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Eight Examples of Amazingly Creative Floors

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Getting creative with your flooring can be fairly easy. You just have to use your imagination to achieve the effect and look that you desire for your floors.

As a start, it’s worth noting that nothing beats plain and simple. Its easy to accessorize and even easier to change and update when you change your mind. Here are a few quick fixes and tricks for getting creative with your plain floors to give them an instant artsy look.

1. Get modular wood

Modular wood is relatively cheap and easy to set up. Virtually no installation is required since all you need to do to set them up is to set them down. One more great thing about it is that you can use the pieces in different rooms or areas in the house as needed since they will not be fixed and installed in a single area alone.

2. Stick ‘em up!
Another quick and easy way to get creative and have an amazingly fast floor makeover is through the use of stickers. (Some know them as floor decals.) Yes, stickers. Go right ahead and ask your local retailers where you can get them. They come in various designs and sizes and if you look enough, you might even find someone who customizes them.

3. Comfy floor cushions

If you’re one of those people who usually comes home dead tired and would prefer to literally drop on the floor, then you might find this not just creative but also comfortable. The first and most important step is to set up a fixed layer of cushion. Then you can have all the floor pillows you want to enjoy to your heart’s delight.

4. Puzzle mats

Puzzle mats are not just for kids. They come in different materials, like rubber, carpet, and wood. All you have to do is pick one material or several materials depending on your needs to create that amazing flooring that you dream of. It can be a combination of colors or materials. Just make sure to think about what kind of floor traffic a room will have and what’s appropriate for it.

5. Parquet it…with a twist!

Speaking of puzzles, why not add a modern touch and some creativity to your parquet? Give it a twist and add more oomph to it by breaking from the usual color scheme and going for a more lively palette.
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6. Draw it, Doodles!


An artist thought that tearing up his old flooring meant too much cost and too much work. So he decided to cover it up with plain white vinyl sheeting, which he later found too plain and boring. He got creative and grabbed his marker and the result is this amazing monochrome work.

7. Paint it and cover up!


If you’re not artistic enough to produce a decent doodle, then go right ahead and paint the entire floor. Whether it’s wood or concrete, just be sure to get the right kind of paint. If you can’t draw then get creative by mixing and matching the colors and patterns you want.


8. Optical illusion

Though this would still technically fall within the category of painting the floor, it will have to be calculated and a little detailed to achieve the desired effect or illusion.


Not a bad collection, right? Maybe your floor is better – if you’ve got a great floor idea, or love one of the above in particular, please let us know in the comments!

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  • Wow! these are some awesome flooring ideas that can make a home more unique and beautiful. I’ll definitely use any of these in my next flooring renovation.

  • amazng! blew my mind. love the fishi one 🙂