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Eastwick Premieres Wednesday on ABC

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Looking for something other than Jay Leno at 10:00 on Wednesday? Has the time slot been somewhat of a death zone lately where the most-watched program is TiVo? ABC hopes to change all that by premiering its brand new drama, Eastwick. Here’s the official premise for the series:

A small New England town … three very different women whose dreams are about to come true, with the arrival of one devilishly handsome man…. Based on the John Updike novel and the hit film The Witches of Eastwick, this sexy and bold comedic drama centers on three women whose powers are awakened when a mysterious man moves to town.

Clip #1: Roxie

When Roxie, Kat, and Joanna all find shiny coins to toss into the Eastwick town fountain, they can’t imagine that their coinciding wishes might possibly come true. Roxie, an independent and outspoken sculptor and single mother, longs for someone new in town to stir things up with his wealth, sex, and appreciation for art. Kat, a mother of five with a dull, out-of-work husband, simply wishes that things were different, that someone would take care of her for a change. Joanna, a buttoned-up journalist as full of ideas as she is faux pas, wants to speak up for the things she desires, starting with a promotion she deserves and the man she has been in love with for ages. As the three women form an unlikely bond, and a mysterious and wealthy stranger, Darryl, arrives on the scene, their lives take on new and magical dimensions, and an old adage echoes throughout Eastwick and beyond: Be careful what you wish for.

Clip #2: Kat

The pilot was shot by none other than executive producer David Nutter, a very reliable go-to guy for Warner Brothers, known for getting many series (including my beloved Supernatural) off to a successful start. Maggie Friedman is the pilot writer and other executive producer, whose previous credits include Once and Again, Jack & Bobby, and Dawson’s Creek. I was also told that some of the music of Steve Carlson would be featured in the show; he is a well known name on the Supernatural convention circuit.

Clip #3: Joanna

The characters and the actors who play them are as follows:

  • Roxie Torcoletti: Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty, X-Men, X2)
  • Joanna Frankel: Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle; Beverly Hills 90210)
  • Kat Gardener: Jaime Ray Newman (Eureka, Veronica Mars, Supernatural)
  • Penny Higgins: Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect, The Big Bang Theory, Popular)
  • Bun Waverly: Veronica Cartwright (The Witches of Eastwick, Alien, The X-Files)
  • Raymond Gardener: Jon Bernthal (The Class, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian)
  • Will St. David: Johann Urb (Entourage, Dirt, The Mountain)
  • Mia Torcoletti: Ashley Benson (Days of Our Lives, Bring It On: In It to Win It, Supernatural)
  • Darryl Van Horne: Paul Gross (Due South, Slings and Arrows)

Clip #4: All Together

I’ll admit that I missed the panel for this show at Comic-Con, but from what I heard from others that did go this show has a promising cast and a premise that offers a wide appeal. It’s nothing too heavy, the characters are believable, and their predicaments are fun to watch. I also heard from a few women they are thrilled that Paul Gross is in the cast. So why not check it out? Your TiVo can get along without you for a little while. So can Jay Leno.

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