Eat Bananas!

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I love food. I love my work. I HATE people eating in the office. I just cannot stand the noise. That crunching, munching, grinding, sipping, swallowing, unwrapping, cracking sound of food. Most of all, I can not stand apples and carrots any longer. My two co-workers spend their day eating those two food items.

Just imagine the situation: silent office. All concentrated on our work. Suddenly you hear it: the plastic bag opens, and CRUNCHmunchmunchmunchmunchCRUNCHmunchmunchmunchmunchCRUNCH! for hours. Then comes the carrots bag: STACKcrunchcrunchcrunchSTACKcunch and so on.

Can you feel it? That shiver down your spine? The hatred? Can you hear Palpatine inviting you to the dark side? Can you feel your ears exploding because of the continuous destruction caused by extremely loud, yet useless, music in your headphones?

So, only two words for you noisy eaters: EAT BANANAS!

There, I said it!

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