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E3 2006: Sony Manipulates Audience During Press Conference

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Sony never needs to worry about development costs. They let other companies do their work for them. After last nights E3 press conference, the Internet lit up with heavy and harsh criticism for video gamings leading seller, and all of that still isn’t enough to give them what they deserve.

A Nintendo representative was famously quoted after last years E3 that they didn’t reveal the controller for their upcoming console because other companies would steal it. Lo and behold, they were right. After what was already an under whelming showing, PlayStation developer Ken Kutaragi pulled a standard Dual Shock controller from his breast pocket to a silent audience of journalists. When the controller was put to use, we learned it had motion sensors.

Not really motion sensors though. What’s inside is a tilt sensor. Phil Harrison, president of Sony Worldwide, proudly boasted about how innovative this controller would be during a sloppy, obviously almost impossible to control demo of Warhawk. No one in the audience believed a word of this, and the lack of any real cheering proved it.

It’s stunning enough that he had the audacity to claim innovation, but the controller doesn’t even offer as much as Nintendo’s upcoming Wii. The PS3’s Dual Shock only senses tilting, not actual movement that could move a character in and out of the screen. A press release later stated the controller wouldn’t feature any vibration features either, something they failed to mention during the conference.

Adding to a list of things they must have “forgotten” about, it seems like a pretty important detail when the lower priced $499 model won’t have HDMI support, Wi-Fi, or a slot for memory sticks. They indicated the price difference would be because of the hard drives, a fine way to try and slip by important facts to the press who may not read the rundown on paper.

Even without the lies though, the press event was abysmal. Other than the expected numbers (which of course use numbers shipped, not sold), a pointless video that ran for a few minutes showed gamers around the world discussing their PlayStation experiences. All they seemed to care about was the graphics, and the pathetic attempts to build up the brand name failed miserably.

Sticking with the numbers, a Gran Turismo HD demo went on for ages. Showing the Grand Canyon stage would have been enough to get the point across, but Sony felt it was necessary to keep going to tell everyone the numbers. 1080p video was heavily pushed, a feature that, again, you’ll only get in the higher priced model since it’s the only one with the proper video port.

One success was the Eye of Judgment demo, a radical new use for the Eye Toy, and a promising concept. The response to playing cards put in front of the camera was amazing to watch, and (for the sake of not avoiding the cliché) the possibilities are endless. This is more of what they should have shown.

Instead, they gave us an extended showing of SingStar, a previous European hit that will offer a “shop” when it makes it onto the PS3. For more wasted time, they explain features Microsoft had in place at the launch of the Xbox 360, including the sale of cards at retailers that can be used to purchase shop items.

In what would seem like a blatantly stupid move, they’ll be allowing people to send videos of themselves singing thanks to the EyeToy to their friends or others. How long before someone starts spreading home made porn around PlayStation land to minors? The repercussions to the industry could be devastating without strict control measures, and even then, they promised video chatting.

As if the blatant copying wasn’t enough, most of the games were disappointing too. That’s not to say everything looked bad. Resistance, a FPS set in an alternate 1950s, really raised the bar. Metal Gear Solid 4 was of course unforgettable, Hot Shots Golf was a pleasant surprise, and Gran Turismo had some highlights, aside from the fact that it wasn’t actually being played.

The rest of lineup was a total wash. Why they chose to highlight a sequel to the low-rated Genji is bad enough, but when the player couldn’t see the boss for nearly a minute because the camera wouldn’t move properly, that’s not the way to debut a new system. Most trailers were nothing more than pre-rendered CG with little if any game play. The attempt at passing off Eight Days as game play was hilarious, with the cheap HUD disappearing at will, impossible to control camera angles, and the always important flashy graphics being the highlight.

Eventually, Sony will get bitten. They’ve had one single innovation since they entered this industry, and that’s the EyeToy. Everything else has been a take off of a rival company, and it’s getting to the point where even the mainstream will figure it out. This press conference proved how far they’re willing to go to copy their competitors. Sony isn’t innovative as Phil Harrison claims. They’re thieves, and cocky ones at that.

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  • Facket

    FUCK YOU ALL STOP MAKING FUCKING COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xbox Live is free… sorta. If you actually want to play online, then you need a sub, which runs $50 a year, though you can get monthly packs too. Otherwise, everyone has a silver account, which means you can voice chat, download demos, games, trailers, etc. Basically, the only thing you can’t do is play over Live, but you get access to everything else.

    As for the genres, the 360 has most covered, though it’s dominated these days by various kinds of shooters. You can check our MS section here on BC Gaming to see pretty much every game for the system aside from a few sports games:


    As for a console revision, yeah, it will probably happen. When? Who knows. What will it feature? Who knows. Will we even know when they’re released? Probably not. Most companies won’t boast about hardware revisions unless the console itself has changed dramtically. I don’t see THAT happening for a while, probably near the end of the life of the console.

  • Casual Gamer

    OK a few questions matt:
    what genres do Xbox 360 have?
    is the Xbox Live free or you gotta pay a price?
    supposedly they are gonna make a new system that is silent, more efficient, and a cheaper price, is this true?

  • Casual: I can’t imagine spending that much on a PC for gaming when you can get a 360 for only $400. With Live, you’ll get everything you need. Downloadable free demos, voice chat regardless of what your friend is doing, killer interface, bonus content, unified online, massive friends list features, spectacular Xbox.com stuff eprfectly intergrated into the console, Live Arcade, Live Arcade, Live Arcade, and some incredible titles outside of the Arcade (did I mention the Live Arcade?).

