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Eighth Harry Potter Book?

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While only five of the planned seven Harry Potter books have been published to date, USA Today is reporting that billionaire author J.K. Rowling has not ruled out extending the series beyond Harry’s years at Hogwart’s Academy:

In a live Web chat to mark World Book Day, Rowling–who has always insisted she’ll write only seven Potter books–was asked by a fan if she intended to write books about Harry after he leaves Hogwarts, the academy for wizards.

“Probably not. But I’ll never say never because every time I do I immediately break the vow,” she replied.

Potter fans should be encouraged by Rowling’s comments, as she had previously ruled out additional books entirely. During the same chat, she also dropped a few hints as to the content of Book Six:

“I can’t say when it will be released because that’s down to my publishers,” she said. “But it’s going really well. I am loving writing it.”

She promised the latest book would include more romance for the boy wizard, but hinted he would also face a terrible ordeal. She added that she planned to try a “completely different genre” of writing when she has finished the seventh book, but did not specify.

In the meantime, the adaptation of Book Three, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, hits theaters on June 4.

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  • saad

    can the seventh book of harry potter be harry potter and the minister of magic?

  • Hi my name is saad I realy like harry potter and I heard about the six book is coming out but each article I read about the six book’s tittle it says soming difirent I all so heard about the one of the tittle is harry potter and green flame torch so can it be called green flame tourch?And all so I have a good tittle for the seventh book:harry potter and the ministy of magic please reply in my e mail above thank you.

  • Nalin Dhillon

    Dear j.K Rowling. My name is Nalin and I am a humoungous fan of Harry Potter! I’ve read every book 10000000 times (I’ve read the 6th once,), have seen all the movies, and I’ve memorized all of the spells and what they (are) do/for.
    I also wanted to say that I would love it if you kept on writing about what Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their friends do after they leave Hogwarts!
    I know the 7th book will be terrific!
    Sincerely your and Harry’s biggest fan, Nalin

  • Nalin — Your message seems well intentioned… but this ain’t the place to write directly to Ms. Rowling. I suggest you try to find her official author site.

  • Sebastian Morales

    Dear J.k. Rowling im a great fan of yours i canot say the biggest but i really think i am a great fan of yours i think a good tittle for your 7th book would be: “HARRY POTTER AND THE LOST PROPHECY” I gived that title beacuse of the prophecy harry found in the HALL OF PROPHECY and to defeat VOLDEMORT the prophecy must be completed.

    Thanks For Your Time all yours:

    Sebastian Morales Contreras

  • Dear jk rowlings i think u should keep the 7th book name as harry potter and the ministry of magic i love your books and tell u that please dont stop at seventh book procede furthur

  • dillon

    hi j.k i really want your books. may i ask what is the seventh books

  • Erin

    You stupid people.
    J.K. didn’t write this article.
    It is just an article.
    Not a place to suggest titles for the books or anything.
    Stupid children.

  • wow

    if u read the stupid title its just in article about what she said in a chat!!!!she did not right it so stop asking!

  • Kathryn

    i luv the h p books 2. i tink erin nd wow r rite. ur not tlkin 2 jk on dis site ur just sposed 2 say wat u tink bout books so dnt try tlkin 2 jk thru dis.

  • half blood prince

    i am half way thru the sixth book and already i want to read number 7 i hope if Jk Rowling does not conteniue the Harry Potter books she will conteniue to use the Harry Potter world she as so richly imagined

  • Aziz

    i know out the billions of your fans who are day and night trying to talk to you but still just in case you get this email of mine i would really like to request to you that ” please please please (a million times) write at least 10 books of the harry potter series. the sixth book is just toooooo gooooood and you dont know how curious and sad i am about the next book, sad because it might be your last, but i have a humble request could you plzz keep writing these books they make all us children feel really comforted and it really would disappoint us if you dont write even more books of this series.thank you and god bless you

  • michael

    I am a very big h.p. fan and I love all of the books but my favorite is the Goblet of Fire. H.b.P is reallly good so far, im on page 400 and something, and i cannot wait for the seventhbook. I hope that u wrrite more fantastic books like h.p. when the series is complete but i cant see how anything else can compare to these fantastic books.

  • Hello J.K.Rowlin. My name is Nicole. And I read all six of the Harry Potter books. I just can’t stand that Harry might die. I will feel really sad and really mad. I mean Harry shouldn’t die, should he? I love Harry. He is so sweet and sometimes he is. I don’t know how to say it but, sometimes Harry can be a real pain. I am really sorry that I said that but that is the truth for me. But he really is a sweetheart. And I really love him. He is my idol. I am taking my time to write this comment. Harry can be crabby at times but who cares? No one cares if he is sometimes crabby? But if you think that Harry is a sweetheart say “I think that Harry Potter is such a sweetheart”. And that is my comment. Thank You for your time.

    P.S. I wrote a letter to Daniel Radcliffe.

  • hmmm


  • hahahahaha

    you sad saddy sad sad children hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • Alex

    Hello J.K. Rowling. I just want to let you know that I love your Harry Potter books. I read each of your books three to four times whenever I was bored and I have never gotten bored of them once. I promice. I’m in the middle of reading the sixth book and it’s just as amazing as the others. Every day I read it and just can’t put it down but I made a promise to myself not to finish it to fast because i’ve been waiting so long for it to come out. It just keeps getting better and better. I think that you should definetly with no hesitation continue writing the Harry Potter books even after Harry and friends finish school because these are the only books I can sit and enjoy reading for hours and not get bored. I know your probably thinking Oh the actors of these movies are going to get to old to play in the further adventures but it doesn’t matter because the movies will then be even better. And even if the movies can’t be made after the 7TH book at least there will be more Harry Potter adventure and maybe you can create a knew vilan. I’m just saying you should push the series a little further more and then end it because your a great writer and i’m going to miss reading these books if the 7TH one is the final one. If you can respond to me it will be great. Your fan and the harry potter books fan…ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    hey j.k. rowling, i love all the harry potter books! i’m rereading the sixth one right now. it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good that i couldn’t put it down. you should write an eighth book about harry because your readers still has many question to ask when they read the seventh book when it comes out in 2 years. aren’t you sad that Daniel is not going to do the sixth and seventh movie because he is going to be in another movie??? i’m sad.

  • Sara

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could explain the prophecy to me. what is it exactly. what does it do. why does harry have to “fullfill” it? anyone who undersatnds just leave another comment explaining it.

  • I’m excited and happy about the possibility of extending the series.

    However, I think I’ll email an editor about the last two posts which really don’t belong in this thread if we have children writing who think they are they writing to Rowling.

  • Sara

    Anyone, can you please tell me about the prophecy. Read the coment posted by sara on 11th. Please, i dont understand, and i want to know

  • I don’t want to ruin it for others. Sorry.

  • wow! harry potters book are really amazing… i really admire the writings of j.k rowlings… coz im also a writer.. but not that good.. i have read all the books that have been published.. and i also watched all of the movies…. i love all the spells and magic… i really like the characters……
    as i have read the sixth book… i can no longer wait for the 7th book to be published coz.. theres a question in my mind about the 6thbook… it has so many question… it looks like rowling intentionally write the 6th book as the problem and the 7th book is the solution..gets? well gotta go now….. chaw

  • hi J.K ROWLING I love your books do you think you will write about harry potter when he leaves hogwarts.i am a big fan…………

  • I dont think Rowling will do more than she has announced.

    She has to be tired of the characters by now

  • Pychic reader

    Hi i’m a pyshic and i know everything that happens in the book!!!! Dumbledore dies, 7 horcruxes, Harry and Ginny(if you know what i mean),Ron and Lavender, Aragog dies, Stan Shunpike is arrested for being a death eater, Snape kills Dumbledore, Malfoy’s a death eater, new Minister of Magic, Harry’s Quiddich captain, not going back to hogharts in seventh year, and so on, and so on. Ok I’m glad i recked the book for you!

  • sara

    will someone tell me about the prophecy. i dont think it will ruin it for other people. the 6th book has been out for a while. i just want to know what it means and how to fulfill it and stuff. people should have read the 6th book by now….

