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Eddie Angel’s Guitar Party

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Gorillas only know three chords, but man, they know how to use them — that’s the lesson of the Eddie Angel’s Guitar Party disc I found in the bargain bin last week. You are in a maze of twisty surf guitar tunes, all different, from Eddie Angel and friends. Amazon shows this thing as having 37 tracks but mine only has 12, so where are the other 25? And how does he hit those tasty licks without opposable thumbs?

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  • Just bought it at Amazon. I’m always on the lookout for good surf music, so please tell us about any more new stuff along the same lines.

  • abe

    I bought this on vinyl a few years back. It is EXCELENT. Reacorded @ ToeRag by Liam Watson. You know what that means: Warm tube sound, a little Lo-Fi in the greatest way. Everything sounds perfect, Like a Kiasers record. The songs are alog the lines of the Las Vegas Grind/ Jungle Exotica / Mr Manacotti Comps (which are al GREAT too)
    Better than any los straight jackets stuff.

    (PS. Mr Angel has his name credited to the song “Topless” which was originally done by Rolls Royce and the Wheels.)