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eBook Review: Naughty in Nice by Rhys Bowen

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What on earth was Rhys Bowen thinking? The French Riviera, Coco Chanel, madcap hijinks, and the bewitching Georgie? This installment needs to come equipped with two warning labels, “Sourpusses, you’ve been warned…you will find yourself laughing-out-loud, so there is no need to inject fiber into your diet for at least 90 days… ‘cause you will be sportin’ a three month grin and will break out in fits of laughter,” and “Please be advised that reading this mystery will result in side-splitting laughter, so drinking and eating may not be in your best interest”.

Rhys Bowen’s latest edition in her tantalizing Royal Spyness series, Naughty in Nice, unequivocally cements her alongside Carola Dunn as the reigning Queen of historical mysteries. Naughty in Nice was such a delectable tale, I want to stop writing this review and go back to reread the entire series because it is that bewitching.

The beguiling Lady Georgiana Rannoch’s brother, Binky, and his oppressively exasperating wife, Fig are about to depart on holiday to the French Riviera, and Georgie is about to be ousted from her London home to the brumal, dismal family castle in Scotland when Her Majesty the Queen quickly steps in. The Queen offers to fit the bill to France with the hope that Georgie, an experienced, albeit amateur sleuth, can recoup her heirloom snuffbox. Her Majesty suspects her priceless snuffbox has been lifted by notorious social climber Sir Toby Groper .

Bowen cleverly knits a fashionable historical nugget in Naughty in Nice by having Georgie cross paths with uber chic Coco Chanel. Mademoiselle Chanel wants Georgie to model for her. *Swoon* Yes, our spirited Georgie is strutting the runway for the timeless designer and the creative Bowen delights, entertains and sprinkles in just enough shenanigans to sparkle with sheer brilliance.

Naughty in Nice is laced with wicked scoundrels, a sexy French charmer and a titillating mystery caper that shines a spotlight on just how much of an effulgent storyteller Bowen truly is!

Naughty in Nice is the most mesmerizing and riotous offering in Bowen’s adventurous series. Naughty in Nice flows as fearlessly, vibrantly and unpredictably as Niagara Falls.

Naughty in Nice is the most alluring installment in Rhys Bowen’s Royal Spyness series. Rich with titillating characters, a magnetizing plot and an atmosphere that jumps off the page to reveal Bowen’s try place as royalty to the historical mystery genre! Brava and thank you!

P.S. I hope the prolific Bowen and Dunn join forces to bring us a story arc featuring the charming Georgie and irresistible Daisy. *wink*hint*nudge*

As for the covers, they are some of my absolute favorites… I just want to walk into one and become charmed by British society and the antics Georgie endures. I just want to keep my head!

Visit Rhys’ website for all things Georgie.

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