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Eighth Harry Potter Book?

While only five of the planned seven Harry Potter books have been published to date, USA Today is reporting that billionaire author J.K. Rowling has not ruled out extending the series beyond Harry’s years at Hogwart’s Academy:

In a live Web chat to mark World Book Day, Rowling–who has always insisted she’ll write only seven Potter books–was asked by a fan if she intended to write books about Harry after he leaves Hogwarts, the academy for wizards.

“Probably not. But I’ll never say never because every time I do I immediately break the vow,” she replied.

Potter fans should be encouraged by Rowling’s comments, as she had previously ruled out additional books entirely. During the same chat, she also dropped a few hints as to the content of Book Six:

“I can’t say when it will be released because that’s down to my publishers,” she said. “But it’s going really well. I am loving writing it.”

She promised the latest book would include more romance for the boy wizard, but hinted he would also face a terrible ordeal. She added that she planned to try a “completely different genre” of writing when she has finished the seventh book, but did not specify.

In the meantime, the adaptation of Book Three, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, hits theaters on June 4.

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  • Luong

    Harry Potter and the Last Command. Duh.

  • someone

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    I’m am most likely the only high school student that likes HP.

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  • someone


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  • hp gamer001

    hey world whats up guess what harry potter 7 is called harry potter and the deathly hollows. i swwwwweeeaarrrrrr im not kidding thas what jk said so check da website i am nottt joking

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    hii!!! guys i love u all and ps i love elijah wood :P anyway all u guys are stupid for going on this and i think vegeta and fart bag are a bit weired!!!

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    heeey! Hope u all had a gd christmas! nearly the new year :D lool hope u all have a good one i love the harry potter books! And the films! love u all! well….apart from vegeta and fart bag! Bye xxx

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  • sexybunni

    i’m gonna go see happy feet soon! =D yay fo my birthday sexy elijah wood does the voice for mumble yuuuumy!

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    why isnt anybody writing on here anymore?

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    to Vegeta and Fartboy
    first of all u 2 r suuuccchhhh a frrreeeaaaak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i dnt think ANNABEL was talking about replyng to the cedric thing but the other thing she said! IF ANYBODY AGREES WITH ME THEN :D then GOOD!

    anway about the harry potter seventh book thing i think that there should be an 8th book! But not an 9th or 10th. And i dnt think that harry would be killed in the 7th book cos that would jst be pointless to write all thos books and just kill off the main character!! it would b cool if dumbledore came back to life tho or sirius!! that would be good :D anywaaaay!! luv u alllll =D (apart from vegeta & fartboy!)


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    your suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccchhh a frrrreeeaaaakkkkkkkkk

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    i have read eveary hp book twice

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    3 things

    1 – i’m not a freak

    2 – i have read them 3 times so there

    3 – i said i was joking

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    vegeta and sexybunni carm down!!! this is supposed to be about Harry Potter not whos more of a freak than the other!
    Vegeta – she said she was joking! get over it
    sexybunni – who cares if yoo’ve read the book one more time than vegeta! does it really matter!?
    why dont u just both agree that your both freaks! EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT!

    Anyway about Harry Potter i love the books and the films i cant wait to see the film in July it’s going to be really good i bet =D I dont want the Harry Potter books and films to end! i’ll have nothing to look forward to :( well apart from pirates of te caribbean =D i love those films =D

    Anyway! Bye x

  • bubbles!

    oh yeah and lost =D

  • http://Greg Greg

    Hello, J. K. Rowling, I just wanted 2 give my opinion here. You said you were going 2 stop writing aftr book 7, and i think u should stick with that plan. Just do what you’re doing and stop after 7, that’s just my opinion. By the way, your books are unbelievable. I’ve read them all countless times.

  • lovebug333

    ughhhhh i hate the eragon books!!!!!!!!!! whyyyyy do they have to be soooooooooo sucky???????? o m g it is crazy the elves and the dwarves and….omg i just cant stand it., why isnt christopher paolini cool and make up his own races!!!!omg elves and dwarves-soooo copying lord of the rings get a life eragon nooob 7th grader fans!!!i hate 7th graders they are terrible posers and wannabes eragon is for them not cool fantasy fans like me who are into crap like harry potter(not really crap but…)at least they arent trying to be like everyone else (eragon) durrrrr i am smart hehe:)

  • katie luke

    i second that motion! i mean i like the plot of earagon but come on it doenst have to be that deatiled! it jsut like draaggss on and on and on!

  • bubbles!

    To lovebug333…i agree with u =D

  • bubbles!

    heey. how old are all u guys?

  • Roseanne

    HEY, I am a 7th grader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    really…i’m older than u….i’m 15 and i’m in england :s year 10

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    IMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • http://irock Vegeta

    I found out that HP 7 will be called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows( or Hallows), not Pyramids of Furmat. Also i can’t wait for Harry Potter 5 to be in theaters, and i cant wait for the game. Has anyone seen Spider-Man 3 yet, i saw it the day after it came out( the only time it was on the day it came outI was in school). I thought it was awsome!

  • hp gamer001

    hi i need a life and………guess do you!!! 7th graders suck!!! no offense!!!! And i dont care if the offense is taken!!!! becuase that is your decision not mine!!!!!!!!