  • emma

    duz ne 1 has a slight idea wot wilb d title of d 7th book,,,,,,,!!!!?//////



  • rab is regulus

  • Aidan

    Erin is mean……

  • Aidan

    IIIIIII waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnaaaaa know what what the 7th book is liiiiiiike!!!!!!!! ;(

  • Aidan

    lol..what what

  • Harry Potter

    I think that I Harry Potter should kill Draco Malfoy in MY seventh book while dueling me after I kill Voldermort and Snape.

    P.S. Remember Swish And Flick

  • Harry Potter

    Long live Hogwarts and Hermione and the Weasleys and me of course.

  • hiya

    I read all 6 harry potter books and i think it’s really sad when dumbledore dies i know it’s just a book but i cried!

  • lizz

    Although I enjoy Harry Potter as well, I do not think that Ms. Rowling should extend the books. Seven books is a great number for a series, and it chronicles the school life of Harry Potter very well (since there are seven years at Hogwarts). However, allow me to point out in general that it will most likely do no good to beg Ms. Rowling to continue the series, as she has been writing them for years now. The story needs a conclusion, and she probably needs a break :).

  • Lilo

    i simply lov the Hp books!!!! i no this isnt to j.k!so i hope she rites mor Hp books!

  • the h p books are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “the granddaughter”

    i love all of j.k rowlings books, if you haven’t given them a try you really should. no matter how many times i read the sixth book though, i cry!!! and i feel depressed, lol. don’t u all wish magic where REAL!!!!!!!

  • Paige

    I love the H.P. books! i have read all of them at least 2 times! what is the 7th book called??????

  • Ariana

    I am big hp fan. The bks r awesome. I wish they would nevah stop. The movies r also great. J.K.Rowling is the best author ever. I read the bks over and over again and it’s still funny and sad and creepy. LOL! 0.o

  • hey rowling,
    i have been dieing to know if your gonna bring back sirius somehow
    he was (and still is) my favorite character
    i cried when he died,i want to personaly strangle bellatrix!
    please make a eigth book,we love your books soooooooooooooooooooooo much,your my star!when i read harry potter books i feel i am harry potter (withought the scar) please make an eigth book!!

  • Jake

    Hi jk Rowling I LOOOVVEEE! your Harry Potter Books Who Dies In The Seventh Book I Hope Hermione Does”nt Die In It If She Does I Will Freak Out And Cry I Know Its Just A Book But I Cried In GOF Movie When Cedric Died

  • jerry

    are you planning to make a part 1 or part 2 for the seventh book




  • amanda weits

    Hi Jk Rowling I LOVE Ur Books! I Have Read ALL OF THEM #1-6 More Than 5000times They R The Bomb. U Rock! Hope To Read The 7th SOON!

  • Erin

    i have 2 things to say to harry potter fans on this site:
    1)this site doesnt send anything to jkrowling
    2) it doesnt matter if the harry potter series ends, because there are other series out there, that are just as good, and many new books are coming. Also, if jkrowling already made billions out of her novels, why should she waste her time to write more?

    PS the series of unfortunate events book are pretty good, and another good book (close to harry potter books) is “Which Witch?”

    PLZ respond to this message, if u agree or disagree

  • Erin

    i only published this message and the last one, there are many messages published by another Erin, THT ISNT ME

  • Eugene V.

    FromLEugene v. To:J.K.Rowling(pardon if i spelled your name wrong)Hi.My name is Eugene.I’m 9 and in the 3rd grade.I love your books and read every one of them from1-6.I was wondering if i or someone else could ask when the 7th book is coming out and whats it gunna be called.

  • Eugene V.

    Me again……………WILL SOMEBODY ANSWER MY QUESTION….mumble….mumble…..mumble.

  • luz diaz

    i think she should not stop at year 7

  • luz marie diaz

    please don’t stop plesssssssssssssssese don’t i love ur books i have all the movies and booksss
    #1 fan

  • South African Fan

    i disagree with the statement that series of unfortunate events r better than harry potter. They r ok but they r quite childish and predictable. Maybe thats just me. . .

  • LIZ

    dear j.k rowling I love your books. I cant wait to read the 7th book. I HOpe you write more than 7. p.s I want 2 be a writer just like u.

  • LIZ

    dear j.k rowling I love your books. I cant wait to read the 7th book. I HOpe you write more than 7. p.s I want 2 be a writer just like u.

  • The seventh Harry Potter book was so unexpecting… the only part I hated about it was when Dumbledore died but other then that it was awesome. I can’t wait to read the eigth and final book.
    PS: sometimes I think you’re really part of the wizarding world Rowling.

  • sam

    OK all you stupid little children. if it rele makes you feel better, run outside and yell “HARRY POTTER IS THE DEVIL” . it makes me feel better every time. loser children, you need to get lives. that is all i will say.

  • emma watson

    hiya everyone i’m emma watson and i am just looking around on the net. daniel isnt leaving until we have finished all the harry potter films thank u 2 all my fans ow=ut there

  • Joey


  • nicole

    oh my god………..i love u harry poter!!!!!!!!!! i hope that there will be more h.p. books!!!!!!!!

  • kara cook

    hi just wanted to say i am harry potters biggest fan. so there and also i have been for some time now what the 7th book will be called i not so worried about when it will come out because when i found out when the 6th book would come out i had to wait a year it was very sad but kind of off the topic i am wondering j.k. rowling if dumbledore really died there has been a lot of controversey on the topic and myself would really like to know. LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER !!!!!!!



  • Harry Potter94

    can some1 plz tell me the title of the 7th book.Also J.K. Rowling plz dont stop writing harry potter books i admire them so so much!@#$%&*=))))))))\

  • Harry Potter94

    send me messages i am usually talking here thank u very very much if u reply..

  • I love readig the Harry Potter books and that you should continue to wright them because people want to know what happens after hogwarts and here are some sugjestions have eather Ron or Harry marie Hermione and have nevil and the famous trieo colest more members for the order and adventuiley destroy Voldimort!!!

  • footsteps

    hello j.k rolling i was just wondering wen the 7th harry potter book is cumin out pleazzz anser!!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    she’s writing it now – there is no publication date yet

  • reggie von woic

    If i’m on my death bed and have one last wish, it’d be to know how it all goes in book 7 straight from her mouth.

    Apologies in order to my family and friends.

  • roy

    Dear JK. Rowling for the sake of the world will you please keep writing the books i am about 16 and i just love the books there was a kid that asked you to go to 10 books i agree that would be sweetso please write more.


    hi i luv harrypotter books like anything and i have read each one of them atleast 4 times and i think that they are great.PLZ i request J.K.Rowling to keep on writing about the life of harry after finishing his school because no one gets bored by reading those books and they are simply WONDERFUL!!!So plz do write.

  • shreya

    all those who hate HP books are just plain STUPID and i think that J.K.Rowling should keep on writing books on Harrys life after school cause they are simply GR8 AND AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Harry Potter jr

    I was thinking, could Harry be a horcrux, have to kill Neville to make a horcrux for himself, “kill” himself, use the horcrux to be himself again, destroy the rest of the horcruxes(or the other way around),and then destroy You-know-who in the SEVENTH book? I was just thinking this the other day. By the way, HARRY POTTER IS SO FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. What’s the title of the SEVENTH book??!! I want to read it so FLIPPIN’ bad

  • HPjr again…

    Is the final book called “Harry Potter and the Sacrifice to Destroy the Dark Lord” or “Harry Potter and the Final Horcruxes”?


  • Dear J.K.Rowling,
    i went to the mall yesterday to go to the book
    store to get the 6 book but my moms cheap and she wont get hard cover and i have to wait till the 7 book is out to get it.everyone keeps tellin me what hapends in the 6 book. so who else is goin to die in the 7 book? please get the 7 book in paperback too when it comes out. oh and please make it soon! -Dancinpup

  • shreya

    To Erin
    I think that even if J.K.Rowling is earning billions by writing HP books she can help herself with a trillion by writing books after Harrys school life and also its J.K.rowlings desicion to write more and add another fortune to her account.

