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Eisley: Room Noises

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Us Eisley fans have been long awaiting a full length from this five piece made up of four siblings and a neighbor. Two EPs have released in the past year and a half, “Laughing City” and “Marvelous Things,” and they (along with their tour with Coldplay) have solidified Eisley’s fan base. So it should be no surprise that there has been a lot of anticipation for “Room Noises.”

To describe Eisley’s sound I’ve heard the names Sixpence None The Richer and Radiohead thrown around, though neither quite pin it. Indeed, Leigh Nash seems to have been a big influence on the Eisley sisters’ voices, however, what Eisley manages to do that Sixpence couldn’t is harmonize on a frequent basis and amazingly. The harmonies lend a fairie feel to the music, which is only strengthened by the the lyrics. Eisley still has innocence and wonder, which comes through in the music.

For fans like me who picked up Eisley’s first EP fairly soon after it’s release (and, indeed, for the longer fans who had their independent release when they went under the name Mos Eisley) and who own both of the EPs may find “Room Noises” to be a bit of a let down. Of the twelve tracks, four are already familiar to us from the prior EPs. While three of them have been either re-recorded or mixed differently, there are only subtle changes and I would much rather have seen four completely new songs appear here. Other than that, long time fans will definately appreciate this album. The new songs display stronger songwriting abilities (not that they were bad before) and flawless execution.

For the new listener, the entire thing will be new and there is not great flaw to point out. I would definitely recommend sampling some of the songs at either a nearby store that allows that, or online at amazon.com to see if you like Eisley’s overall sound. If you do, definitely pick up the cd.

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About The Theory

  • dang theory, ya beat me to it.

    they are pretty difficult to describe.

    …and they should be more famous than they are.

  • I’ve heard quite a few of their songs on Launch and now plan on buying the record. I’ve noticed the production changes on certain songs like “Telescope Eyes” but haven’t decided which I prefer.

  • Matty D

    Not to be too full of my own ear, but I predicted the success of Fiona Apple, Radiohead, and yes, Ill admit way back in the day…even Skid Row. I never said anything about the longevity of those alblums, but upon first listens, before radio and MTV heavy rotations, I knew they would gain popular success. Room Noises has what it takes to be a huge success. My prediction is that within a few weeks, possibly a month or two( remember that the 3 acts I listed before, took a good while until they were known to the masses) this band is going to be on the lips of the general public. The real interesting detail is that this is the FIRST full alblum of a very, very, young band. If these ‘kids’ can comeup with this caliber of music now….whats in store for their future? “…beautiful things that spring from these rows with their beautiful names and beautiful sounds…”

  • Shark

    This is the most ORIGINAL album I’ve heard in many years. It’s unique, brilliant, haunting, literate, musically sophisticated, and yet there’s a simple quality about it.

    It’s music you’ve heard before, music that has existed for eternity.

    Without a doubt, one of the best albums in years.

    PS: It’s a small family from a small town — Tyler, Texas, demonstrating once again that Texas is a breeding ground for unique brilliance in the arts, especially music.


  • Lauren B.

    I’m so sad I haven’t discovered Eisley before Now. They’re my absolute favorite band, and this is probably the best album I own.

    They NEED to be famous, to provide more people with the enjoyment their music can bring.