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Economic shipping contest Idea

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Read first “The new age of sail”

Just an idea:

Perhaps that a prize should be organised, or a contest, for the most fuel efficient transport ship, with two different categories: Above the surface and below the surface. This to allow for submarine desings as well.

Different classes could be used, for those delivering express goods, and for those that ship bulk goods. Several categories could possibly be added as well: coastal waters, open oceans, and river transports.

This to sponsor novel desings, or redesings. Not all desings will work everywhere, so a price per category would need to be added.

With one exeception: no nuclear fueled ships allowed.

A contest like this, migth produce more efficient ship designs, and would give a reason to do so. A bit like the contest about the fastest cross of the atlantic ocean.

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  • RJ

    Why no nuclear fueled ships?

  • Thank you for your question. It is a good question. In fact it is so good thay decide to post my answer to you as a comment on my own text.

    Although they will be a lot more independent than any conventional ship, they can sail for years without refueling, that is only part of the cost.

    As the excess of russian nuclear submarines show, once a reactor drive ship becomes obsolete, then the cleaning up is very expensive. For the moment that fleed of aged, obsolete subs, in russian harbours is a sever danger to health, and the environement.

    Although the cost en the effcciency might be better than conventional ships, on the long term it is far higher. To give a example of a advertise i saw recently for British Nuclear Group. When the berkley reactor was decomisioned they took care of it, and now the place has been secured. In there advertisement one can read that it will eventually be turned back to a landscape, and there will be no trace of wath was there before.

    I completly agree with that, BUT, the one thing they are wisely not saing is how long that will take and the cost of that. I don’t know exact how long it takes for the radioactive materials to become no longer radioactive, I only know that is a long period of time, longer than many human lives. And that during all that time that site and others around the world
    will have to be monitorred.

    There exist a technique that allows to change the halflive of a radioactive isotoop to a couple of days instead of years. However there is a catch. In order to supply the enrgy needed topower the laserbeam used in this process, a nuclear central would have to build next to it. As they are the only ones that can supply enough power to do this. If the technique would be used we would get rid of some while creating other.

    If you have any more questions, or remarks, then please feel free to ask them.