  • hi back again.im so board at night with no good books to read.i cant wait till the 7 book is out! then i can finilly get the 6 and 7 book at the same time.[if the 7 book is in paperback]
    i know what you might be thinking “why dont you just go to the library?”iwant to collect all the harry potter books so i can read them all the time -Dancinpup

  • to the PEOPLE:

  • to SAM:

  • Erin

    I think this derek guy is a nut. If you agree or disagree send a message.

  • Tan Mai

    Hi J.k rowling,
    im a 30 year old chinese/ canadian man who loves harry potter. i swear to god im attracted to him sexually. when i saw the movie i had popped one the whole time. i cried when dumbledore died, and when cedric died.

    YOUR #1 Fan,
    Tan <3<3<3

  • i finally got the 6 book and im already on ch.12 and my mom got it just last night.school was out yesterday for me and i guess when im bored i read. -Dancinpup

  • Harry Potter

    Hi J.k Rowling, I love your books and I am sure the 7th will be great.Also I am Your and Harry Potter biggest fan.Right now I am reading the 5th book and is geting better and better.If you are going to write an 8th book,its going to be called ‘Harry Potter and the end of the Dark Lord?

  • To Sam, the People, and Erin,
    If yo do not like Harry Potter Just keep it to yourselves. Nobody cares if you don’t like Harry Potter. So you need to hush up about the people who do like it!!!!!!!! By the way I agree with Derek. Anybody who agrees or disagrees please write back.

  • I can’t stand people who hate Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please write back if you agree or disagree.

  • Are u guys afraid 2 answer or what????????

  • I love Harry Potter, but not to that , Roseanne

  • correction: not to that extent

  • what happens to lupin? i kno he isnt a main character or anything its just that he should made a main character, or get married to tonks in the #7. he should also transform into a werewolf again. (like in #3) that was awesome. i hate mcgonagall, why does she hav to be the next headmistress!!!!!!?????

  • dont get me wrong, i love hp. but in #6, the whole ‘adventure to find the horcruxes’ involving dumbledore and harry was pretty dull. i mean, it was cool but like, that whole thing with dumbledore drinking that potion in the cave and saying”harry kill me!!!” or whatever, that was weird. but i still love hp and dumbledore shouldn’t have died……hogwarts isn’t the same without him

  • Sorry everybody but I was just mad that day at those people, I mean who would curse on the internet???????? I didnt mean that about hating people.

  • Please write back soon.

  • I was in a bad mood that day because my so called Best Friend was supposed to come over and she ditched me. And my sister was being mean to me. So I am very,very,very,very,very,very sorry.

  • Josh

    Why is it that all the little kids think that by writing on one of these forums they are gonna get in contact with famous people? (remember the dreaded High School Musical forums)

    Guys, I hate to break it to you, but this site does not reach those people.

  • Hi Josh I am Roseanne How old are you??

  • why does that matter? josh is right.

  • biggest harry potter fan in the world!!!

    hi i jk rowling i luv ur books soooooo much i heard a rumor that the seventh book is called Harry Potter and the Mountains of Erised, is that true?
    i also heard that Dumbledore faked his death is that also tru?
    please please PLEASE don’t stop writing Harry Potter books

  • biggest harry potter fan in the world!!!

    hi ms.jk rowling i luv ur books soooooo much i heard a rumor that the seventh book is called Harry Potter and the Mountains of Erised, is that true?
    i also heard that Dumbledore faked his death is that also tru?
    please please PLEASE don’t stop writing Harry Potter books

  • to the 2 message of lovebug333,
    you are kind of right about the horcruxes when i read that it just sounded kind of weird. oh and i’m also done reading the 6 bookn of hp so now im bored once again. i lost my ds so i got no games to play and all my friends live far away from me. -Dancinpup

  • what i think that might happen in the 7 book is that harry, ron, and hermione will run into draco malfoy who probably ran away from his mom and the other death eaters and might not be on the bad side anymore. in the 6 book on ch 27 on pgs 591-592 malfoy didn’t say anyting to dumbledore after he said that he would hide his mom and draco with the order but thats just my proof i just want to know if anyone might think this could happen in the 7 book plez write-Dp

  • I did not say it mattered I am just tring to make friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i never said that u said that it mattered.

  • To: Roseanne
    From: the Friendly Friend Doctor/Physciatrist

    If you want to make friends, BE A FRIEND AND STOP YELLING AT EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am sorry I will just start over ok?

  • ok cool. whats up my name is allie and I LOVE HP!!!!!

  • I love HP also I have all the movies and games.

  • Hey Allie, do you have any brothers or sisters?????

  • yeah i got a sister who is 10 and a brother who is almost 2. they’re cool

  • i have a question: in the 5th book i really don’t get the part in the end where harry is yelling at dumbledore then at the very last paragraph of that chapter dumbledore says “you probaby wonder why i haven’t made you a prefect. i thought you had enough responsibility to be going on with.” then he had a tear running down his eye. what’s that all about?

  • please write back soon

  • To Allie, I have an older and younger sister. My older sister is 14, and my younger sister will be 2 in September.

  • To hp gamer001 I do not get that either.

  • to: roseanne
    how old are you?
    i am 13 (well, almost)

  • To lovebug333,
    I am 12.

  • to roseanne and lovebug333
    i was going to do the same thing you guys are doing right now like writing back and forth to each other with my friend katelyn and tell her about this website. I am really bored and have nobody to talk to.and if you guys are thinking of writing to me i won’t be back here until a couple of days,’cause i have netzero and the web disconnects the phone so i can’t go on the web a lot. -Dp

  • cvb

    i dont think you should be using this site as a friendly conversation.

  • Hey Allie, are when is your birthday??

  • august 10th
    when is yours?

  • January 7th.

  • To Allie: Is your brother out of the I wanna grab everything in sight phase????

  • Dancinpup are you there? You told me about this site so I’m on it now well answer back soon Oh and lovebug333 my b-day is August9.

  • HEY Katelyn! how are you because im bored.

  • Well finally you answer back. I’m fine how did your recital go? Are you going to Orlando soon, Briana? I’m all better and I hope your little brother is okay to. Did you get anything special from your recital? I bet you got a lot of stuff. Well answer back soon. ‘Cause I asked a lot of ?’s.

  • My recital went great. yes im going to Orlando soon in august to go to disney. my brothers fine. i got a trophy from my dance teacher, a gift bag from my sister, and pens+perfume from my mom. but i dont think thats a lot of gifts. oh and i got a flower from my dance teacher assistint. but i loved the dancing part best. by for now. -Dp

  • To Dancin Pup, I also like dancing I can’t believe I met someone who does competitve dance!!!!

  • what kind of dances do you do cause i do tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and next year i might do hip hop and maybe a solo.but thats not for sure yet.

  • I used to do Irish river dancing, but then I stopped after I broke my ankle.

  • what happened?

  • to roseanne:
    haha not really. he grabs everything and my mom freaks out because he puts everything in his mouth

  • To lovebug333: so does my little sister!!!!

  • To Dancinpup: We were supposed to do a jump-type move, and when I landed I we on the side of my foot. And my crush was there watching!!!!!!!!

  • my little brother loves to pull long hair.he took a big chunk out of my hair one time.

  • To Dancinpup and lovebug333: Do either of you live in Indiana or even the United States??

  • To Dancinpup: How old is he??

  • i live in the United States.

  • i live in north carolina

  • to Dancinpup: how old are you?

  • I’m 12 years old and i live in Florida.

  • to Roseanne:my little brther is 2 [or at lest he acts like it]my sister is 25 and my other brother is 22.

  • That sucks. Well my dad told me to go do my chores so I will probably send a message anytime between 8 and 10.

  • Ofcorse you talk to them but you forget about me!

  • Sorry but you weren’t sending any messages..look I have to go I have to clean the dishes before mom gets home.

  • To: Dancinkitten Are you there?

  • Or Dancinpup

  • i have a yahoo e-mail address but this site doesn’t let me publish it

  • ROSEANNE: Please STOP soliciting childrens’s email addresses as per the Blogcritics Comments Policy or I will ban you. Thank you. Comments Editor]

  • Was that from you Roseanne or that person just wrote to Roseanne. Is anybody there because I have to leave.

  • So if any of you guys are there I wont be back tii 11:00 am.