    However, you also need to consider what types of games you enjoy and if the 360 offers them. There are obviously genres that will be hard to find, and if those end up on another console or PC, then that’s where you should go.

  • Nintendo has the most to gain from the PS3 price. If they can hit $200, there’s no question they’ll be top in this gen. At $250, it’s a little harder sell. How do you convince people who don’t play video games that they need a game system?

    Their stance is “people see a DVD remote and can pick it up.” I see it as “people see a video game system and they don’t think they need one.” How do you convince soccer moms to plop $250 down for a game system? That’s an answer I’ve been wanting for a while. You can’t really use the success of the DS as an indicator either given the difference in price.

    Their marketing will be incredibly crucial and the key as to whether or not they suceed. Until then, it’s still too early to call anything. They’re the biggest wild card out there, and their tech is by far their best assest. The name though… well, that’s another topic all together. Again, it’s all about marketing. Convincing non-gaming people to buy a video game system has to be a brutal job. That’s why I look at them as the wild card.

    Finally Nintendo and Sony haven’t made the same amount of money on their portables. That comes down to hardware cost, and I’d be willing to bet Nintendo makes more per console as far as profit goes, if Sony makes anything at all.

  • Casual Gamer

    can’t wait till February, gonna buy both the Wii and 360. (still deciding over 360 or PC though)

    and if someone can help me to choose one. between 360 and PC. I’m gonna play games on it plz remember that. I dont give a shit about O/S, internet, downloads, music. A good 1400 dollar comp does that for me.
    (PC price that I was thinking is in the 2500 dollar range)

    o and i hope i didnt drop a bomb on anybody buy saying ill buy a 360. I love the Wii, but still there are some games that saw on IGN exclusive for the 360 and it made my blood go crazy. and i read an article that stated that if microsoft some how figures to make a keyboard/mouse avaliable in future for the 360, RTS genre games can finally kick in for consoles(big fan of AOE series).

  • Casual Gamer

    “As long as you somewhat understand the concept… System loyalty is stupid, period. If all you want to play are Nintendo consoles, go right ahead. You’re only cheating yourself by being a blatant fanboy.”

    As true as that maybe no one will ever look that way. Fanboyism is everywhere. Movies(fans of famous stars), sports(sport stars), games(fanboy), the list goes on. You just have accept it.

  • Casual Gamer

    Ok to sum up what I ment up there….
    We will use simplicity for those who dont get math. read the entire thing over before you get any ideas!!!!

    100 people represent those who will buy consoles

    80 people bought the Wii, out of 100

    -about 57 people bought the 360 out of the same 100.

    -about 43 people out of that 100 bought the PS3

    Which means about only 20 people will only own one console. PS3 or Xbox 360.

    Now in math.
    -57% bought the 360 and the Wii
    -43% bought the PS3 and the Wii
    -20% bought only the 360 or the Wii.

    O also one fact that I just figured out. its just a fact…you can use it however you want.

    The DS sold 2:1 to PSP, however… the PSP costs 2x more. So Sony and Nintendo pretty much made the same amount of money buy selling their portables.

  • Casual Gamer

    In a sense yes. Loyalty is what feeds the 3 corps in the gaming world. It works sameway for some people with ATI and Nvidia. They will pick one and say its better when they pretty much offer the same thing.

    But im still gonna say that by 2008 Nintendo will probably be in #1 market share. That doesnt mean that those consumers won’t buy a PS3 or Xbox 360, because Nintendo has been telling people so many times that it isnt competing with MS, or Sony but only to give something different to complement any of the systems. MS and Sony also repeated the same thing. They also say The Nintendo Wii will complement their console.

    So….with these facts if you try to look ahead, it all works out to most people buying both the 360 and the Wii. It might not be the same thing for the PS3 but I have heard a lot of people over the net saying that they are gonna buy the Wii first, and then wait for the PS3 price to drop a bit and then buy that.

    You have to admit, 250 for a console is a bargain now a days. Also, Nintendo in my opinion has never failed to show the brilliance of a good innovation.

    Now I was gonna buy a PC for my AOE3 but now I’m pretty sure Im not gonna waste 2000-2500 bucks. Most likely I will buy the 360 when the Wii is coming out(Get the goods on both sides).

    O and also for all those people who thinks that MS, Sony, and Nintendo, do their best to try please the gamers, that is totally false. About 1/3 of the people who bought the PS2 werent even gamers. They were average people who bought to play it when once in awhile. If they made it for gamers pleasure only then the Console corps would be like Alienware gaming comps. I don’t think the average customer at Best Buy ever realized that AMD Athlons can go higher than 4000+. I don’t even think the average person with a comp even knows what the FX-60 is. This is why aiming at just gamers doesnt cut it. I think MS kinda forgot that, cause if you ever try to buy one of their value packages, it always seems to hit me hard on my gamer side. When my sis sees it, I know she wants to call me a freakin gaming nerd. Trust me, if any company can hit the masses and not just gamers their sales would be higher than any company who makes gaming rigs for profit.

  • *Sigh*

    Is Gamefaqs this bad?

    You’re asking to be banned when I perfectly explained to you what you needed to stop doing. I didn’t say I wanted you banned. I said stop the name calling.

    I’m not seeing any Nintendo bashing here. The DS has been called the best system on the market and the Virtual Boy was praised. About the only negative thing I’ve said was that the Gamecube finished third, which is truth.

