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Last week I got a letter from my insurance company warning that my homeowner’s policy does not cover earthquakes. The letter went on to point out that when this message was sent out to policyholders in a sort of passing fashion a few years ago, everyone snickered. Hey, we’re not in Kansas or on the San Andreas fault, we’re in Virginia.

Then came last year’s unexpected series of earthquakes, with an epicenter about 75 miles from Charlottesville. So I suspect I’m not the only policyholder who, after the new quake at about 2:30 am this morning, will be calling to inquire about rates for available earthquake coverage. Sign me up as of last night, is what I’m gonna say. That was a pretty good wake-up call.

Having been in LA for several major temblors, I’ve seen what these babies can do.

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  • TDavid

    You might be surprised to find out that there is a temporary moratorium to purchase the earthquake coverage if it was close to you. When Northridge happened in 1994, there was concern echoing north here to Washington state. The main company we represent we still can’t offer earthquake coverage :(

    This is one of those catch 22 about insurance. Life insurance is another thing not to wait too long on. Don’t wait to buy it when you are in your 50′s or 60′s when medical issues are more common and the cost of premiums are dramatically higher and underwriting is tighter.

  • JR

    Just buy fire insurance. If after an earthquake your house is damaged, light a candle and knock it over next to the curtains. Then go check on your neighbors or something.