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eBook Review: Wicked Allure by Leslie C. Ferdinand

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Tall, dark and sexy, Zachary Steele has a reputation for being a “faithless womanizer.” His history has proven this to be true. When his exotically beautiful ex-girlfriend Madigan is coerced back into his life, by her mother, things get very complicated. Zachary once pushed Madigan away because he was afraid of the depth of his feelings for her. Now that she is back in town and in business with him, he is very confused. Incredibly drawn to her, he fears he did too much damage to be able to salvage their relationship. Still, they find themselves unable to avoid the physical attraction that they still have for each other.

Sharing her exotic beauty with her two other sisters, Madigan has suffered a great deal throughout her whole life because of the damage caused by her two selfish and manipulative parents. Her sisters have also been affected by their obvious need to control them, and their lack of loving parenting skills. Madigan’s mother uses the guise of reuniting with her daughter to get her to come back into their lives. Having the majority of shares in Zachary’s business, her mom can pretty much do what she wants — or so she thinks.

Hoping to gain some peace in her relationship with her mother, Madigan agrees to return. She is a bit surprised to learn that her mother wants her to be involved with Wicked Allure. Advertised to be a spa, Wicked Allure also offers special SPA services. SPA stands for Sensual Pleasure Anonymously. The SPA services are offered to wealthy patrons with a taste for the exotic.

Working in a sexually charged environment makes things even more difficult for Madigan and Zachary. It makes it impossible for them to avoid the needs that they have for each other. It also brings some people into the picture who desire to create havoc for the both of them. On the other hand, Madigan’s return to town gives her the opportunity to get closer to her sisters and hopefully right some of the wrongs from their pasts. As she is working on this, there are some surprises that could directly affect her reunion with Zachary. Now it is his turn to prove himself.

Wicked Allure offers the perfect blend of erotic romance and drama. The sensual scenes that are played throughout the story are very well written and will definitely draw the reader into an incredible escape from their mundane world. The characters are both complex and sexy, and some of the bad ones are truly bad to the bone, which allows for an incredible amount of turmoil in the story.

I really enjoyed reading Wicked Allure by Leslie C. Ferdinand and feel that because it offers the perfect blend of sensuality and drama it has a lot more to offer than some of the typical erotic romances.

(Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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