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eBook Review: Croissants and Jam by Lynda Renham

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Croissants and Jam seized my heart of steel and barbwire… and melted it into a simmering pool of  marshmallow and milk chocolate. Hollywood take note: Croissants and Jam is what heart-pounding and nerve-tingling romantic comedies are made of.  Breathtaking. Intelligent. Magical. Mesmerizing. Pulse-pounding. Rip-roaring. Spine-tingling. Soul stirring. Unforgettable. Whimsical. I can go on and on and on describing Lynda Renham’s bewitching novel, but I want to cut to the chase so you can grab a copy and see for yourself.

Annabel “Bels” Lewis has just two days to get to her wedding in Rome but her trip is plagued with one catastrophe after another as destiny takes hold and casts its spin.

Enter Christian.  A dashing and adventurous stranger she encounters along the way.  Will Bels get to her wedding on time or will the mesmerizing Christian transform her life?

Croissants and Jam is without a doubt one of the best romantic comedies of our time — yep, including those on the screen.  I even visualized the cast in my head.  I think David A Gregory would be a juicy Christian and Bree Williamson would be a smashing Bels. *sigh*

Renham inks an action-packed, quick paced adventure with strong characters who interact fluidly from start to finish.  Renham also illustrates a gift for deftly balancing sizzling chemistry, effortless humor and witty dialogue. 

As for the ending, Renham would be wise to release a sequel — soon. SOON! SWOON! SOON!

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  • Pj Schott

    That looks WONDERFUL!!

  • Francis

    Thanks Diane, looking forward to reading this one. I was browsing through and found a review that led me to your article. The book price is listed in Euros on Amazon, and it coverts to $1.69. Not a bad price for a great book!