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Ed Wood on DVD

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Update: Disney has postponed the release of Ed Wood on DVD, no doubt for some dumbass (marketing) reason. Go on, just ask him what he thinks about Michael Eisner.

The first week of February whenever marks the Stupendous! release on DVD of the long anticipated release of the Astounding! Tim Burton tribute to one of Hollywood’s true auteurs: Ed Wood!

Oddly enough, though the movie won an Academy Award (Martin Landau – Best Supporting Actor), and with Tim Burton’s high profile career, “Ed Wood” has been unavailable on DVD — Until Now!

Lensed in Glorious Black and White!, “Ed Wood” is the biopic of Edward D. Wood Jr. who is regarded as the worst movie director in Hollywood history. A cross-dressing alcoholic, Wood produced one of the worst movies ever made, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, featuring Bela Lugosi in his final role.

Portrayed by Johnny Depp, Ed Wood makes up in manic enthusiasm for his total lack of talent or experience. In addition to Martin Landau’s portrayal of Bela Lugosi, the movie includes Sara Jessica Parker, Bill Murray, Patricia Arquette and Vincent D’Onofrio (in a brilliant scene with Depp, as Orson Welles).

The bonus features make up for the delay in releasing “Ed Wood” on DVD:

* An Abundance Of Deleted Scenes From The Film, Including Bill Murray Singing “Que Sera Sera” With A Mariachi Band In A Meat Locker!

* Original Music Video Co-Directed By Tim Burton And Choreographer Toni Basil, With Music By Composer Howard Shore
* Original Theatrical Trailer (English-Texted Only)
* “Let’s Shoot This F#*%@r!” — Join Star Johnny Depp And director Tim Burton As A Fly-On-The-Wall And Go Behind-The-Scenes For The Making Of This Quirky Masterpiece.
* “The Theremin” — Discover How This Odd Instrument Was Used To Create The Film’s Distinctive Score.
* “Making Bela” — In ED WOOD, Martin Landau Not Only Looked Like Bela Lugosi, But He Virtually Became The Famous Actor, A Role For Which He Won An Oscar(r). See How He Made This Amazing Transformation, Along With Help From Make-Up Master Rick Baker.
* “When Carol Met Larry” — Ed Wood Wasn’t The World’s First Cross-Dresser, And He Certainly Wouldn’t Be The Last. In This Featurette, Meet Some Real-Life Cross-Dressers, And Hear Their Take On The Infamous Filmmaker.
* “Pie Plates Over Hollywood” — Production Designer Tom Duffield Shares His Insights On Realizing The Offbeat And Stunning Visual World Of ED WOOD.
* Audio Commentary — Watch The Film As You Hear Recollections From Director Tim Burton, Actor Martin Landau, Writers Scott Alexander & Larry Karazewski, Costume Designer Colleen Atwood, And Cinematographer Stefan Czapsky.

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  • I was in Queen Street Video today, and they had “Ed Wood” on DVD, from Thailand (really, but some bitch had already rented it, I really wanted to watch this movie with Thai subtitles). Apparently it will be available in Canada and the USA in October, but don’t hold your breath.

  • i’ve had the region 1 disc of Ed Wood for about two years. apparently it was recalled, like, a day after i got it (in belfast, of all places). somethin of a collectors item, i hear