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Egypt Torrential Rainstorms Flooding Many Cities

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2010 is off to a disastrous start in many areas of the globe. You have disasters of colossal magnitude, like that of Haiti, and you have other, less monstrous, yet with equally important repercussions such as the torrential rainstorms that struck some of Egypt's already poor and under-served cities in the Sinai Peninsula, and upper Egypt.

Starting on January 18 and lasting for four days, the flash floods in Egypt have left thousands homeless and starving, many injured and an uncertain number dead. It is worth noting that Gaza has also been struck by the downpour.

Egyptian authorities have allocated £25,000 EGP (about $4,400 USD) as a compensation for each family that has lost a home. Two blankets were also promised; the catch is that those stricken by the disaster have to present their national identity cards, which have been washed away along with all their belongings, in order to receive the food and blankets!

The affected communities are outraged by the inefficiency of the relief efforts, and the delay in response. One of the heavily criticized issues is that building licenses were granted in areas around riverbeds known to be at peril in case of heavy rains and flood. The citizens are also concerned at the possibility of further damage if the the Rawafe’ Dam succumbs to a next wave of heavy rains.


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  • zingzing

    stm: “it doesn’t make any sense.”

    no, but you’ve come to expect it by now, right? we (even if we weren’t alive) are all responsible for ruvy’s death in the camps (even though he didn’t die in any camps). it’s cheap and useless.

  • STM

    Ruvy, you’re accusing people of not caring about the fate of the Jews during the holocaust. It’s a nonsense – you are wrong even to suggest it.

    But why tie it in with a story about people losing their homes because of floods.

    I like you Ruve but it doesn’t make any sense that you do this on every second thread.

  • If it weren’t for the topic, this promises to be a superb thread.

    Perhaps we should all move to STM’s KFC site and invigorate it again.

  • zingzing

    heh. stm, as you well know, i had a major role in the gangrape of your thread. ruvy’s always good for an argument. and he’s an easy target. but i’ve rarely known him to be this idiotically insensitive. (although genocidal rage should trump insensitivity, i suppose.) man deserves a spanking.

  • STM,
    Thanks for the insight!
    After reading the KFC story and the comments below I understand so much more the character behind the rants!

  • STM

    “then just don’t give a shit and shut up about it.

    Not much chance of that with Ruve … my latest BC story about America’s cultural insularity over the supposedly racist Aussie KFC cricket ad being pulled off air descended within 24 hours – less – into a BC free-for-all on Gaza before it segued into the relative merits of nuking Europe.

    At one point, I thought we might get on to the meaning of the universe and God’s role in it but luckily that never eventuated.

    Eventually, it just kind of meandered back to fried chicken.

  • zingzing

    in these circumstances, ruvy, it would have been better–or at least human–of you to just clam up. if all you can offer is “i don’t give a shit about these people,” then just don’t give a shit and shut up about it.

  • Jordan,
    Amen to that!!

  • Ruvy,
    you’re neither the fool nor the prudent man! The quote was my way of telling you that I will not honor your insults with a response.

    P.S. Next time you don’t want to read something, here’s a thought for you>>> JUST DON’T READ IT!!

  • Jordan Richardson

    We don’t need to read or see your bullshit.

    The feeling is mutual, asshole. 🙂

  • A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”
    Proverbs 12:16

    I’m not annoyed at these people. I certainly don’t hate them. I just don’t feel sympathetic, that’s all. There is a difference – and a big one – between hate and indifference.

    As for overlooking an insult, that’s easy. Twenty generations of insults is a little tougher. And Jews in Egypt have had to endure insults, robbery and rape at the hands of the allegedly “tolerant” Muslims in Egypt for at least 20 generations before finally most of them had the sense to get the hell out.

    By the way, the rains have stopped. It’s nice and sunny in this neck of the woods. But the Egyptians who lost their homes in the flash floods will starve anyway. So there will be more hungry beggars and prostitutes on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria, where the sales of “Mein Kampf” go on unabated. Hitler’s “seminal” work is a perennial best seller in the home of the Wahhabi Ikhwan Muslimiya.

    Why will there be more prostitutes and beggars?

    Go back and read the article. In order to get aid, they will have to present their identity documents – which got washed away in the storm. Egypt is a truly poor country. The extra food unclaimed by the poor who do not have their identity documents will be gobbled up by piggish officials – who will welcome the extra largess. So while the government officials stuff their faces the poor will go to Cairo and Alexandria, seeking to eke out a living somehow.

    If you think that stinks, buy a clothespin and stick it on your nose; welcome to the Third World, boys and girls!

    Oh, just s you all know. Gaza, which gets its food from Israel, will not starve. It’s what the bastards deserve for constantly trying to kill us off, but us humane Jews feed the ungrateful assholes anyway. And next thing you know, some idiot from BC will come along condemning us for “the occupation”. If that’s all you have to do, go back to your copies of “Mein Kampf” that you bought in Cairo or Alexandria bookstores and don’t bother us. We don’t need to read or see your bullshit.

  • “Maybe the hunger will teach them not to hate?”

    If that’s all it takes, you should consider fasting

  • @Kohanim :
    The pyramids?? LOL
    hmmmm, so God had to wait a few thousands years before striking with his wrath at a few Middle Easterns ?

    “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”
    Proverbs 12:16

  • zingzing

    good god, you people are sick. (not you, stm.)

    ruvy: “Maybe the hunger will teach them not to hate?”

    go starve yourself then.

    kohanim: “This is surely a punishment from GOD. I hope they suffer hunger as the Jew did in the Holocaust.”

    you’re mean. and idiotic.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Maybe the hunger will teach them not to hate?

    Let’s hope so. It sure won’t be you teaching them.

  • STM

    Geez, come on guys … people are suffering. It’s not about politics.

    If you two are ever sitting around in Samaria or wherever Kohanim comes from and wondering why nothing much ever changes in that neck of the woods, perhaps the first clue might be gained by having a bloody good look in the mirror.

    You’ll find part of the answer there.

    Just for once, can we leave the politics out of it and not jump the shark.

  • Kohanim

    I agree with you. They took Sinai and the Pyramids from the Jews and destroyed their colonies in Sinai. This is surely a punishment from GOD. I hope they suffer hunger as the Jew did in the Holocaust.

  • I’m sorry if I don’t feel sympathy for these people. They consume Jew-hatred like houmus on pita – now they’ll just have to go hungry…. Who knows? Maybe the hunger will teach them not to hate?