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Eight Unconventional Wedding Gifts for Inspiration

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Buying a run-of-the-mill wedding gift is pretty easy these days. Most couples have a wedding list, with the usual mundane domestic items, and all you need to do is pay for them, in store or online. Nice and convenient, but what if you really want to do something different and get the couple a unique gift which they will treasure or remember forever? Here are a few ideas:

A Caricature

If you have access to a good photograph or two, why not have a caricature of the couple sketched by a professional? Costing between £40 and £50, this personal and humorous gift will stand out from the towels and toasters.

Pamper Vouchers

The buildup to the wedding can be stressful for bride and groom. Vouchers for a range of treatments like massages or facials will be gratefully received and also provide a memorable experience. Day passes to health clubs usually won’t break the bank either.

Activity Vouchers

Just imagine the looks on their faces when they open their voucher to wing walk on a biplane! Maybe not, but there are now a host of online companies offering experience days, from paintballing and dancing to helicopter rides and mak over photo shoots. There is bound to be an ideal activity for any couple and one which they will remember forever.

Fake Personalised Newspaper

There are several companies offering personalised newspaper front pages which look just like the real thing. How about the big wedding day as headline news? At first glance, this might seem a little cheesy, but once you’ve added a photograph and a few gossipy tidbits about the couple, you’re left with a personalised and potentially very funny wedding souvenir.

Holiday Vouchers

Holiday vouchers are becoming a popular choice, with some couples asking for them as a contribution to their honeymoon. Even if they aren’t on the list, holiday vouchers can be a good choice, with most travel operators now accepting them; they’re ideal for a weekend away or to contribute to a longer holiday in the sun.

A Framed Photo Collage

What could be more personal than a framed collage of the couple’s best photographs? Many photographic print companies offer flexible collages which you can piece together yourself to provide the perfect bespoke gift.

Sponsor a Child / Tree / Donkey

What do you get the couple who has everything? “Nothing!” some might suggest, but how about sponsoring a worthy cause on the couple’s behalf? There are hundreds of sponsorship packages available, most of which provide regular updates on how the chosen concern is doing.

Wine for the Future

Not a hastily wrapped bottle of chardonnay from the local cornershop, but a carefully selected quality wine which only gains value over the years. It’s ideal for the beginnings of a vintage wine collection or simply as a good bottle to be enjoyed on a key anniversary. Just make sure it doesn’t get drunk during the celebrations!

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