is a great day for humans. We can now put behind us all the indifference in color or religion. I also believe Afican Americans now have a reason to stop with blaming the white man. It is our job as young americans to show the world and old america that we are here and it it our time now.

  • Clav, I still don’t like the guy, but few people are all bad, including McCain. His speech was well written and well delivered.

    I worked the polls all day today. I didn’t sleep worth a damn last nite, then got up at 4AM. I am happy as shit. I know you are not. Enough said.

    While tomorrow is now today. It still promises to be “another day.”


  • americanized

    this is the first time ever in my 31 years i have felt like America is America…….land of the free, truth liberty and the American way???

  • Zedd


    I must have missed something. I am a Black woman who is very moved by the symbolism of this night, let alone that my candidate won.

    Why are you ashamed?

  • americanized

    i am not ashamed i am proud. i have felt this day would come.I hope we as people can see each other not as groups but people.

  • americanized

    i feel so proud for the African Americans. W ho now have a leader in the highest position in America. It almost makes me feel like we are the land of the free now.

  • STM

    Mind you, it was back to reality pretty quickly.

    With all the hoo-ha and jumping up and down Down Under over the US election, and 20 million people who aren’t even Yanks glued to their TVs, my wife was partaking of another aspect of imported American culture: she watched a couple of re-run episodes of The Bold and The beautiful while McCain and Obama were making their speeches.

    You have a lot to answer for up there. I watched Leave it to Beaver as a kid, and now we’ve got Law and Order, the CSI franchise, etc, ad infinitum. Is it any wonder the only real differences are that we have a wire between brain and mouth that actually engages sometimes, you guys talk funny AND you drive on the wrong side of the road?

    I’d just like to say thanks too while I’m here for that other piece of intellectual American frippery: Girls of The Playboy Mansion, which my daughter is hanging out to watch tonight because it’s a new episode.

    I can’t believe people think it’s normal for 20-year-old blondes to hang out with an 80-year-old bloke whose favoured daytime outfit is dressing gown and slippers.

  • Franco

    89 β€” Doug Hunter

    I solute you Doug. Land of the free baby for those who know how to think like it!

  • americanized

    STM welcome to america. Where if you want to dress a woman and your a man it ok . Where if your white black asian,mexican , You can become some one and something.Even if you enjoy the girls next door. FREEDOM ….FREEDOM…

  • zingzing

    i must say, i am hicuppedng and i am proud, oh dog, it hurts.vowels suxk.

  • STM

    “STM welcome to america. Where if you want to dress a woman and your a man it ok . Where if your white black asian,mexican , You can become some one and something.Even if you enjoy the girls next door. FREEDOM ….FREEDOM…”

    Of course, Americanised, we don’t have any freedoms like that Down Under, despite our democracy being 350 years old – more than 100 years older than yours because ours is a direct and unbroken continuation of Britain’s, which is the longest continuous running constitutional representative democracy in modern history.

    What does that count for, though? The secret police are always coming to the door and checking under our beds. That’s why Australians are such a timid, repressed, spooked and frightened bunch of oppressed people.

    One day we’ll really come out of our shells, rise up, and start slugging, though. You watch.

    If we can tear ourselves away from the beach and the barbecue, that is.

  • Jordan Richardson

    We’ll blow the whole thing up before we let you take over. You can count on that. Why do you think there were so many people buying guns down in Texas, Florida etc….leading up to this election?

    Arch, would you care to repeat this? Louder and into the microphone…

    While you’re working on blowing “the whole thing” up, perhaps you can remember that the majority of the country doesn’t agree with your backwoods ideologies and doesn’t think comparing Barack Obama to an psychotic individual who savagely murdered millions of people is a sane or remotely appropriate thing to do. And perhaps when you’re wiring the explosives, Arch, you can remember to plant a few long, hard, red sticks of dynamite firmly and snugly up your own rotund ass so that you can take out the Command Centre of where the majority of your idiotic thoughts come from.

    And when your ass is blown wide open by a combination of reality and your own stupidity, perhaps you can think really earnestly and really honestly about how you’ve verbally threatened the President-Elect of the United States of America with physical violence more than once on a public and popular website and how it really isn’t that hard to find out who you are, where you live, or what you pretend to do for a living.

    In other words, try thinking before you rant. I know it’s a painful prospect and I know it requires you to shift some of the blood away from your penis (which means you have to stop watching Who’s Naylin’ Paylin for just a sec), but think.

  • STM

    Jordan: It’s nice to see Arch accepting the will of the people (spoken in a most resounding fashion, I might add), don’t ya reckon?

    See, Arch wants us to believe that he believes in representative (modern) democracy … but it’s only true when he’s getting exactly what he wants.

    That ain’t freedom at all. Gettin’ all those guns to make sure you don’t have a voice? Oh, right, it’s guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

    And yes, Jordan, you’re right again … what Arch is saying could well be a breach of the Patriot Act, which so far hasn’t been rescinded.

  • zingzing

    seriously, this os one of the typiest nights of my night. life.

  • zingzing

    from thread to thread i go and damn if we didn’t elect the black man–fuck you, repuclians! we did it anyway!


  • STM

    Good on you zing … glad you’re happy.

    I know a lot of Americans don’t care what others think about what happens in the US, but it’s of vital importance to the rest of the world because it impacts so heavily on us.

    I got to share with Americans in something pretty special today, even though I’m 13,000kms away, and to watch history unfolding – live – like that was pretty amazing.

    I though McCain was great too, and quite possibly would have made a good president if he could shake off the stuff-ups of the Bush era, but Obama’s election restores faith around the world in the American people.