    You can say they’ve been in the buisness for 20 years, but that doesn’t mean anything. Numerous other companies have been making games longer. SNK is still pushing hardware, and they hit around the early 90s, plus released the longest lasting home console ever made. Does that make them the best? No, of course not. Where do you even come up with this stuff?

    You can never prove Nintendo is the “best,” which is what you seem to be trying to prove. As soon as someone says something negative about Nintendo, you immediately throw a stat or pointless link out there to “make your point.”

    If we sat here and bashed MS or Sony, you wouldn’t be here. You refuse to acknowledge anything positive those two companies have done for this industry, and it’s ridiculous. If you truly enjoy gaming, then you can support anything that makes the industry what it is. Obviously, you don’t.

    “Xbox and PS3 rule. I guess now I am a hardcore gamer.”

    As long as you somewhat understand the concept… System loyalty is stupid, period. If all you want to play are Nintendo consoles, go right ahead. You’re only cheating yourself by being a blatant fanboy.

  • Hey Game Slut – valid points? not so much. You are just asking to be banned, so you can go cry and say that Blogcritics could not handle your opinion, or some crap like that.

    Do you really think our comments editor reads all your posts? If you do, then we have a problem.

    And when was Matt criticizing illiteracy? He pointed out that it was spelled wrong. Thats it.

    Maybe you haven’t figured this out yet, so let me spell it out for you. When you make obviously false statements like that (Final Fantasy, criticizing illiteracy) no one is going to listen to anything you have to say, even if you do have a valid point.

    Furthermore, I am willing to bet that Jack Steel is not illiterate. Again, no one will listen to you when you make false acusations. Ever.

  • Game Slut

    Your right Matt, your always right. That’s not how you spell Final Fantasy (Phantasy). But it’s not nice of you to criticize illiteracy, at least he’s trying. Why would I challenge Nintendo based praise, there is enough Nintendo bashing here, and I’m the only one with enough balls to stand up to all the cyber-bullies (cowards). Fine I’ll make everyone happy. Xbox and PS3 rule. I guess now I am a hardcore gamer.
    Still hoping you have me banned, Matt, how come I wasn’t. I’ll tell you why, because the comment editor can see that there are much worse people here, and he can see that I am making valid points.
    Sure I admit Sony and microsoft sales may be better right now. But if you want proof Nintendo is best, how about over 20 years in the video game business. How many other consoles can make that claim. If they were crap, they’d be gone a long time ago. They are experienced in making games, and microsoft is experienced in making computers, would you buy a computer made by Nintendo. No.
    I’m sorry Matt I don’t know what came over me, please, please don’t have me banned, that would be a terrible loss. I’ll do anything you want, I’ll agree with everything you say.

  • Casual Gamer

    Wow, Matt you are right…We have been going of topic…

  • There was on Genesis Speed Racer, at least not in the US. The only Speed Racer game we got was on the PS1.

    And it’s Final Fantasy, not Phantasy. You’re spelling it like Phantasy Star.

  • Oh and did the genesis version of speed racer ever come out and if so was the name of the title. i cant find that one anywhere.

  • yeah i know but as i got older most of the good games like xeno gears, final phantasy 3(part 6 in japan) was nowhere to be found.

  • It’s possible to own all those consoles and games without emulation too.

  • Oh and i’m not looking for any friends. That’s what my crew here in baltimore is for. [Edited]

  • It is sad that people has to 2 people just to a die hard fanboy. But if you take a look #86 it clearly shows that i was gonna get a 360 because of the price of Ps3 and the fact i currently am a XBOXLIVE subscriber and it would only make sence for people like myself to get a Xbox 360 or anyone else that’s a subscriber to get one. Oh and before you mention that there’s no way that a person could have all the consoles with all the games. Well I may not have all the console physically but on my comuter i have the important ones with all the games. Through the joys of emulation that list consists of gameboy/advance (all the games), nes/snes (all the games), sega gamegear/mastersystem/genesis/cd/32x/saturn (all the games except for the saturn just getting started) psx or playstation (castlevania kicks ass i may add), N64(all the games even Sin And Punishment), NeoGeo(YES neogeo with all of its games running perfectly. ALL THE GAMES). Of course i dont’t have time to play all the games but i do play alot of them when i feel like going back down memory lane. I physically own gamecube, ps1 and 2, xbox and now a PROUD owner of a 360. So its posible

  • GameSlut, you’d never be banned because of your opinion. You’d be banned because of childish personal attacks. Responding to people like Schizo is only going to keep the stupidity flowing. I’m sick of waiting up to 15 comment notifiers that have nothing but “hahaha what a nintendo dork!! go play ur mario now little kid!! you have no gf and a life, ur a geek ur just waiting for some1 to talk to.”

    It’s funy that you never once tried to challenge anyhting posititve I had to say about Nintendo, but as soon as I try to praise Microsoft, you immediately try and shoot me down. It’s funny too, because I praised the Virtual Boy of all things, and then you try to say all I care about are sales. You wouldn’t dare try to point out flaws in anyone’s Nintendo-based praise, would you?

    And why shouldn’t we admit that Sony gained the #1 slot and MS is sitting at number 2? It’s truth, whether or not you want to admit it. Nintendo still makes a profit, but that doesn’t change the sales numbers. Just because MS is #2 doesn’t make them better than Nintendo, and just because Nintendo is trying something new doesn’t make them better either.

