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eBook Review: Mortal Deception by Liz Roth

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Liz Roth, Liz Lipperman to cozy connoisseurs, delivers top-notch creepy suspense with enough plot twists to send you to the chiropractor. Cozy fans, if you aren’t able to step out of the cozy village box and into the world of delicious sexy spice, gritty language and an intoxicating atmosphere – STEP AWAY! Why? ‘Cause this is not your mama’s cozy. Blue haired ladies sitting under the dryer may want to check their pressure before opening this intensely gripping novel.  For all you pink curled dames make sure the color goes with your crimson cheeks because this is one steamy thriller. Your blood will be pumping – all over!

Roth’s romantic suspense deftly balances all the juicy elements – romance, chills, heat, and suspense — into one eloquently orchestrated symphony titled Mortal Deception

From the moment Roth’s sassy Dani Perez steps onto the scene with her sleek red stilettos it’s game over for those who thought they were penning romantic suspense. Roth’s explosive debut leaves the reader holding their breath all the way from the first page until the very last page.  Dani Perez is an ex Texas cop on a laser sharp mission.  Dani wants to clear her late husband’s name and save her nephew’s life.  Along the way Dani’s heart gets trapped in a wicked game of trickery, and the stakes become even higher as the danger level ricochets out of control.   

Mortal Deception is a heart-stopping novel that manipulates the senses and gets under your skin leaving you haunted long after you finish it… and it is as decadent as a chocolate layer cake.  

Move over Sandra Brown ‘cause Liz Roth is the heir apparent to your literary throne!

Visit Liz’s website.

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