  • kenka

    i love harry potter movie than harry potter book.
    harry potter is the best !!

  • lover harry potter

    harry potter..pleaseee dont died !!

  • http://what lol

    go harry

  • http://what lol

    i think harry should go out with herminy

  • hp gamer001

    poor little kids………YOURE ALL GOING TO HELL but He can save you JUST STOP THINKING ABOUT HARRY POTTER fools

  • U Dont Need To Know

    OMG I read the last book and in the end I wont say who dies but I can say that the last paragraph is when ron and harry are walking down the street and all of a sudden a newspaper with a headline of______________________________pops up!!!

  • Binod.

    hey My name is Albert. But you can call me binod.
    You children need help
    GO play in fields of grass.
    ya’ll cooped up inside a house sending emails to a sight that doesn’t even have reference to J.K
    sad holmes,
    very sad..

  • http://Sheman Sheela

    My magazine says that your doing a eighth harry potter book on all this extra stuff in it. Are They Lieing. Or are you thinking about it.

  • hp gamer001

    Hey Binod have you ever noticed that there are no fields of grass to play in anymore? The effing government has wiped everything out, and it’s not exactly sad, it’s ridiculous and I blame the Liberals. I hate them, but I shouldn’t dwell on it too long, for fear of ruining my day.

    PLEASE don’t hate ppl unless you have a reason and even if you don’t keep it to yourselves ….Nerves are not a thing to be wasted

    I LOVE YOU HIRO*reborn* WHY DID U LEAVE ME??! :(

  • lol


  • Blech

    I personally do not like your books.

  • J.K Rowling

    Hello Fans,
    The 7th Harry Potter Book Is Called: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Voldemort Dies and Harry Dies But Comes Back To Life Again.
    Im Very Flattered That You all Want An Eighth Book In The Series. Im Afraid I Don’t Know If I Will Write One Yet.
    My Favourite Character Is Hagrid I Think He Is Very Sweet.
    J.K Rowling
    Author Of Harry Potter Books 1 – 7 Maybe 8 :D

  • J.K Rowling

    Hello Fans,
    I Have Written Some Notes About The 7th And Final Book Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows:
    Harry Dies But Comes Back To Life.
    Snape Dies.
    Voldemort Dies.
    Harry Kills Voldemort.
    Ron And Hermione Get Married.
    Ron And Hermione Have 2 Children Called Hugo And Rose.
    Harry And Ginny Get Married.
    Harry And Ginny Have 3 Children Called Albus Severus and Lily And James.
    Lily and James Are Both Like Harry’s Parents Lily Has Red Hair Courtesy Of Ginny Like Harry’s Mother and James Is Quite Arrogant And Cocky Like Harry’s Father.
    In The 6th Book In Snape’s Memory Harry Sees His Father Drawing A Snitch With The Initials L.E In The Middle Of It. These Are The Initials Of Harry’s Mother Lily Evans. I Thought I Would Make It Clear As Many Of You Were Unsure What It Meant.
    J.K Rowling
    Author Of Harry Potter Books 1 – 7

  • David

    hey there should be an eighth book because i want to know what house harry’s and Ronalds kids are in and if they become a member of the quittich team or somthing and if Harry Ron and of course Hermione become friends with Draco Malfoy and Goyle or Grabb i cant remember witch one dies and what will George Weasley do now since Fred had to die and why did Lupin Die and nephadora and expesially why did Professor Moody have to die and harrys owl and who became headmaster at hogwarts was it Professor Mcgonall and im glad u let Nevelle live and become a teacher at hogwarts well thats all for now

  • Sierra

    I love your books!!!! I hope you will write an 8th book!! I would like to know if Harry moves to the place where the order of pheonix used to be!!! Who is the new headmaster of hogwarts? I got confused on the part where Harry says he named Albus after 2 headmasters and one of them was in Slytherin. He hated Snape, so why did Albus get named that. I hpe you keep going so that we can find out about the years at hogwarts with his children!!!!

  • Brigham

    dear J.K. Rowling,
    i know im one in a million fans and i know im the same one in a million who want another book, but it would be great if you made a book about the james potter gang with sirius and lupin and of course wormtail, and how they all grew up and met each other and their adventures, its all up to you,


  • Chris “UZ” White


  • shelby cherry

    dear mrs.rowling or anyone else i want to ask you to write an eighth book and not an encyclopedia but an adventure or 7 adventures. i have written an eighth book named Albus Potter and the secret prophecy.
    Its about albus potter where he starts out going to hogwarts in slytherin and there he gets into quidditch and stuff like that. he then has a dream him killing a student at hogwarts and when he awakes it has happened. he then starts going down an evil path almost like voldemort except he can love. i was trying to find out if i could give a draft to jk rowling and see if she would publish it under her name and i get like 30% of the money. if anyone has any money email me or post it on here. [personal contact info deleted]

  • shelby cherry

    the reason i say that is not because of the money but because i Love the books and do not want them to end. We all know harrys story has been told and we know what his career is so even though i hate to say it cause hes my favorite character he is done. but you should get my book idea atleast read it its not very good but atleast you can have something to base it off of. jk you are my favorite author and would Love to meet you if you ever come to texas like conroe texas PLEASE?????? please emali me jkrowling.