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Editors’ Picks 6.04.05 to 6.10.05

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For the week of June 4 to June 10

New this week by request is a small logo for A BC.org pick of the week to put on people’s own site (where presmably the post also showed up). This is being done retroactively to the first BC pick of the week in mid May.

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(See here for last week’s picks and our guidelines.)


VIDEO/TV: Eric Berlin’s pick of the week

Varan the Unbelievable (DVD Review) by Matt Paprocki, June 7

Anyone who makes the proclamation that “Mothra and Rodan are inspired creations” certainly gets my attention. Matt Paprocki toils and sweats in the DVD review trenches in order to produce sublime ruminations, and it’s high time that he got some due.

CULTURE /TECH: bhw’s pick of the week

The Joys of Age by dietdoc, June 6

dietdoc waxes philosophic on reaching middle age and finding contentment: “I have all intentions to live life to it’s fullest and enjoy whatever time I am given on this earth. It’s just that I am, at long last, happy and contented. I am, in the trite old (is it?) phrase, ‘in a good place.’ Surely, it is not the absolute cloudless calm that I know death will be, but a conscious, deep sense of the sudden lack of conflict. It is a fine place to be.”

BOOKS: Pat Cummings’ picks of the week.

Speaking Freely: A Trial Lawyer on the First AmendmentTim Gebhart, June 6

Brief and to-the-point, this review goes straight to the appeal of a book whose subject might prevent readers from picking it up. Another excellent review from Tim!

For the Love of Booksswingingpuss, June 8

Not your ordinary paean to reading – our own “pron” writer swingingpuss tells us about her first encounter with the genre.

MUSIC: Temple’s picks of the week.

a mixing we went by Marty Dodge, June 7

Music in action. Marty “Andrew Ian” Dodge has been giving us updates on the progress of his band, Broken Teeth Kisses** and here we get a short report on the mixing process and the simple feeling of shaping something to a finer point. ** To my shame I couldn’t remember what the band was called. It’s not that. Ah, yes, this could be them
Growing Old Disgracefully (G.O.D)

How to tell a great song by John Schroeder, June 9

Inspired by Paul Anka (???) John here asks a question that deserves to be rolled around a little more – “[I]f a song handles a new arrangement well, does that make it a great song?”

Vain – ON THE LINE (CD Review) by Chris Akin, June 10.

Well, it made me break out my copy of “No Respect” and listen to it again. I’ve listened to it fairly regularly over the years. An 80s metal band, that as Chris says, got a blip and then fell off the radar. Also true obsession that manifests itself years later of a band that really wasn’t that great is spectacular in its own right. Now here’s a one. Anyone heard of the group, “Dear Mr. President”?

HONORABLE MENTION: Robert Burke’s, The Absolute Worst Album Cover Art… Ever..

He found some crazy album art and bands, people I have never heard of.

Editors’ own posts worth a mention. (No self-nominations allowed)

Researcher Finds Unknown J.S. Bach Composition by Eric Olsen, June 8

Olsen first brought Blogcritics the news that a new J.S. Bach composition had been found. It’s almost 300 years old and it was just uncovered. That’s inspirational in a strange unexplainable way.

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    Hey Temple! Thanks for the “best of” logo. It is proudly displayed on my blog!

  • Thanks Pat, and eds, this is a nice early morning surprise 🙂

  • What the heck is your blog again?

    I didn’t know if it was too big but didn’t figure it was much good smaller.
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    Temple, if you we’re asking me… The size seems just right to drop into the text of my review:

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  • That looks really neat – methinks I’m going to borrow some elements of your site design

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    Great Aaman, It was one of the preset templates from my blog host, one of the few that looked decent.

    On that note, please spread the word that white on black (or worse, a color on black) is the hardest color combination to read.

    In my advertising days I had to explain this to hundreds of clients who thought that “reverse” ads looked “so cool”.

    “But, you are making it harder for potential customers to read your message!” I would say, “Why spend your money on an ad, and then cripple it by doing a reverse?”

    Some realized the logic and ran sucessful ad campaigns, some wasted their money.

    The same goes for web sites and blog sites. The best and easiest colors for the human eye to read?

    Black on White.

  • Thanks for picking my review Eric B! All of two people have probably ever heard of the flick here, but now maybe four people have. Thanks!