    You absolutely refuse to admit anything positive about any other hardware. That’s the problem we’re having here. MS has released a superb console in the 360. The PS2 is home to the widest variety of games available. You would come in, send me a link that has quotes taken out of context, and try and prove Nintendo is better. Why are you wasting your time? You could post 1,000 times that Nintendo is the best, but rampant fanboyism proves nothing. You haven’t posted one thing that shows Nintendo is “the best,” because you can’t.

    It’s an opinion. Would you challenge me when I say the DS is one of the best consoles in the market? Of course not. As soon as I say the 360 is also one of the best, you try and say it sucks beacause it’s “struggling.” They have 6 million consoles in homes in as many months. They’re not struggling. It’s a massive success, but because you’re blinded by Nintendo, you absolutely will never admit that.

  • Game Slut

    What’s funny is that Jack Steel was exposed as a Third Grader, he disappears, then as soon as he thinks I’m gone for good, he jumps back in, takes a stab at me, and then goes on to be the first to restart the XBox/PS3 love fest. Sounds like a hardcore FanBoy to me. By the way Matt was calling you an idiot earlier, and now you run out and buy an XBox, to try and become his friend, you just defined the majority of XBox owners, FOLLOWERS.

    Also the comment editor informs me that some of you are using multiple identities to take me on. (blog #202)…now that’s sad. Creating false friends to look like others who back up your point. How many of you are really backing up PS and Xbox….1 maybe 2. It all makes sense now.

  • Oh and Matt, I just bought a Xbox 360 friday and the only thing i can say about it is HOLY SHIT!! This was my first time playing one EVER! Fight Night looks like look DAMN GOOD! It blow’s me away of how realistic this game look! DAMN!!Great online play, instant menu on the fly, so many online features…holy shit!! I’m wasting time telling you about it…gotta get back and play!! [Edited]

  • Now,This is funny stuff here! ” Waaaa Sob*,Sob*, they started it..Sob*, sniff, sniff. boo hoo, before i go…Sob*, sniff sniff, i just wanna say blah blah nintendo, blah blah #1! Sniff,Sob,Sniff Sniff….BOO HOO” 🙁

    Now that funny. Game Slut, Get a grip man, its not that serious, its just a web site. He’s crying like nintendo just died. Boo Hoo, now that’s funny! But on to important things…I dont care for Rts games much my self. And I’m one of those people that bought war craft 64. It was ok, not the best but ok. And to Game Slut…Boo Hoo!!…LOL!

  • Game Slut

    I’ve been on the receiving end of these sort of attacks the whole time from numerous people and there was no mention of banning their IP’s, but when your arguments fall flat to what I’ve been saying all along, you pick now to try and ban IP’s, mine, the only guy who’s been openly, challenging your rubbish. Now that’s immature. Your not winning the game, so you take your ball and go home. Well if this is just a kid’s Sony/Microsoft praise site, it should be labelled as such. Please, I invite you, have me banned, there is not one mature person here that can admit anything beyond, Playstation is #1 and Xbox is #2. If sales are all that count when it comes to quality gaming, then musically your collections must be filled with N’Snyc and Britney Spears, they had great sales too, they were even on top, that must mean it was the best of all music. Which would once again prove the maturity level here. So please, since you can’t handle the game, take your ball and go home, have me banned, it would prove so much.

    Before I’m banned,
    Casual Gamer, peace out, give ’em hell. But your really just wasting your time, no point is valid here.

    And to Schizo, read the bottom of your blog #180, I see now that you accused me of multiple personalities, because that’s what you were doing. Or will you now say that I am posting as the comment Editor.

    And finally to the comment editor, feel free to ban my IP, but if you read this blog from start to finish about half the people should be banned.
    Where were you then? This is not a plea to stay. Ban me. I’ve grown tired of dealing with the denial of facts, and the denial of fanboyism that is PS3/Xbox.

    Game Slut, over and out, you may now resume the XBox/PS3 lovefest. Bitches.

    [I’m the Comments Editor, Game Slut, and I know you are only using one identity, unlike some here. However we like to keep things loosely conversational here at Blogcritics, so as long as you focus on the isssues and not the personalities you’ll be fine. Thanks]

  • Um, we’re way off topic. The start was Sony’s press conference. We’re now on RTS games for all consoles. He didn’t make your point at all. He simply stated RTS games were more prevelant on the PC, which is completely true. They’re better suited because of the control, and always will be. How exactly does that prove your point?

    And the the original Xbox is a dumbed down PC. In Microsoft’s rush to get their first system to the market, they used off-the-shelf PC parts. There’s nothing wrong with that since the system performed admirably and gained a number 2 slot in the market.

    Also, stop with the childish name calling. You’re no less of a child than he is when you stupidly discuss wives, jobs, and princesses. It’s immature and doesn’t have anything to do with the conversation. Stop now or the comment editor will ban your IP.

  • Game Slut

    By the way, don’t even think of taking Blog #200, it’s mine.

  • Game Slut

    To Casual Gamer: Well Said.

    To Matt: Who’s got the weak arguments. We are not off topic, Casual Gamer backed up my point perfectly and you were stumped (hardly RTS games) and now your trying to change the topic. Face the facts. An Xbox is a dumbed down computer.

    And finally to schizo: Hahahaha. your a dumbass, glad to see you shut your fool mouth, and joined all the other little fanboys kiddies. This is a place where adults talk. Tell Casual Gamer that he is me again, that was funny. You know when he told you off and you dissappeared, probably to hide under your bed-covers. Sleep tight princess.