  • To dancinkitten: The editor sent me that.

  • To Dancinpup: Are you there? I just got up.

  • Now I am here little late.

  • OK I will be back at 2:00 pm I hope-Dp

  • Are you there DP?

  • Kira

    Hey Roseanne, Dancinpup, Dancinkitten, and Lovebug333, I love the Harry Potter books soo much, but could you guys please stop using this site as a chatroom unless you’re talking about the HP books? You guys should try a blog page, or MSN Instant Messenger if you want to talk together, plus, it’s dangerous to talk about your personal information ( like where you lve, who is in your family, and how old you are) over teh internet. Thank you, Kira

  • We cant tell each others email on this site.

  • Are you there anyone?

  • have to go again i dont know when i will be back

  • is anybody here now? just wondering

  • ods

    im here now

  • cool

  • ods


  • hello?

  • Anybody there?

  • To DP: What are you up to?

  • I am watching Cow Belles.

  • i’m here finally, i was here like 45 min. ago then i had to go then i came back after being totally DISSED by my retarded 9 year old sister and her retarded 10 year old freind.

  • i’ve been off and on all day really

  • how did you find me in the High School Musical Movie Review, lovebug333?

  • well, i was just looking at that blog page and i saw you and well yeah

  • haha i use the word “well” alot whenever i talk sry

  • It’s funny we couldn’t get a hold of each other all day. Well I have to go now I don’t Know what time I am going to be on again so talk to you guys later. By -Dp

  • To lovebug333: Whats up?

  • nothin much. how about you?

  • its funny how we use this site as a chatroom conversation cuz i dont have AIM. the only thing about it is we dont know when the other person is on or off

  • roseanne are u there? DP? DK?

  • to dancinkitten:
    that’s cool that you were born a day b4 me. how old are u?

  • Is anybody there?

  • I can only be on here another 30 mins. or so because my older sister has cheer practice.

  • I am eleven years old

  • Dk, Roseanne, lovebug333 are any of you guys there?????

  • i am here

  • i probably wont be on until 1 pm so bye -the bug

  • anybody there??

  • EDDYROX!!!


    jk……i like sirus he is awesome! y did HE hav 2 die? y couldnt like………bellatrix die? or wait better….umbridge!!!!!!!!! i hate hur…just sayin…when is the 7th book comin out? i wanna read itttt!!!! i am watchin the 4th movie now….it IS nice out but screw tha..w/e….i want 2 read the 7th book! i read alll of them! i even just reread the 5th! i think harry should kill volodemort in the most evilest way ever!! he desreves it!!!!!! mouhaha!
    well….tellme when the 7th book is comin out!!!!


  • Hermione28

    I’m still waiting…..waiting….waiting for the 7th book to COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • we all are

  • all my hype died a few months after reading HBP…now i’m just as patient as the next person.

  • Anyone there?

  • no Roseanne, you’re not reading this message

  • Anyone there now??? well i have to go.

  • i’m here

  • Anyoe there?

  • Hermione28

    I really really wanna read the 7th book!!!!!!!I have been waiting for it for soooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog
    I read the Half blood Prince AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • is anyone there NOw?? sorry, ive been gone all week at the beach and in all different places

  • I can’t wait til the 7th book comes out. Harry should have fuck Ginny and have children. Ron and Hermione should have sex.

    lol, hahahahaha

  • We should see the girls naked in a bath. Oh yeh. Ginny is hot.

    OH YEH

  • Roseanne and lovebug333 you should go on myspace.com

  • To Dancinpup: If i go on myspace my sister will think I am just coping her. Like she always does.

  • To all my friends on this site: I am leaving this Friday, I will try to be on on Friday because we are not leaving till my mom gets home from work. We will probably leave around 6:15P.M. or so. We are going to San Antonio Texas to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins. And I will try to send a message when I get home.

  • Dear J.K. Rowling

    I love your books terrily, but i heard Harry Potter might die or turn to the dark side.When I heard that I shudered to think that would happen.
    Please say it ain’t so and i heard two people die including Harry, who is it if its true.

  • nobody knows except j.k. rowling if harry dies so he might not die so u dont know

  • yeah that didnt make sense but really, how can anybody be sure if harry dies? be optimistic people! i dont want harry to die!!!

  • dp or roseanne- r u there?

  • Laura

    I think in the 7th book Harry will somehow sacrafice his life to save someone and defeat Voldemort, Kind of like what Jesus did so it’s like Harry Potter is the Jesus of that book series.

  • Yeah that may be what happens Well at first I thought that dumbledore or sirius black might die saving harry from voldemort but then they both died so now i think that harry will die for someone else

  • I’m with you Hemione28

  • is anybody there

  • is legendkiller at home

  • JMH

    Hello Lord Y ime a big HP fan 2

  • I lve the HP mmovies and the books as much as the next guy but what sucks is that i don’t think i’ll meet Dan R (Harry Potter) because i took the trivia challeng and it said he was born in England and his natinality is british so i am gesing that he dousent live around america.

  • JMH

    I totilly know what you meen Lord Y I meen come on no one gives the americans a chance to see the big stars. or in this case scars hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, but seriosly.

  • I get it he has a scar so insted of a star you call him a scar. Thats pretty clever. Do you think yourll ever meet Dan R.

  • JMH

    I hope. And uhh i always wanted to ask somone this, Do you like Hemione?

  • Kinda.

  • JMH

    cool well i got to go so i mite see you tomarrow so bye.

  • Bye dude

  • JMH

    Is Lord Y there?

  • harry potter books rock everyone above are freaks i swear!

  • i’m pretty sure that Lord Y and JMH are the same ppl

  • bcuz their url is the same and who would agree with such a stupid post (no offense dude)(#214) except themself. but does anyone on this site like wrestling? does anyone know who the legend killer is????

  • he’s randy orton!!!! the best wrestler next to rey mysterio,(the late) eddie guerrero, undertaker, batista, chris benoit, and john cena. but yeah, completely off the point. just thought i should ask.

  • JMH

    I don’t even know Lord Y Legend Killer and also you sound like your talking to yourself so GET OFF MY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    hello i just wanted to ask what the 7th book will be called but i wanted to know if you could tell us and because of you and all of the books you written i have thought of becoming an auther myself but there only little but it is a start. i think your the best auther who ever lived!

    The last and final account of the Harry Potter series is to be named Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat. It will be released to the public late 2006, early 2007. The mysterious R.A.B. in the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is Regulus Black, Sirius Black’s brother. Thank you and I hope that everyone will enjoy the last and final account of the Harry Potter series.

  • ONNA


  • ONNA

    J.k.Rowling why don’t you write more than7 books
    ????your a great athur if you ever write another book seiries I will deffenetly be one of the first to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ONNA

    iwish Harry potter was my boy friend even though he is way to old for me now hermione has some compatition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To the Dark Lord
    I know I will be dead long before you read this
    but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret.
    I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can.
    I face death in the hope that when you meet your match
    you will be mortal once more.

  • r.a.b you are WEIRED

  • hellllooooo that was in the 6th book. and u dont even kno me so u are the one who is weird

  • I like hp but it gets kind of old i mean the whole story of him at the dursley’s house and then he goes to hogwarts and weird things happen and then he meets voldemort in the end or something and then he ends up happy. he’s too whiny in the 5th one.

  • gen

    hi my name is genna
    i really like reading the harry potter series, it is some times like I am there in the story and not just reading it. I think the seventh and final book should be called the Harry Potter And the youngest hero of all time.

  • Hermione28

    Is it true that the 7th book is going to be called HARRY POTTER AND THE PYRAMIDS OF FURMAT? I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hermione28

    I have a question, when exactly is Daniel’s birthday?
    and Ron’s?

  • Roseanne

    To: Hermione28 Daniels b-day is July 23, Hermione’s b-day is April 15, and Ron’s b-day is August 24.

  • Hermione28

    Thnx Roseanne. I was jus curious. Do you know anything about the 7th book?

