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Eagles Make An Embarrassingly Bad Choice For Courage Award

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The Ed Block Courage Award “symbolizes professionalism, great strength and dedication.” The winner of the award is a “community role model.” Michael Vick, who was sent to jail for participating in dog fighting, got out of jail in February 2009. There was chaos and some protests when the Philadelphia Eagles signed him. Now, he receives the Ed Block Courage award.

Are you kidding me?

The award is supposed to go to someone who is an inspiration. Michael Vick is not an inspiration. Michael Vick shouldn't even be in the NFL.

But alas, Michael Vick's teammates voted that he should receive the award.

The Pittsburgh Steelers gave it to Aaron Smith, whose son, Elijah, has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He deserves this award. The Cleveland Browns awarded it to Mike Furrey, who helps out at the Cleveland Foodbank, Cleveland Christian Home, and Cleveland Clinic Rehab Hospital. He deserves this award. But Michael Vick? What has he done? Are we awarding the fact that he got a second chance and had the “courage” to come back to playing football? Oh, yeah, that's the same thing as what the other 31 men who received the award did.

It's one thing to argue that Michael Vick should be allowed back into the NFL. It could go either way and it seems like every one has their own opinion on it. I am not a member of PETA, but I do side with them. There are just some things that players do that should forbid them to play in the NFL. Dog fighting is one of them. But I think everyone can agree that Vick does not have good character. It makes it seem like he is a good role model, which he isn't. If I had kids, there would be no way that my children would be anywhere near a Michael Vick jersey.

I'm a lifelong Steelers fan. My father went to college in Pittsburgh, so the Steelers were always encouraged in my house. If Troy Polamalu participated in dog fighting, I'd never want him to win an award for courage or even to play in the NFL again. That's just ridiculous.

The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge mistake by giving this to Michael Vick. This award has become a total joke. It's an embarrassment, really.

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  • He could plead no-contest under most plea agreements. He didnt need to talk with PETA, do publuic service, or any of that. The fact that he did shows that he atones, which takes courage.

  • Baronius

    He didn’t choose to be honest. He made a plea bargain to avoid additional charges, with three co-defendants prepared to testify against him.

  • That is irrelevant. He had a choice in pleading guilty or not. He had a choice in talking about it, working with peta, and the like. He chose to be honest and open, which takes a crap-ton of courage

  • Baronius

    Vick admitted what he did – by pleading guilty in front of a judge. That’s not courage. But I can’t say I have any less respect for the Eagles after hearing about this, because I’ve never respected them at all. They’ve always been a dirty team, and their fans like it that way.

  • Vick deserved to win this award. He showed courage to come back out, admit what he had done, and face the fire of people like yourself. The award is for bravery and dedication, not for being a good human.

    If you meet the qualifications, you should win, end of story.

  • Lil

    Michael Vick should not have gotten this award. I don’t watch football – I’m an animal lover & have many pets. This man is a disgrace to all humanity.

  • Sandra

    Way to go, Maddy! I agree 100% – great article!

  • kat

    This is the ultimate disgrace. What a bunch of uneducated bohemoths. That includes you, ha. Dumbass. Someone should have a video of what he did and play it when he gets this award.

  • ha

    I should of known this was written by a teenage girl Pittsburgh fan. get over it. yuk.

  • Another odd pick: Shawne Merriman for the Chargers, former steroid user.

    The vote was unanimous and merely within the ranks of his teammates. I know we don’t want to laud Vick for doing nothing more than coming back to the NFL, signing with a team, and playing in a few sets per game.

    I hope the Eagles are able to better explain exactly what it is he did, other than: “Until you’ve been with him for the hours that his teammates have been with him and seen him through all these different things that he’s had to go through, that time-tested part of it, you can’t appreciate it. I don’t expect everybody to understand it.”