  • Turn based or not, they’re still the types of games catering to a PC market. I know some of those are turn based, but they still fit because of their PC like configs. I figured you reply like that with the list.

    Stuff like Full Spectrum Warrior, Kingdom Under Fire, and Dynasty Warriors could potentially fall into this category as well.

    The debate now has turned more or less into what PC gaming can do that the 360 can’t. RTS are perfectly possible on consoles, and those examples show that, quality games or not (been meaning to try AvP for a while). In fact, Outpost Kaloki falls into that category from the Xbox Live Arcade.

    They may not be as common or as complex, but they exist. Again, it’s defnitely a PC market. Personally, I don’t love the genre enough to spend an enourmous amount of money for a gaming PC when I can pop a disc into my 360 and go.

    And my god have we veered off topic.

  • Casual Gamer

    o and Cannon Fodder is an action strategy game. not Real Time

  • Casual Gamer

    Make sure they are all “Real-Time” strategy.
    Starcraft 64, Cannon Fodder, and Alien vs. Predator were real shitty attempts. I fell sorry for the guy who bought them.

    Ok although I haven’t played all of those or heard of some, make sure you take out the ones that don’t involve taking turns. Thats called “turn based-strategy”. RTS is “Real-time strategy”

    Secondly maybe I should be specific. When I say RTS I mean games such as Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Crusader, Rise of Nations, Red Alert 1 & 2. You get what I mean. Now try.

    Also if the game doesn’t have multi-player it pretty much is a wasted game. RTS don’t do so good for single player.

    Also Advance Wars series is turn-based.

  • Um, ok… lets think for a minute… off the top of my head:

    Command and Counquer (N64)
    Pathway to Glory (N-Gage)
    Warcraft (Saturn)
    Cannon Fodder (various, even the GBC)
    General Chaos (Genesis)
    Starcraft (N64)
    Alien vs. Predator (PS2, Xbox)
    Army Men RTS (PS2)
    Furture Tactics (PS2, Xbox)
    Kessen, Kessen III (PS2)
    Advance Wars series (GBA, DS)
    Field Commander (PSP)
    Commandos; may not be RTS, think it is (Xbox, PS2)

    I’ve missed a ton I’m sure. If you want to expand to strategy, like Sim City and such, that list would triple.

  • Casual Gamer

    I’d like to see if you can name one made for consoles.(good luck finding one)

  • It’s not like console RTS games don’t exist, but yes, the PC does them a lot better and probably always will. It’s not worth the staggering price to upgrade unless you’re a huge fan of the genre.

  • It’s not like console RTS games don’t exist, but yes, the PC does them a lot better and probably always will. It’s not worth the staggering price to upgrade unless you’re a huge fan of the genre.

  • Casual Gamer

    “Really? Your PC can play Geometry Wars and countless other independent games exclusive to the 360? Incredible! Your PC has a fully unified online system? Incredible! Your PC can play games without needing to worry about graphics cards and settings? Incredible!

    Seriously, weak, weak argument. I buy a PC to do day-to-day stuff. Keeping up with PC tech is a challenge, and to say it costs the same is a joke. Play a 360 a bit, more than a demo at a kiosk, and get back to me. It’s a superb console, with amazing support from MS.”

    Ok, I just found an arguement statement for that. PC also has a huge ass collection exculsive to the PC. The entire RTS genre, games such Crusader, Age of Empires Series. You will never find them on Xbox 360, because no matter how compatible the system maybe the controlling mechanism would make it a pathetic attempt. From my view only the Wii has that pointing mechanism of a mouse, so it might be possible for the RTS genre to jump on the Wii. You will never see that happen on the 360, or PS3.

    Also nobody comment on why I have so much messages. I’m just really bored today.

  • Casual Gamer

    “game slut and casual gamer both used the wonder-BOY with a slash so basically they are the same person! hahaha you have the time in the world for all of these?.. you are a rabid fanboy i guess, you sleep in a mario pajama dont you? btw PS3 will rule the universe! (just my thought, heheheh)”

    if he is wearing mario pants cause according to you he a nintendo fan boy, then you probably wear sony tv parts as pajamas.

    And I do appreciate what Sony and Microsoft are doing. I like fun, but power I don’t mind. Im getting a 2,500 dollar custom gaming computer. I just hopy you Sony fans realize that Sony isn’t a company that is focused on gaming only, and same goes for Microsoft. This is why they don’t think as long as Nintendo when it comes to innovation. They try to what they do best at. Follow a road that leads straight, rather than trying to jump to a new highway every once in a while. I just hope you guys know…

    secondly microsoft can innovate, they would put that thought into the software business, because that’s where they serve best(Just look at Xbox Live).

    Lastly, I think I said this before, but Sony is best when it comes to providing people a way to see Hollywood at it’s best(Blu-ray, extreme HD system, etc.)

    Plus if you guys seen the quality of Sony TVs you would see what I mean.

    Nintendo only has one business. Consoles and games. They can focus more easily on that subject, then Microsoft or Sony. This is why over the years Nintendo has been able to introduce so many things into the gaming world.

  • Casual Gamer

    also, i do agree that mario games are a bit boring to play sometimes(sunshine was so shitty).
    Games dont have to have blood, and intestines popping out to make it fun and enjoyable. Just like the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. A good game with no blood. Also Super Smash Bros. Melee, one of the best party games. Again no blood.