  • Roseanne

    No,but I bet Harry dies

  • hey roseanne!!!! i havent seen u on here in forever whats up

  • hp gamer001

    i know that it is called harry potter and the pyramids of furmat and that r.a.b. is regulus black and the last word is scar and harry doesnt die but ron does and harry falls in love with luna lovegood and neville gets really mad and he curses harry……

  • hp gamer001

    haha i’m jk that doesnt really happen

  • Secret

    Pychic reader your a little %*#@$!!!!!!! Maybe some ppl don’t want the book SPOILED!!!!

  • hp gamer001

    ummm well why didnt u just say so!!!!! and its not true so get over it!!!

  • Roseanne

    To lovebug333: I just got back a few weeks ago from Texas

  • Hermione28

    I hope Harry really doesn’t die…

  • Rachel

    The last word in the 7th harry potter book is “scar”.

  • Rachel

    Does anyone know ANYTHING ABOUT HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • afton

    hi, i just read in one article that the publication date for the seventh harry potter book would be 7-7-07

  • hp gamer001

    yep that is true

  • southparkwf

    i love emma watson’s style!!!! she is like my idol!!!! omg she is going to be the new pink power ranger!!!!!!!!

  • I seriously have to wonder about some of you people. What’s with the write back if you agree or disagree about hating Harry or the writing JK as if she wrote the article, when it is clear that she didn’t?

    Lets be honest, the books are original and well written but they are not the end all be all. She isn’t going to make an 8th book and she’s already hinted that Harry will be offed simply because she doesn’t want to allow anyone to go back and write him once she’s gone.

    All in all the HP fad is a little overlived and scary. When middle aged women can sit on message boards and in blogs and want to see sex scenes with Harry and Hemione or they dream of him and write fanfic, it just goes to show there are too many crazy people in the world.

  • Roseanne


  • Hermione28

    iread it somewhere a magazine or some that the 7th book comes out in 7-7-7 i was so thrilled

  • Hermione28


  • i’m here…..roseanne r u there?

  • Roseanne

    anyone there??

  • rose_bud

    Hello, i know you’ve gotten alot of different comments, and i know some people will be considered stupid to you, or brilliant in some other cases! i’m just an ordinary person, and i’m not giving any info. out about the Harry Potter Books, cuz i don’t know anything!! anyways, i love Harry Potter, now, i don’t want people thinking that i’m some pshyco freak when i say this, but i seriously LOVE Daniel Radcliffe, i think that he is soooooooooo gorgeous, and i don’t want anybody making fun of me!! anyways, i would LOVE it if JK continued her books because frankly, they are the only books that i read, much less enjoy!! but of course, i can’t determine her desicions, but truly, these entry’s aren’t going to be going to her, so what’s the point!! well, once again, Daniel Radcliffe is gorgeous, and all the actors in that are truly amazing, and so are the books! well, that’s all of me today, but i do hope nobody criticizes the messege!! see ya!

  • Roseanne

    That is ok rose_bud, I love him to!!

  • rose_bud

    i know i love him too, i’ll try to be on hear more often, but i don’t have much to say today!

  • rose_bud

    well, like i said, i love Harry Potter, and the books are awesome, even though it takes me like 3 months to read it, but it always keeps me occupied, but i wish she was continuing the books, and i really hope that Harry doesn’t die, or Hermione or Ron either, but from what people are telling me is that they have to kill off Harry, because JK doesn’t want someone else to take over the series! who would do a thing like that any ways (crazy people, that’s who) anyways!! ttfn (i know, lame, but atleast it’s something)! bye

  • Insane Fan

    Well I’m not REALLY insane. Had nothing else to write before that. I’ve been talking with my friends about the 7th book and all the rumours that is definately now fact : two characters WILL DIE in the 7th book. My friends have fretted that Harry Potter will be killed most definately, and perhaps Voldemort will also die. This makes complete sense, however my friends are angry that the main character will die. I say other wise. I do not wish for him to die, but it would be something different. We are all so used to having happy endings with the main character living on and having a great life. It would make for a change, but I would very much prefer for this series to have a happy ending. It may be like everything else, yes that is true, but many many many people have fallen inlove with this series, not to mention the main character Harry Potter.

  • rose_bud

    yep, i know!! i do wish that Harry wouldn’t die, and i hope that he, hernione, and ron don’t die!! that would really make my day!! anyways, i hope that voldemort dies, and malfoy, or snape!! k, so, i hope that somebody can reply to this, and i hope that somebody agrees with me!!!

  • hagrid and ginny are the top 2 ppl that are going to die…..harry ron and hermione do not die,,,im pretty sure about that bcuz killing off the main character woulod suckkkkkkkk

  • rose_bud

    BIG TIME! really, i didn’t know, i hope your right though!!!

  • Insane Fan

    Understand it from J.K. Rowling’s view point. When she were to pass away, and Harry was not dead, someone could very well pick up where she ended the series and make money off of her own creations. Look at it in her shoes, before saying things that you may hope that never come true. If it does, however, you must understand it from her view point.

  • how could anyone continue the series beczuse doesn’t she have a copyright on the harry potter series and stuff like that? anyone who would continue the series or w/e would have to pay money or something

  • rose_bud

    i just really HOPE she doesn’t kill the Main MAIN Characters!! Insane Fan has a good point though! anyways, i am so so so so sooooooooooooo excited for the book to come out!! i can’t wait, and i really hope i can get it b4 everybody spoils it for me, last time when the 6th one came out, everybody told me what happened, so i didn’t cry!! i want to cry in this one!! wahhhhhhhhhhh (lol, i know, crazy)! anyway, Fufel, are you German or something, just wondering! anyways, bye!!!

  • Insane Fan

    July 13 2007. Fini. Final. Finished. No more. The end. Good bye. Thats the release date from my research. You loose the copyright after so many years lovebug333, so that is why. It doesn’t last for all enterinty. Sure she will remain the person who created it, but with time, as with everything, slowly and eventually the author and creator will be forgotten.

  • Hermione28

    I can’t wait till the 7th book comes out. But when the books do come out, i read them in like 4-5 days. Well it’s because the books are soooo good. When i almost reach the end of a HP book, i feel sad and happy at the same time ’cause u can find out what happens in the end but then it will be the end of the story until a new book comes out but since now J.K Rowling isn’t likely going to write an eighth book, it will be the end of Harry Potter.(Even though i wish it weren’t the end of Harry Potter!)But i still do hope the book comes out quickly!!!! Oh when iz it going to be July 13 2007??????

  • Hermione28

    Iz any1 there???????

  • Insane Fan

    Yes. From what I have found, July 13, 2007 is when the final book is to be published, or released. If it is the end, I will deeply miss reading the books. They were one of the things I always looked forward to finishing, but seeing as only seven, after I finish the last, I will most likely not read them for 4-5 years, because I remember every book I read.

  • Roseanne

    is anyone there?

  • Apparently not.

  • Insane Fan

    I’m here. On an’ off. Why do I have a feeling people think I have no life? Which is not true!

  • I also hope that Harry, Ron And Hemione don,t die. B i hope Snape dies, I mean why would He KILL Dumbledore.

  • is any one there

  • Insane Fan

    I really don’t think that Snape killed Albus Dumbledore. They made eye contact right before Snape killed him. Besides Albus trusted him. No one has fooled Ablus Dumbledore. Just think about that.

  • hello everyone πŸ™‚ snape and ginny might die in the 7th one. scrimgeour might actaully be on the dark side….lupin and tonks, bill and fleur, lots of weddings and romances. i think harry has a soft sopt in his heart for luna lovegood, but that’s just my guess. she might end up with neville. malfoy will probably turn to good, but lucius, narcissa, bellatrix, and probably pettigrew, will probably die. Sirius might not actually be dead, i mean in the end of the 5th one and the veil and all,,,,it was kind of confusing. voldemort might die, but there’s a silght chance he won’t. there might be ANoTHer horcux that dumbledore and harry didn’t know about, for everything that dumbleodre knew about the horcruxes were guesses. Maybe there will be an 8th one, 9th one, and a 10th one to where harry leaves hogwarts and becomes the minister of magic!!!!!

  • wishful thinking

  • You have a point insane fan, its just he said in 4 that the dead can’t come back. I mean, this isn’t Dragon Ball Z we,re talking about.