    Don’t underestimate the importance of that to the American nation.

  • zingzing

    hey stan– a lot of americans care what happens around the world. it’s 430, and ive been partying around a lot of folks that care about shit–their own shit, your shit, everyone’s shit.–and we’re gonna make it right on our end, at least as much as we can. or so it seems. who knows what comes of that. but, for tonight, a lot of people are gonna try.

    i”ve gotten so many chills tonight. we elected a black man. who could imagine it 200 years ago? 40 years ago? shit, 4 years ago? we’ve done something amazing (for us) and i think we’re going to have some major changes come.

    have you ever had more hope for us?

    we’ve never had a brighter future than now.

    truly, for the first time in my life, we deserve everything that we get, and i’m sure you can all agree with that.

  • STM

    Good luck to you zing … I remember how disappointed I was – watching from Australia! – when Tom Bradley lost out in the 1982 California governor’s race to his white opponent, politics regardless.

    I had to be reminded of it in a discussion with Dave over the weekend, but I remember not understanding how it could’ve happened when everyone said he was going to win.

    I thought I’d never see a black president elected in my lifetime, and my view: no matter what your political persuasion is, that one thing alone should be enough of a moment for anyone.

    Is this America’s true coming of age??

    A turning point in history? I think so … I hope so.

    Amazing stuff. Democracy is a special thing.

  • pleasexcusethisinterrutpion

    Wish I was on here earlier didn’t know you all were liveblogging .. anyways here’s the calls for the night.. don’t know if you all know this all already.

    IN: obama (call made 9:30pm est – networks uncalled)
    MO: McCain (call made 1:30am – networks uncalled)
    NC: McCain (call made midnight – networks uncalled)
    FL: McCain (call made half an hour before networks)
    Franken wins MN (call made 3 am – uncalled by networks)

  • I am delighted with the US election results last night. Well done the USA on making a major step towards a greater maturity and catching up with the rest of the world.

    Hopefully the excessively conservative trends that have gripped the country since Reagan’s election will now fade away.

    This is a great day for the USA, the wider world and our shared future. Now there is hope again.

  • Clavos

    Well done the USA on making a major step towards a greater maturity and catching up with the rest of the world.

    Thank you for your condescension in the midst of our celebration, Chris.

  • bliffle

    McCains concession speech was excellent. Very graceful. Much more graceful than some of his supporters in the crowd.

    The gigantic crowds attending the Obama victory outings were also very graceful. No rioting, no drunkenness, no overturned cars. Amazing. Some of the crowds approached a million people.

  • Clavos, that isn’t condescension, it’s simply the way it is.

    Thanks for your customary sunny nature and optimism though, not that you are actually celebrating of course. Hypocritical much?

  • So, where are the special polling places for registered Republicans open today? A broken promise already! Ominous.

    (If you can’t tell I’m kidding here, take a deep breath.)

  • Cindy D


    RE #48

    My sister told me that over the telephone. I think she was driving home listening to the radio.

  • Les Slater

    Way back, during the primaries, I pointed out that the ruling class would prefer Clinton to Obama because Clinton would not raise expectations as high as Obama would.

    Reading this thread, and quite a few morning after press reports, the expectations are indeed quite high.

    They will not be met.

  • Cindy D


    It is a good feeling to know I have a president I like. And to feel that he likes and understands people.

    I hadn’t even realized the extent it affected my psyche to have a war-mongering, big-business-loving, tiny man who was using our country to play cowboy and who served only his constituency–the haves and the have mores.

    No one can solve everything. What can and cannot be done–that’s just reality. But, it feels very different. I went to bed last night peaceful and happy. Just that is a good start.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    I know bliffle. I heard people in Philly actually stopped their cars on the interstate and opened their car doors to turn up the radio and listen to Obama’s acceptance speech en masse. WHEN has that ever happened? Pretty cool.

  • Les Slater


    I live in Chicago and can feel the emotion regarding the election of Obama. As I have posted elsewhere on BC, within the last week I believe, that when talking to working class Blacks that were supporting Obama, when questioned whether he would solve major problems, the answer was overwhelmingly, no. The other thing that was usually pointed out was they thought McCain’s policies would make things much worse.

    The encounters were usually brief but when I had a chance to point out Bill Clinton’s administration was a point of acceleration of attacks on economic and political rights, they usually agreed.

    Just as Bush was building on Clinton’s attacks, so will Obama continue on from where Bush left off.

    There will be some differences like probably a greater economic stimulation. I am sure, regardless of his philosophical inclinations, McCain would be forced to do the same. Remember that the dramatic intervention of the government in propping up the economy started without waiting for a new regime.

    You have to realize that Oboma represents the class that is sinking deeper into crisis. His whole campaign moved to the ‘center’, as you put it, actually, to the right, so to convince that class that he would reliably function on their behalf.

    The euphoria will wear off.


  • It may of course have nothing to do with the fact that I live in a strongly Republican district, but I fancy that my night’s sleep was punctuated with the muffled pop of shotguns behind drawn bedroom curtains, and the soft idling of car engines in closed garages…


  • bliffle

    Some people around here were predicting that there would be a riot, like after a big football game, after the election. Whether Obama won or not.

    They were wrong. Not the first time.

    I’ve never seen such huge crowds who were so well behaved and respectable. And they did it without cops.

    Just a personal sense of responsibility.

    I’m impressed.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I was thinking the same thing, Bliffle. It was an incredible moment and the crowds were great. Wonderful, wonderful night.