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eBook Review: Dracula’s Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick

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I’m a fan of JoAnne Kenrick, vampires and Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series, so I happily tucked into Dracula’s Kiss on my Kindle. It tells the story of a woman called Cathela. She’s been charged with organising her company’s Halloween Ball, and she’s gone all out. Held at a castle rumoured to have inspired the master of vampire stories himself, Bram Stoker, Cathela is in her vamp-loving element.

Despite the awesome location, the party doesn’t go quite as planned. Cathela has a wardrobe malfunction which results in her spilling out of her Dracula’s Bride costume in front of her colleagues, and her boyfriend gets moody and goes off to make eyes at the party’s female entertainment.

More than a little miffed, Cathela heads to the bar and ends up drowning her sorrows in shots of Dracula’s Kiss, a delicious cocktail being served by the equally delicious barman. As the alcohol makes her bolder, Cathela flirts with the barman, a task made particularly easy by the fact he appeals to her vamp fetish in the extreme — he’s dressed as Dracula, Gary Oldman style.

After an encounter in the castle dungeons, Cathela’s conscience gets the better of her, and she and the mystery man part on pleasant terms. However, as much as she may want to deny it, he awakened something in Cathela that doesn’t want to go away…

Finally, giving in to her desires, Cathela signs up for the website on the card the Gary Oldman lookalike gave her, and goes on a date with him. This time she has no boyfriend and therefore no guilty conscience to contend with. All she has is her wants, her kinks, and a totally hot guy willing to please her. But when he reveals his dark secret, will Cathela run and hide, or accept it and submit to him?

Hurrah for another corker from Ms. Kenrick! The Gothic theme of this tale really appealed to me from the beginning, and after throwing in a hot male lead, some kink and a promising ending, Dracula’s Kiss was a totally yummy tale. So if you’re looking for some sensual, kinky writing with Gothic overtones, then you should definitely check out this story.

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