  • the dead can’t come back but maybe dumbledore is immortal

  • he might have a horcrux or something….idk. i really dont believe that he’s gone for good

  • Insane Fan

    Eye contact people. Faking. Think. Oh and lovebugg333 Dont get hopes too high, for they may be dashed.

  • Insane Fan

    Oi! And Harry’s scar. Horcrux. Think. That may be the way she intends to kill Harry Potter- The boy who lived. The chosen one, ect- Off.

  • harry’s scar isn’t a horcrux

  • that would make harry just as evil as voldemort and harry is “pure of heart” and has”love; the power that voldemort knows not” and he cheated in potions the whole 6th year and he lies to his teachers ALL the time

  • but i guess J.K. just put those faults in there so he can be more “realistic” and not just the perfect wizard

  • rose_bud

    this is going to sound crazy, but what is a Horcrux?? and somebody pleaz answer me!!

  • Insane Fan

    Um, read the sixth book. Lovebugg, make it easier for all of us and post in one section… And plus, how would you know what she has planned? Never say never, cause ya never know.

  • it was just a guess.

  • And I like posting in different sections!!!!

  • It makes what I’m saying all the more interesting!!!! (in a way)

  • hp gamer001

    why is it fake because they made eye contact?

  • Insane Fan

    You people don’t think the way I do, but look at it in a different prospective. THEY MADE EYE CONTACT!!!!!! ABLUS TRUSTED SNAPE!!!!

  • hp gamer001

    your’e so full of yourself

    no offense

  • Randomness

    Ya you are a bit full of yourself… but whatever he/she/they/ whatever kinda has a point. With the trust and eye contact… Just what I noticed. Dont hate, dont hate.

  • Insane Fan

    Offense taken hp gamer001. Offense taken.

  • i know the truth

    the seveth book is called harry potter and the pyramids of furnat i know

  • i know the truth

    look i konw its strange but it is true

  • hp gamer001

    nobody knows except J.K. so you dont know the truth…simple as that. what you think you know are just rumors.

  • i know the truth

    its called that i read in a german magazine they interviewed her im not lieing

  • help me

    does harry potter go out with ginny and do they get married

  • hp gamer001

    wow i’m gonna believe you because you read it out of a GERMAN magazine

  • hp gamer001


  • Insane Fan

    Hey hey. Stop with the meanness.

  • i know the truth

    funny i almost belived u haaaaaaaaaaaa

  • knowing the biz

    I heard that Harry dies in the 7th book,is that true??

  • Insane Fan

    He can possibly die. He may or may not. It is all in the hands of J.K. Rowling.

  • hp gamer001

    how could you believe something so biased to germans??? and why would reading it out of a german magazine make it plausible??? explain thattt

  • hp gamer001

    and i am not biased to Germans

  • hp gamer001

    against Germans, whatever

  • this arguement is so stupid!!!!!

  • Insane Fan

    Why don’t we all change the subject.

  • lonely day

    let’s change it back to HARRY POTTER. that’s what
    this blog thing is for….

  • Insane Fan


  • lonely day

    does anyone here like the book eragon? they’re making it into a movie i think.

  • my daughter is a huge eragon fan…wish she were here…

  • lonely day

    yeah…eragon and eldest are great books

  • I’v never readv the eragon books, are they any good. Oh and does anyone on here like Dragon Ball Z because I heard on dbz site that theres going to be a new game coming out on Holloween called DragonBall Z Boudikai Tenkaiechi 2, and I read about it and watched videos and the game rocks.

  • lonely day

    i’ts ok….i like spiderman alot better though:) i read all the comics and stuff πŸ™‚

  • i know the truth

    you people insulting germans how could u do u have the nerve

  • i know the truth

    you people think yr soo cool. wats wrong with persons now really im asking the truth and dont say i know the truth i testing you

  • hp gamer001

    wat the heck i’m not insulting Germans…..neither is anyone else!!!!!! god ur too sensitive

  • i know the truth

    gee thanks i feel loved

  • Hermione28

    been a long time i came on this web. u c i accidently deleted this web from my faverites coloumn

  • Hermione28

    any 1 there???????

  • hey hermoine 28!!! been a long time

  • hp gamer001

    to: i know the truth
    even if I don’t literally LOVE you…..the bible does say that we should love our enemies and basically everyone else. Jesus Christ loves you…so i’m sorry

  • i know the truth

    to :hp gamer001 thanx dude or dudet

  • i know the truth

    i want to meet D.radcliffe does anyone else

  • hp gamer001

    actually i’m a dudet. i do!! i dont like him or anything….he’s just cool i guess

  • hp gamer001

    but i heard he is gonna appear like naked in this play or whatever…..totally sick

  • I think that the 7th book should be Harry Potter and the Horcrux quest. im just saying.

  • lonely day

    that sounds cool

  • lonely day

    Ok…..i just HAVE to say something about this problem i have with reading the harry potter books. i like to read like the last page, the back cover, the inside front cover, the artwork on the front cover, look down the list of contents, look at all the reviews magazines have written about it, look at all the cool pictures in the beginnings of chapters, and the dedications before i read it. Does anyone else have this problem!!!????? i’m gonna force myself not to read the last page of the 7th book until i actually get to it….so sad:)

  • lonely day

    i also have a problem with like skipping ahead a couple of paragraphs (idk why…) and then going back to where i left off and then going to the end of where i stopped the second time…..does my brain do this on purpose???!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • i know the truth

    does any one know how old D.radcliffe is i read he is 17 wow

  • i know the truth

    answer my Questtion

  • i know the truth

    i think that harry potter will so not die in the 7th book because the way j.k put the suspense in all her fans i think it seems like such a lame and totally dull ending i hope he lives because its worth it i also think his parents might reapear or he could see him for a moment i really want to get the 6th book i herad that giiny and harry go out well not shocked i mean in the 5th she did play more of a role i sooo hope voldemort dies . he is eeire

  • hp gamer001

    i totally agree

  • i know the truth

    i dont think there are any better books in the world

  • HMR

    Dear j.k.rowling.i love ur books extremely and i want to read more.i reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly hope that u would write about 15 books i will be ready to read them.

  • hp gamer001

    that would be cool but she already dragged on the story WAYYYYYYY too long i’m so tired of hearing about poor little harry potter……but i still love the books πŸ™‚

  • I just rellized i haven’t been on awhile.all of my teachers give me so much homework.

  • This might have nothing to do with harry potter but i was just wondering does anyone watch Zatch Bell!!!!!!!!!

  • i know the truth

    hi guys its me . i was not here for a bit soooooooooooooooooo whats up

  • just passing by…

    1. to all of you who don’t want Harry Potter to die:
    remember there is an even worse fate: if Harry kills Voldemort, then he won’t be special anymore. Nor the best wizard, given that a large amount of his powers he owes to Voldemort. He will just be ordinary, like everyone else. This may be a good thing for him, but nobody will like to read about him anymore… Maybe his friend Weasley will become more interesting. Besides… if he lives, we’ll all be glad and then get on with our lives. if he dies, his legend will be remembered forever.
    2. sadly, Dumbledore died, I think. He is not that stupid to make his Horcux and lose a part of his soul. But I would really love to see him alive again and retired and Snipe Headmaster of Hogwarts, because after all, he wasn’t that bad. it’s just that everyone was mean to him. so he had to be strict, sometimes bad in order to survive. as the hat said, it’s a matter of choice if we’ll be good or bad. everyday that passes we can choose different. Maybe Snipe chose to be good, after all, when Dumbledore gave him the chance by trusting him. (Harry is not an angel, either). even Malfoy never learned a different way to react, given his family standards. He was always told that the Muggle-born and the Half Bloods are the enemy of the true Wizards.
    3. the Eragon books are very good. I just hope the movie will be nice as well. The movies tend to be a lot worse. HP’s movies are great, thankfully!

