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Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Love

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Love is one of the most controversial topics of all times. It’s controversial because there is always a debate about whether it is “the best thing for mankind” or “the silliest thing a person could encounter.”

Many people fall in the latter category. It’s not because they don’t like the idea of love. In fact, many people fall hopelessly in love. When someone is in love, their thinking becomes clouded with thoughts of the beloved person. Every time they see that person, they become fixated. Love has a way of making that person seem absolutely perfect in every way.

Of course, loving something is one thing, but how many people can actually follow through with their feelings? Many people experience difficulty even talking to someone they have a crush on. Each and every time they have an opportunity to talk to that person, they feel their size decreasing to that of a tiny bug, which would effectively be crushed. So many lovelorn people suffer from low self-esteem; can there be a lower feeling than that of someone who has been rejected by the one they love? Their friends repeatedly shake their heads in disappointment following failed attempts.

However, many people can learn something useful in the process. Read closely: If you don’t express your love to that person, someone else will. That happens, and it’s not usually a pretty sight when someone else courts your love interest. To be betrayed in the battle when someone else asks that person out makes one restless and agitated. Most people feel desperate, afraid that their low self-esteem will forever prevent them from getting what they want.

It’s a pity that even rage doesn’t give people enough courage to talk to their love interests. Some people seek professional help – no, not the love doctor from Hitch, but energizing help. There are programs to help people curb their self-esteem deficiencies. After a few sessions and a lot of practice in the mirror, you can watch your self-esteem soar. 

It’s not all bad. Some people end up expressing their love just in time to make that person theirs, finally. It’s important not to let your low self-esteem take away the warrior in you. Fight for yourself. In the end, you’ll only be glad that no matter what, you can always rely on yourself, and that’s the biggest relief.  

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