  • Casual Gamer

    who the F*#K just said I’m Game Slut??? Man that was low man, low….

    o yea it was that guy named siczho or wateva. Man, if you got imagination enough to think that Game Slut and me are one person then most likely you probably tried doing that before…low man…lowww

  • schizo

    hahahahah! ur freaking me out little man. ur lonely are you? im 23 and yes i still enjoy cartoons and anime! how bout you little man? dont tell me ur hardcore when its obvious your a little mario.. well gud luck with ur lonely life little man! and talking to ur self in a mirror! lol,

  • Game Slut

    Thanks for your concern, now run along, saturday morning cartoons are starting.

  • schizo

    can you read i said just my thought! your the one whos 7, cause your so immature and so defensive! killing yourself for nintendo now thats so immature!! i mean its afternoon! go see a shrink you might need it!

  • schizo

    gameslut im from asia and its morning here! now you should be the one in bed! your spending all your life in a computer im concerned about you little man

  • Game Slut

    “will rule the universe”????
    That sentence means you must be at least 7. Wow, you a big boy.

  • Game Slut

    I told you Casual Gamer.

    Schizo, you weren’t worth a response, you just repeated what Matt said. Very original. Shouldn’t you be in bed???

  • schizo

    game slut and casual gamer both used the wonder-BOY with a slash so basically they are the same person! hahaha you have the time in the world for all of these?.. you are a rabid fanboy i guess, you sleep in a mario pajama dont you? btw PS3 will rule the universe! (just my thought, heheheh)

  • schizo

    wow isnt it ironic once casual gamer posted immediately game slut posted. wow they must be the same person! amazing! defending himself because everybody is against him! by the way we all see the similarities so quit it. get a life

    [I don’t know about ironic but I can assure you Game Slut is only using one name, unlike yourself… Comments Editor]

  • Game Slut

    Thank you very, very much Casual Gamer, finally someone with brains and facts. Unlike the rest of these infants. That was my point from the beginning. Sure Sony and Xbox may be ahead of Nintendo, but that’s temporary. Every champion must face challenges. Sony and Xbox are all about the money and who’s in first, where-as, nintendo has always been about the games and the gaming experience. Sony and Xbox, want to add things to their systems in order to sell you tons of extras, DVD’s, UMD’s, online subsriptions, Blue-Ray, HDtv’s, anything to increase sales and make it look good. Nintendo is out to sell you fun. These people are being milked and they lash out at people who make wiser decisions when it comes to gaming. I guess buying overpriced junk can make you bitter.
    But let me warn you Casual Gamer, you just placed the target on your back that I wore proudly (you don’t really have to worry, these guys are a joke). First the pre-teen fanboys insult you, and your life, and tell you to get laid and call you a fanboy, and repeat your insults back, like they thought of them. Then Gosset will let you know he’s prejudice against Japanese or anything un-american. Jack Steel will accuse you of being me. Next Matt Paprocki the gaming hippie with no real opinion (peace and love for all systems) will tell you you have no facts, and when facts are presented, he’ll say that you twisted the facts around.
    Let’s get real now people, how many systems has Nintendo put under, and how many other companies have put them under, none. They obviously know what they are doing and these other consoles follow, but pretend to lead. Xbox and PS may be enhancing the experience (better graphics, more memory…etc.) but Nintendo is Advancing the experience. And how the hell can anyone who says they have all the systems say that they are a hardcore gamer and they appreciate all games. There is no way you can try out all the good games released for each system, spend enough time to build a real opinion of each game, and then turn around and spend time on the computer, or go to work or run a life, there is just not enough hours in a day. Hardcore gamers, I think not, more like hardcore posers.

  • Casual Gamer

    Guys plz stop acting like 8th graders. You guys are all saying that your mature adults, with jobs, and are able to handle mature content games. But you guys act like 8th graders! Atleast back your facts up when you decide to insult someone.

    “#177 schizo: Game slut what a nerd. a rabid fanboy u r! go play other games stop stickin with ur nintendo games. lol. this just keeps getting better”

    You are calling him a rabid fanboy??? See if these comments seem as if the person is in a state of calm mind.

    “Holy shit! its just amazing that Game Slut has this much free time. I havent been on the computer in 2 days and then when I do get on This fool game slut managed to write comments damn near every hour since Friday! Who’s the real computer GEEK!”

    “game slut ur so stupid u mean im using a pc on a trailer? what a dumb ass!!hahahah yes i see you have an imaginary wife!!! did terence and philip farted in ur face or something!!! im going now to attend to my so called life!! while you, u keep doing ur imginary life thing!! looking for friends!! looking for some1 to talk to!! owwww!! poor smuck!! while you camp in here and look for friends !!hahahahahah”

    “hahaha what a nintendo dork!! go play ur mario now little kid!! you have no gf and a life, ur a geek ur just waiting for some1 to talk to eagerly waiting for matt to response!! hahahahah what a moron!! the good news is i got a full set of teeth the bad news is your too young for a set of teeth!! get a life moron!! whos with you but no1!!? only u!! hahah poor bastard with no friends!!? no one to talk 2, i pitty you, im pretty sure you will use a different name again an try to say hey game slut ur right!! what a loser!! LOL”