  • i know the truth

    snape headmaster of hogwarts? yr joking right . wait i’ll answer that for u YES

  • i know the truth

    you had a lot for some one who is just passing by gosh

  • that would be a tad unfair to McGonagall….you know, she isn’t really that powerful compared to snape. Snape’ll probably get it AFTER DUMBLEDORE DIES IN THE NEXT BOOK…then Minerva will retire.

    or perhaps she’ll be the ‘main character who dies in the next book’ as JK puts it..who knows?

    bottom line:snape isn’t evil. at the victorious end on the side of good, he’ll have to be given one humongous award for his part in it.

  • i know the truth

    oh my gosh can’t u see snape is nothing but evil death eater hello?

  • emily

    hey im emily, i have jus finished reading the half-blooded it was awesome.. i have been reading on websites that danile radcliffe mite not act after the goblet of firei think that he should stays coz having diff. actors will jus be weird, we wont the same actors who started from the beginning till the end.. i have asked heaps of ppl and they agree.. an if harry is 2 die at the end DONT coz it would be usless everything he has been threw.. it would jus be gay.. but yeah so plzz let daniel and every1 act still and dontlet harry die at the end.. its already say siries(uncle) and dumodore r gone thakn

  • i know the truth

    let me tell u guys somthing look harry potter is one of the books that some people like to have banned guess why oh and dont think toooooooooooooo hard.and the 7th book is called harry potter and the pyramids of furnat does anyone want to bet ?excaly i thought sooooooooo

  • just passing by…

    Snape is not just an evil death eater. He is the death eater that Dumbledore trusted and saved. You’ll see…
    for the record > I personally don’t want Harry to die. I want him to live a happy quiet life with people that love him. I was referring to those who want him to live in order to have more books to read about him.
    why don’t you tell us what you know, I know the truth, and then we discuss it.

  • just passing by…

    or maybe not just passing by…

  • hi sorry i was gone so long with school i forgot,i’m going to be 11 in less than a month, i asked for a heliem macheine and about 60 other things.

  • also i want to talk about one of thease written by my friend jmh. Someone named legend killer said that he was also lord Y and he felt bad. so if you still do this i wan’t to say that that was kinda mean, because i used to be lord y but i changed my name. but jmh has been feling bad so legend killer should be nicer(tis is on number 212-225) does anyone on here like Zoey 101 i do and i bet that sounds weird because i’m a boy but the show rocks. the new season started this weak and i watched it. I can’t beleave Zoey walked in on Chase kissing his girlfriend.

  • Annabel

    who ever thinks writing on this site is sad then. there calling themself sad cos they wrote on this site saying its sad!! lol anyway
    (P.S – i love cedric diggory πŸ˜› )

  • Annabel

    (P.S please reply to me if yu agree πŸ˜€

  • hello people i’m back. is anyone there. i just got home from school.

  • Does anyone here like the show Avatar:The last airbender, i watched Secret of the firenation, it rocked. I wish i was an avatar too, so i could fire bend. I also would like a flying bison and one of them flying sticks. Also(to Annebel) if i liked Cedric that would make me gay, which i’m not.

  • Full House rocks. I love it, I swear. And anyone who thinks that thats crazy is wrong,a boy can like Full House. i say this because people say thats a girl show. And has anyone ever seen what Chris Sabet looks like( he’s the voice of Vegeta my favorite cartoon person)(hence my name Vegeta). I have seen what he looks like.

  • I’m bored here wont someon write something…anything…hurry up…PLEASE!

  • ladidi ladidi la…SO BORED i’ll chew my nails and play on some other website while i wait

  • does anybody like spongebob

  • Hello fartboy(what an odd name that sounds like Matthew Blankinship my best friend) in fact that is him. Hi i like spongebob(funnypants).

  • great job Vegeta you spelled my last name wrong

  • too bad!

  • Mama i need a diapy change, and how do you spell tn(10) is it spelled tn. I seariously dont know how too spell it. Does anyone?

  • I do mama’s boy

  • Annabel

    Hey Vegeta u spelt my name wrong STUPID

  • Annabel

    Its spelt TEN Fart Boy

  • Hey Annbol(HAHAHA) I call that a personal attack. Also i wouldn’t mess with me if i were you, i may act weird but i am super strong, almost like a super saiyan. In fact i have dedicated my life to Dragon Ball Z(and Star Wars) but mostly D B Z. Also Fart Boy knows how to spell, we made that up for fun, im just kidding he cant spell

  • Annaug (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) I do know how to spell and you are mean and I bet nobody likes you but somebody likes me(HAHAHAHAHAHAH)



  • AMY


  • AMY


  • I also think there should be a 8th and 9th harry potter books.

  • i know the truth

    you guys are so werid i mean really oh and here is a tip for u (just passing by) read what has been typed before you arrived you will see how some one surrenred to meeeeeeeee in your FACE.HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and about the 9th and 8th books they are gonna happen YA RIGHT.

  • your mean

  • i know the truth

    well i mean come on i had a bad day and tha t is soooooooooooooo not real real attitude and ,also its my b-day tommorow

  • just passing by…

    I’m patiently waiting for the seventh book, so we’ll finally find out who is right and who is wrong. until then patience. and happy b-day to you know the truth. ;-p

  • i know the truth

    thanks dude oh and guess what im more than half way done with the 6th book so how cool is that.

  • hp gamer001

    i read the 6th book 4 times…its too confusing to just read once. hello cyberworld im in 8th grade is anyone this old or is everyone just like in elementary school

  • hp gamer001

    oh and eragon and eldest rox i read both of them twice. i bet u a million dollars that the eragon movie is going to suck just like all the freakin harry potter movies did. why do they make the movies so horrible…i just dont get it

  • hp gamer001

    does anyone on here play runescape?? im obsessed

  • i know the truth

    dude yr weird.frist harry potter movies and booke r soooooooo not confusing and second im in 7th grade so yaaaaa and noooooo i do not play runescape but wait ,is that on miniclip?

  • hp gamer001

    no go to runescape . com and u will see what i am talking about it is the best game on the planet

  • mr. who

    yo this mr. who man i just love every single harry potter book in history, man those are like the best books ever….. and o yeah i’m 14 adn i still play runescape just not as much anymore lmao

  • somaya

    i luv harry potter bokks wooooooooo

  • Roseanne

    hey guys, hows it goin?

  • A Anonumuos FAN

    I love your books!i wish that majic was real and i am a wizard. i sometimes dreamd that i am a wizard.I have read all your books at least 20 times!i want to know when the 7th bookis coming out and what its called.BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Anonumuos FAN


  • Emma Wantson

    I M Realy emma jkrowling.i like my movies.i hope in the 7th book you let me kill all the death eaters and malfoy and snape and voldemort!!!!!!! by the way,let harry marry cho and have3babies and make me marry victor!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i know the truth

    hi i like have not been here in such a long time luv ya

  • hp gamer001

    hi and i know the truth are you a boy becuz its hard to tell. i love runescape :)hehe

  • ello mates (austrailion acsent)

  • Luong

    Harry Potter and the Last Command. Duh.

  • someone

    I’m kitten


    I’m am most likely the only high school student that likes HP.

  • someone


  • someone


    Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hp gamer001

    hey world whats up guess what harry potter 7 is called harry potter and the deathly hollows. i swwwwweeeaarrrrrr im not kidding thas what jk said so check da website i am nottt joking

  • hii!!! guys i love u all and ps i love elijah wood πŸ˜› anyway all u guys are stupid for going on this and i think vegeta and fart bag are a bit weired!!!

  • sexybunni

    heeey! Hope u all had a gd christmas! nearly the new year πŸ˜€ lool hope u all have a good one i love the harry potter books! And the films! love u all! well….apart from vegeta and fart bag! Bye xxx

  • sexybunni


  • sexybunni

    i’m gonna go see happy feet soon! =D yay fo my birthday sexy elijah wood does the voice for mumble yuuuumy!

  • sexybunni

    why isnt anybody writing on here anymore?

  • sexybunni

    to Vegeta and Fartboy
    first of all u 2 r suuuccchhhh a frrreeeaaaak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i dnt think ANNABEL was talking about replyng to the cedric thing but the other thing she said! IF ANYBODY AGREES WITH ME THEN πŸ˜€ then GOOD!

    anway about the harry potter seventh book thing i think that there should be an 8th book! But not an 9th or 10th. And i dnt think that harry would be killed in the 7th book cos that would jst be pointless to write all thos books and just kill off the main character!! it would b cool if dumbledore came back to life tho or sirius!! that would be good πŸ˜€ anywaaaay!! luv u alllll =D (apart from vegeta & fartboy!)


