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“Eat Mor Chickin”? Maybe not…

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Not when avian influenza is ravaging the chicken population of the Far East like it is now: not only have tens of thousands of chickens died or been killed, but now 12 people have died in recent weeks in Vietnam.

According to the Washington Post, “this marks the second time in less than a year that this specific form of influenza virus has breached the species barrier between birds and human beings. This raises the spectre that ‘bird flu,’ normally confined to poultry, is adapting to humans, who would be almost universally susceptible to it.”

In Vietnam in recent weeks, 70,000 chickens either died of influenza or were killed to stop the spread of the disease. Last month in South Korea, more than a million chickens and ducks died of the disease or were culled.

Maybe you better hold off on Chick-Fil-A stock purchase you were thinking about.

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