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eBook Review: ‘Small Business Marketing Basics’ by Gregg Zban

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For the last 29 years I’ve managed a wide variety of small businesses, and over the last 20+ years, I’ve done promotional work for many types of businesses. So, I’m always on the lookout for books about promoting small businesses. You never know when you’ll pick up new tips. When the author contacted me about doing a review for Small Business Marketing Basics, I agreed.

This book covers the basics, including

  • Market Positioning
  • Marketing Message
  • Marketing Mediums
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Advertising Plan
  • Customer Retention

These are all important topics that you need to understand, and once you understand them, you will likely continue to learn more and more about how to promote your business and/or product.

Zban covers information about determining your target audience. In order to develop an effective marketing message, you need to understand who needs and will buy your products. You will learn more about how to develop your marketing message to attract your target audience. He discusses a variety of mediums to use in your marketing – including the pros and cons of these options.  Learn how to ask for testimonials and what to do with them once you have them. Information on developing and budgeting your marketing plan is included and understanding how to retain your customers.

This is a good primer to get you started in promoting your business. I also tell clients that even if they hire someone to do their promotional work, I like for them to have a basic understanding of what is needed and how it works. I like for them to understand the work that goes into promoting their business.

Overall, this is a good book for the beginning marketer. I really like the sections at the end of each chapter where you are asked questions and given exercises that will help you begin to formulate your own marketing plans.

I do have a concern with the lack of editing. If small typos bother you, there are quite a few. There aren’t major grammar issues, but the e-book could use a thorough edit. Also, there are some tips Zban offers that I disagree with – but we all have our own approach to marketing and promotion. Having managed a doctor’s office and being a partner in a home improvement business, I do have personal insights on the promotional work I did for both of those types of businesses. I definitely agree that your promotional pieces need to focus on the benefits for the potential customers: think, what’s in it for them? However, with those kind of businesses, it is also important to include whether a business is licensed, insured, has worker’s compensation for contractors along with the doctor’s specialty and degree, etc.

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