  • your suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccchhh a frrrreeeaaaakkkkkkkkk

  • i have read eveary hp book twice

  • you should leave me alone… i’ve been sick all week and i threw up a lot! πŸ™

  • bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

  • sexybunni

    3 things

    1 – i’m not a freak

    2 – i have read them 3 times so there

    3 – i said i was joking

  • i dont care

  • blablablabla freak

  • bubbles!

    vegeta and sexybunni carm down!!! this is supposed to be about Harry Potter not whos more of a freak than the other!
    Vegeta – she said she was joking! get over it
    sexybunni – who cares if yoo’ve read the book one more time than vegeta! does it really matter!?
    why dont u just both agree that your both freaks! EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT!

    Anyway about Harry Potter i love the books and the films i cant wait to see the film in July it’s going to be really good i bet =D I dont want the Harry Potter books and films to end! i’ll have nothing to look forward to πŸ™ well apart from pirates of te caribbean =D i love those films =D

    Anyway! Bye x

  • bubbles!

    oh yeah and lost =D

  • Hello, J. K. Rowling, I just wanted 2 give my opinion here. You said you were going 2 stop writing aftr book 7, and i think u should stick with that plan. Just do what you’re doing and stop after 7, that’s just my opinion. By the way, your books are unbelievable. I’ve read them all countless times.

  • lovebug333

    ughhhhh i hate the eragon books!!!!!!!!!! whyyyyy do they have to be soooooooooo sucky???????? o m g it is crazy the elves and the dwarves and….omg i just cant stand it., why isnt christopher paolini cool and make up his own races!!!!omg elves and dwarves-soooo copying lord of the rings get a life eragon nooob 7th grader fans!!!i hate 7th graders they are terrible posers and wannabes eragon is for them not cool fantasy fans like me who are into crap like harry potter(not really crap but…)at least they arent trying to be like everyone else (eragon) durrrrr i am smart hehe:)

  • katie luke

    i second that motion! i mean i like the plot of earagon but come on it doenst have to be that deatiled! it jsut like draaggss on and on and on!

  • bubbles!

    To lovebug333…i agree with u =D

  • bubbles!

    heey. how old are all u guys?

  • Roseanne

    HEY, I am a 7th grader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bubbles.

    really…i’m older than u….i’m 15 and i’m in england :s year 10

  • IMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • I found out that HP 7 will be called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows( or Hallows), not Pyramids of Furmat. Also i can’t wait for Harry Potter 5 to be in theaters, and i cant wait for the game. Has anyone seen Spider-Man 3 yet, i saw it the day after it came out( the only time it was on the day it came outI was in school). I thought it was awsome!

  • hi i need a life and………guess what..so do you!!! 7th graders suck!!! no offense!!!! And i dont care if the offense is taken!!!! becuase that is your decision not mine!!!!!!!!

  • kenka

    i love harry potter movie than harry potter book.
    harry potter is the best !!

  • lover harry potter

    harry potter..pleaseee dont died !!

  • lol

    go harry

  • lol

    i think harry should go out with herminy

  • hp gamer001

    poor little kids………YOURE ALL GOING TO HELL but He can save you JUST STOP THINKING ABOUT HARRY POTTER fools

  • U Dont Need To Know

    OMG I read the last book and in the end I wont say who dies but I can say that the last paragraph is when ron and harry are walking down the street and all of a sudden a newspaper with a headline of______________________________pops up!!!

  • Binod.

    hey My name is Albert. But you can call me binod.
    You children need help
    GO play in fields of grass.
    ya’ll cooped up inside a house sending emails to a sight that doesn’t even have reference to J.K
    sad holmes,
    very sad..

  • My magazine says that your doing a eighth harry potter book on all this extra stuff in it. Are They Lieing. Or are you thinking about it.

  • hp gamer001

    Hey Binod have you ever noticed that there are no fields of grass to play in anymore? The effing government has wiped everything out, and it’s not exactly sad, it’s ridiculous and I blame the Liberals. I hate them, but I shouldn’t dwell on it too long, for fear of ruining my day.

    PLEASE don’t hate ppl unless you have a reason and even if you don’t keep it to yourselves ….Nerves are not a thing to be wasted

    I LOVE YOU HIRO*reborn* WHY DID U LEAVE ME??! πŸ™

  • lol


  • Blech

    I personally do not like your books.

  • J.K Rowling

    Hello Fans,
    The 7th Harry Potter Book Is Called: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Voldemort Dies and Harry Dies But Comes Back To Life Again.
    Im Very Flattered That You all Want An Eighth Book In The Series. Im Afraid I Don’t Know If I Will Write One Yet.
    My Favourite Character Is Hagrid I Think He Is Very Sweet.
    J.K Rowling
    Author Of Harry Potter Books 1 – 7 Maybe 8 πŸ˜€

  • J.K Rowling

    Hello Fans,
    I Have Written Some Notes About The 7th And Final Book Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows:
    Harry Dies But Comes Back To Life.
    Snape Dies.
    Voldemort Dies.
    Harry Kills Voldemort.
    Ron And Hermione Get Married.
    Ron And Hermione Have 2 Children Called Hugo And Rose.
    Harry And Ginny Get Married.
    Harry And Ginny Have 3 Children Called Albus Severus and Lily And James.
    Lily and James Are Both Like Harry’s Parents Lily Has Red Hair Courtesy Of Ginny Like Harry’s Mother and James Is Quite Arrogant And Cocky Like Harry’s Father.
    In The 6th Book In Snape’s Memory Harry Sees His Father Drawing A Snitch With The Initials L.E In The Middle Of It. These Are The Initials Of Harry’s Mother Lily Evans. I Thought I Would Make It Clear As Many Of You Were Unsure What It Meant.
    J.K Rowling
    Author Of Harry Potter Books 1 – 7

  • David

    hey there should be an eighth book because i want to know what house harry’s and Ronalds kids are in and if they become a member of the quittich team or somthing and if Harry Ron and of course Hermione become friends with Draco Malfoy and Goyle or Grabb i cant remember witch one dies and what will George Weasley do now since Fred had to die and why did Lupin Die and nephadora and expesially why did Professor Moody have to die and harrys owl and who became headmaster at hogwarts was it Professor Mcgonall and im glad u let Nevelle live and become a teacher at hogwarts well thats all for now

  • Sierra

    I love your books!!!! I hope you will write an 8th book!! I would like to know if Harry moves to the place where the order of pheonix used to be!!! Who is the new headmaster of hogwarts? I got confused on the part where Harry says he named Albus after 2 headmasters and one of them was in Slytherin. He hated Snape, so why did Albus get named that. I hpe you keep going so that we can find out about the years at hogwarts with his children!!!!

  • Brigham

    dear J.K. Rowling,
    i know im one in a million fans and i know im the same one in a million who want another book, but it would be great if you made a book about the james potter gang with sirius and lupin and of course wormtail, and how they all grew up and met each other and their adventures, its all up to you,



  • shelby cherry

    dear mrs.rowling or anyone else i want to ask you to write an eighth book and not an encyclopedia but an adventure or 7 adventures. i have written an eighth book named Albus Potter and the secret prophecy.
    Its about albus potter where he starts out going to hogwarts in slytherin and there he gets into quidditch and stuff like that. he then has a dream him killing a student at hogwarts and when he awakes it has happened. he then starts going down an evil path almost like voldemort except he can love. i was trying to find out if i could give a draft to jk rowling and see if she would publish it under her name and i get like 30% of the money. if anyone has any money email me or post it on here. [personal contact info deleted]

  • shelby cherry

    the reason i say that is not because of the money but because i Love the books and do not want them to end. We all know harrys story has been told and we know what his career is so even though i hate to say it cause hes my favorite character he is done. but you should get my book idea atleast read it its not very good but atleast you can have something to base it off of. jk you are my favorite author and would Love to meet you if you ever come to texas like conroe texas PLEASE?????? please emali me jkrowling.