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Early Scores For Blogcritics’ Two Eighty Fantasy Baseball

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Rules and introduction to the experimental fantasy baseball game that is Two Eighty.

After some invitations, petitions, and a crash-course on keeping track of stats in Microsoft Excel, I’m ready to announce our 11 (myself included) entries in the Blogcritics’ Two Eighty Invitational.

Your contestants are as follows:

  • Adam Hoff, a wise insider of WIS Insider
  • Chris Beaumont, fantasy baseball virgin and TV/film reviewer at Draven99’s Musings
  • Dan McGowan, the taker of Dan’s Take
  • David R. Mark, the spin doctor of J.A.B.B.S.
  • DJRadiohead, hardcore Sawx fan and BCRadio host
  • M.D. Sandwasher, Reds fan and creator of his self-titled blog Sandwasher
  • Matt Sussman, whose Futon Report doesn’t care who thinks the Diamondbacks suck
  • Sal Marinello, muscly man from Jersey and columnist behind “The Ramble”
  • Tan the Man, not only a dork and a loser but also a resident of Dorks and Losers
  • Will Leitch, the conductor of the soul train that is Deadspin
  • Zach Baker, one of those Cleveland Indians-fan-types, pecking away at Vitamin Z

It should be noted that of the dozen-or-so invites e-mailed to other bloggers, the only lad to give this game a go was Will Leitch. And since he’s the honcho of a highly popular sports blog, that makes me fist-pump. In all fairness, some others did kindly respond and decline to play because they’re busy and important, but I’ll still go to their websites.

Eleven players is a good number. That means most everybody can say they made the top ten when everything’s said and done.

Everyone’s rosters were posted at BCBlog and the timestamp proves they were collected and posted before the season began.

And to prove just how much time I have, here are the most chosen players, broken down by team:

Angels: Adam Kennedy (3 times)
Astros: Morgan Ensberg (6 times)
A’s: Mark Kotsay (3)
Blue Jays: Lyle Overbay (4)
Braves: Marcus Giles (4)
Brewers: Geoff Jenkins (4)
Cardinals: Tie: David Eckstein, Albert Pujols (3)
Cubs: Freakin’ five-way tie: Michael Barrett, Neifi Perez, Juan Pierre, Aramis Ramirez, Matt Murton (2) (Zach Baker, you rebel, picking Derrek Lee)
Devil Rays: Jorge Cantu (5)
Diamondbacks: Tie: Shawn Green, Luis Gonzalez (3)
Dodgers: A four-way tie: Rafael Furcal, Nomar Garciaparra, JD Drew, Bill Mueller (2)
Giants: Ray Durham (3)
Indians: Tie: Grady Sizemore, Ronnie Belliard (4)
Mariners: Raul Ibanez (5)
Marlins: Tie: Jeremy Hermida, Miguel Cabrera (3)
Mets: Cliff Floyd (5) (The poster boy of the game. So there you have it.)
Nationals: Nick Johnson (4)
Orioles: Melvin Mora (4)
Padres: Brian Giles (5)
Phillies: Tie: Jimmy Rollins, Pat Burrell (3)
Pirates: Tie: Jack Wilson, Joe Randa (3)
Rangers: Hank Blalock (7) (Wins the award for most popular choice. Hit .263 last year, .274 career average coming into this season.)
Red Sox: Jason Varitek (3)
Reds: Ken Griffey (4)
Rockies: Matt Holliday (4)
Royals: Emil Brown (4)
Tigers: Ivan Rodriguez (3)
Twins: Tie: Shannon Stewart, Joe Mauer (3)
White Sox: Tadahito Iguchi (4)
Yankees: Robinson Cano (4)

Oops, bad picks
Two people were dumb enough to pick Tigers’ first baseman Chris Shelton (.471). (Raises hand). Fortunately, nobody picked Orioles’ catcher Ramon Hernandez. More proof I didn’t rig this game in my favor: I also had Casey Blake, currently 7th in the majors (.419)

Yet to plays
The standings may be a little off because some players are injured but are expected to return by May. An average of .000 or a non-existent average counts as 280 points, so those at the bottom of the pack are a handful of at-bats from coming back.

Current standings
I hastily zipped through the batting averages of all 166 players chosen by the 11 of us, and this seems to be the preliminary results. Stats should be accurate (loosely speaking) at the end of Sunday, April 17’s games. Keep in mind a low score is better:

1. M.D. Sandwasher — 1311 (Two players within 5 points of .280, worst player is Cliff Floyd’s .182, worth 98)
2. Dan McGowan — 1345 (Three players within 6 points)
3. David R. Mark — 1515 (Three players within 6 points, but two players at least 117 points off)
4. Zach Baker — 1721 (Three players within 6 points, but three players at least 140 points off)
5. Sal Marinello — 1810 (Four players within 6 points, but Mike Cameron’s injured and has yet to play, giving him a default 280 score)
6. Chris Beaumont — 1911 (Six players within 6 points, but one player yet to at-bat [Oscar Robles] and one man 0-for-9 [Edgardo Alfonzo])
7. Adam Hoff — 1925 (Closest to .280 is Jason Varitek’s .270, six players at least 118 points off)
8. Will Leitch — 1941 (Three players within 3 points, but Nomar Garciaparra and Rocco Baldelli are not yet back from injury)
9. DJRadiohead — 1988 (Four players within 5 points, but Cesar Izturis is injured, and Stephen Drew and Andy Marte have yet to be called up.)
10. Tan the Man — 2012 (Three players within 5 points, but six players at least 113 points off, including Nomar Garciaparra, who’s injured, and Chris Shelton, who’s awesome)
11. Matt Sussman — 2163 (Four players within 7 points, but has Chris Shelton as well as Julio Lugo who went 2-for-2 before going on the DL. That’s 720 points away from .280)

As the season progresses, all of these numbers will go down as the league average stabilizes closer to .270. So don’t fret, you handsome last place guy.

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  • It’s odd how the two people who picked Chris Shelton are at the bottom of the standings…

    BTW, man does he rock…