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Editors’ Picks 5.21.05 to 5.27.05

For the week of May 21 to May 27
(See here for last week’s picks and our guidelines.)



The Duke And Star Wars Episode III – An Epic Journey Of Some Kind
By Duke De Mondo, May 23

Didn’t realize I was allowed an explanation last time, so here’s mine for The Duke: “I think we can all agree by now that The Duke, without rebuke, is no fluke. Check out this post just once, and you’ll never see the world, the stars, or Star Wars the same ever again.”


Lois McMaster Bujold and the Hallowed Hunt
by theCO, May 21

This interview has great questions and interesting answers, delivered with humor and a real feeling for what Bujold’s readers want to learn.

Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks
by David Wayne, May 23

Wayne couples his pastoral philosophy with his reading of Brook’s book to spin an interesting insight on modern society, without squashing the fun of reading Bobos in Paradise.


The Death Knell of Privacy
by Russell Buckley, May 27

A warning about employee tracking devices and other privacy-invading technology on its way to a public street near you. Buckley writes:

“… while defenders of these systems say that ‘law abiding citizens have nothing to hide,’ this is only relatively true in a democracy. If we ever see a return to some of the regimes (of the left or right) that dominated Europe last century, such exhaustive information on every citizen would make Big Brother look optimistic.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Plot of the Fantasy Novel
by Leoniceno, May 23

Want to write a fantasy novel? It’s easy. Just follow this standard plot outline by Leoniceno.

(And who can resist Strongarm Bluntaxe or the mystery of the prophecy?)
When the winds of Wimble-Wamble
Beat upon the coasts of Yore,
Then the Moored may tremble-tramble,
Pound upon that dreadful door.


Come On Get Happy!: The Very Best of the Partridge Family
by El Bicho, May 27

The Partridge Family, much better than they were given credit for – with a solid producer Wes Farrell (not will Farrell) finding the songwriting talent. Also El Bicho gives a little back history to the Partridge tale on the eve of their 35th anniversary.

Artist Overview: Smashing Pumpkins
by uao

This guy writes amazing essays and retrospectives on bands. His music knowledge runs deep and wide. Though I never cared much for the SPs (Adore was the single best cure for insomnia that I naively bought), he made me want to read on. Knows his shit but doesn’t push it in your face with mind-numbing details. He just tells it. Just enough detail. Like that.

REVIEW Hatesphere – The Killing EP
by Chris Akin

Honorable mention goes to Chris Akin for his Hatesphere “The Killing EP” review where he laments about bands as good as or better than the name bands, without recognition. These days that’s pretty much 90 percent of HM. Atkin has a passion for this area – from death metal to only-slightly-injured metal – (and Def Leppard and Rush) and he proved it this week with a string of nine posts in the genre.

Two Popular Software Synths Get Facelifts
by Ed Driscoll

There was a time when I hated synth-pop. It still grinds my teeth on occasion but I’ve giving up caring because I discovered if I continued I would have no teeth. This is an insight into the instrument that drives most music today. The author plays and knows from whence he speaks on the quality of “Propellerhead’s Reason, and its upstart competitor, Cakewalk’s Project5.”

I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk: Pt. Two
by HW Saxton

I picked Part 1 last week; just as many reasons to pick part 2 this week. A narration through one man’s views of the last 60 years of music and attitude. (Part 1 here)

POLITICS: Lisa Iannucci did not pick this week, finding nothing that stirred her.

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