    This is to name just a few. The fact is none of you are going to admit the other as right. If you would admit you would have. Also, “wonder-boy” stop calling your-self a mature grown up man with a gf. You named yourself “wonder-BOY”. To me it looks like a title nintendo would give. Your kinda being a hypocrit to your own ideas in that sense. If your a mature person you wouldve given yourself a better title(not to mention you would stop insulting so lowly). Also just so you know each console is there to offer something else. Xbox provideds the best of the internet. PS3 is the best multi-media center for your Home theater. The Nintendo Wii is a new gaming idea created to change gaming. Based on my OPINION, I think the next-gen will probably see motion-sensing technology from all the companies, not just Nintendo. You know if you think about it, if Nintendo did follow the path of Sega, then by the year 2020, consoles would literally become a copy of a gaming pc. Nothing new, just an upgrade of hardware every gen. Atleast one competator is making new ideas. Whether Nintendo sells the biggest or not they better live a few generation more with Microsoft and Sony so that they also realize the power of innovation in business.

    Lastly, I believe Nintendo Wii will sell the most because according to a recent article, both Sony, and Microsoft are recommending the Wii along with their console. Nintendo is advertising their console, while being promoted by 2 others. In terms of business, it can’t get any better than your competitors complementing your product. Also according to a poll at IGN about 70% said they will get the Wii (now that doesn’t mean they won’t buy any other console.) 25% said PS3 only, and the rest said Xbox 360 only.

    This was what the Japanese thought from the magazine Famitsu:

    The latest issue of Famitsu – possibly Japan’s most popular gaming magazine – includes poll results from questions regarding E3 2006, the Japanese public’s most anticipated games shown at E3, and predictions of which company will “win” the next phase in the “console wars”.

    And apparently that company is Nintendo, as almost 70% of readers claimed that they were most anticipating the Wii, with 21% voting for the PlayStation 3 and the rest voting for consoles already released, including the 360.

    Regarding the PlayStation 3’s price tag, which everyone seems to be questioning lately, 88.4% of readers complained that Sony’s next system is way over-priced, while 10% thought it “about right”.

    also this is a more detailed poll that was asked at E3: nintendorevolution.ca

  • schizo

    Game slut what a nerd. a rabid fanboy u r! go play other games stop stickin with ur nintendo games. lol. this just keeps getting better

  • Game Slut

    Keep your receipt.

  • It’s not hard to be right when you’re up against a rabid fanboy who tries to create facts (or take things out of context) to suit his own thoughts. Rabidly standing behind one company is dumb, which would be the equivalent of me saying the 360 is a perfect gaming machine. If you want to follow some ridiculous “loyalty,” go ahead and miss out on some incredible games. It’s your choice.

    I’ll be loving my 360 and the Wii right next to it, and whenever I decide to take out a loan, a PS3 too.

  • Game Slut

    Your right Matt, your always right. And thank you for your kind words about my PC.

  • Really? Your PC can play Geometry Wars and countless other independent games exclusive to the 360? Incredible! Your PC has a fully unified online system? Incredible! Your PC can play games without needing to worry about graphics cards and settings? Incredible!

    Seriously, weak, weak argument. I buy a PC to do day-to-day stuff. Keeping up with PC tech is a challenge, and to say it costs the same is a joke. Play a 360 a bit, more than a demo at a kiosk, and get back to me. It’s a superb console, with amazing support from MS.

  • Game Slut

    Wow an Xbox 360 can do all that? but you know what can do all that and more, my computer, and that only cost about the same price as the 360 and the required extras. Food for thought.

  • You gave me no proof, and I responded as such. There’s nothing left to say.

    Microsoft lack of sales in Japan has nothing to with quality. It has multiple reasons, starting with console size, the amount of American-tailored games, and the Japanese rejection to anything from outside their country.

    The difference from the 360 to the Xbox is obvious to anyone that has one. Xbox Live Arcade is the start, bringing indie developers into the mix and some incredible games. Live itself, gamercards, voice chat anytime, downloadable demos, etc, all add up to a great gaming experience. Of course, original IPs like Condemmed make a huge difference too. That’s not to say there’s a lot of junk out there, but that system has been worth every penny I paid at launch as of right now.

    And if you’re going to ask yourself what the upgrades are from one console to the next, you might want to think about what the Gamecube brought with it from the N64. Nothing in terms of games. They’r finally breaking away from that, and here’s hoping it works.

  • Game Slut

    I know I’ll be waiting a while, Matt asked for proof and he got it, now he’s had nothing to say since. I’ll bet he looks like a deer caught in headlights, speechless.

    Jack Steel you just proved your the third grader. I call you a third grader and your response was “YOUR a third grader” Pretty original, did you think that up yourself.

    Gamecube came in last because Bill Gates’ lackeys, such as yourself, are dedicated to bending the truth, to make CrapBox, look better.
    Oh Japan doesn’t count. Get with it we are in a worldwide market. Japan leads the world in technology. Now ask yourself, why can’t Xbox make it there. They just can’t cut it. Because it’s low tech dressed up. Does Sony say that Japan doesn’t matter, No.
    Tell me what is the big difference between Xbox and Xbox 360. Very little. That sounds really innovative.

  • schizo

    gameslut what a nerd

  • No game slut YOU ARE A THIRD GRADER. You sit there and try to pull up articles to go with you invalid points to bash Ps2/Ps3 or Xbox/360. What you NEED to ask yo self is why nintendo gamecube came in last place. Why dose companies like EA have to put marshmallow charcters in the thier sports games to sell copies for the gamecube. Hey and if you want to know what a retard third grader sound like just read BLOG #87.

