Egotism In the Arts

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I sincerely believe that actors, authors, musicians, and alike people who depend on media to be wealthy are too rich and should not complain so much about piracy. It is their time to share their talent with humanity and not focus on the money alone.

The only reason they became rich nowadays is because of technology. Two centuries ago, if one desired to become an artist, it was only for the love of it. With the uncertainty of income and exposure to road bandits, actors and musicians would travel long and hard in caravans to great distances across the land just to perform briefly on stage in country fairs wherever they may be. Sometimes they would earn so little they couldn’t afford three square meals a day. They were not as glamorous and idolized like today.

Also, they were regarded at the same level as the peasant. It was even said then that it was better to be soldier or a priest; much more respectable. Also before, books were scarce and handwritten. The only people who would most likely read them were academics.

It is only now, because of the wonders of mass production and media, that the possibility of becoming rich and famous overnight is an accepted reality. Successful artists are revered like gods.

However, since people can now easily copy their creation due to rapid advancement in technology, they complain about the same technology that brought them wealth in the first place. Selfish is the word.

The same goes for doctors; early physicians considered their profession a vocation, a calling, and not a means to earn big money. (Andrei)

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