  • I have a feeling, Game Slut, that you will be waiting for a while!

  • Game Slut

    No argument there matt, but I’m still waiting for you to admit that I have, and had, some valid points.

  • Game Slut

    Did I ever say UMD games? And there’s your proof that Sony is filled with meaningless hype and gimmicks. One second…………..sorry I just had to wipe up the piss puddle I made laughing hysterically at the clever jab you took at me. No come back to that. You insult people about as well as a third grader, next you’ll tell everyone I eat boogers, right.

  • Watch the furor this causes:

    The Virtual Boy had some amazing games. Wario Land it worth the console alone. Mario Tennis rocks, Galatic Pinball is one of the best pinball games ever made, the Bomberman Puzzle title is classic, and Vertical Force offered decent action.

    Everything else, well, never mind.

  • i never said Ps3 had first, I said Ps2 had 1st. Xbox came in Second. Its nice that you came up with a link thats talking about UMD MOVIES not the Games. The thing is like i said before, you give out misleading imformation. Oh and just when you thought nintendo Wii was amizing already, NIntendo announced today as a new feature with the joystick, you point the Wii controller in the mirror at yourself , and with magic words “Mecca Mecca Hiney Mecca Hiney HO!” you’ll vanish to a far away island with a bunch of Nitendorks and play Virtua boy for ever!!

  • Game Slut

    Newsflash: The PS3 is about to get even better, just when you thought PS3 had it all, Sony announces that they will be adding on even more functionality. If you turn your PS3 on it’s side, and open the disc tray, you can slice your favorite meat. You can play games, movies, pictures, play online AND make a sandwich. But since the PS3 does so much, don’t expect it to do any one of these things well.

  • Game Slut

    Check again, all the major companies are dropping UMD’s, now who’s mis-informed. And here’s a cdfreaks.comlink for you. Get yourself informed before you speak and there are many, many articles likes this.

    And at least I can back up my opinion, you Mitegosoft and Sorry fanboys don’t back up anything you say, you just shout PS3 and Xbox are number one and insult Nintendo, and me. Keep it coming, you don’t worry me. Who is more credible, the guy with the published articles to back him up and a REAL opinion, OR, the fools who do nothing but insult and belittle other’s valid points. I ask you, who’s the Fanboy.

  • what nintedo system are you talking about besides gameboy or the nes. you just seem like a pointless looser who like putting playstation and the xbox down because they are doing better at what nintendo is doing. nintendo hasnt grown up yet. you try to dig up pointless information, misleading information just to have some little kid agree with you on the forums. I can just imagine you now sitting at home with your little tight ass 1986 “nintendo rocks” t-shirt on, sitting on your princess peach bed spread watching old episodes of the super mario show ,eating a huge bowl of “Kelloggs Koopa Krunchy Flakes” ,while waiting for your issue of nintendo power to come in the mail. Looser fanboy it,s the year 2006, Playstation 2 and Xbox are leadind the pack. Nintendo can come up with great gimmick ideas(the Wii controller).Oh and the last time i checked the PSP UMD’s was sell extreamly well.

  • Game Slut

    Learn to read, I never said Gamecube. Gimmicks die faster? Of course, a perfect example is the PSP UMD’s. And first you say I’m on here too much and now you want to enter a whole new debate with me. Your not worth my time, you haven’t offered one valid point yet. And by the way I am a homeowner, and not one ounce of debt, you tell me if I have have a job.

  • Hey did you say running a business from your computer…oh…so..you dont have have a job. hype dies out but gimmicks die faster!! and the gamecube never had first place. if they did i need from you, like you did for matt, to post some links to prove your claim.

  • Game Slut

    Hey Jack, ever hear of running a business from your computer. Of course not. I have to frequently check my computer all the time. And I never once claimed Nintendo was currently in first, in fact, I mentioned a few times that Nintendo HAD the top spot. My whole claim is that these next gen PS2 and Xbox are destined for failure. Hype dies quickly when you slap a crazy price on it. And I’ll bet when Dreamcast came out you put all your “chao eggs in one basket”

  • Holy shit! its just amazing that Game Slut has this much free time. I havent been on the computer in 2 days and then when I do get on This fool game slut managed to write comments damn near every hour since Friday! Who’s the real computer GEEK!

    The fact still remains that Nintendo finished in a strong 3rd place! So what ever you say still dosent explain how Nintendo came in a Stong 3rd place behind Playstation 2 and Xbox. I thought they was the best thing in the world. I bet when you first heard about the gamecube comming out you probly was betting all the mushroom’s in the mushroom kindom they was gonna be #1. In the New AGE Console War, 2nd is not a winner and 3rd nobody remember!

  • thats what i thought

  • Game Slut

    Enough of you. Go drive your Ford

  • what quality? i don’t see it

  • Game Slut

    Nothing… but don’t overlook quality ’cause it’s foreign.

  • how many times are you gonna sit back and watch the japanese market get everything first at least microsoft did the opposite of sony and choose our market and the some other ones first before they sold their product over their..their not going to win in japan anyway…i say fuck em….and what the hell is wrong with showing a little love for your country

  • Game Slut

    So that’s what all this is about with you gosset. You’ll ignore great gaming, for your patriotism. Is everything about race with you?

  • matt,you are wasting your time talking to gameslut i don’t think he knows what the hell he is talking about..xbox is not struggling let these other companies kiss the japanese markets ass it’s pretty obvious they won’t support an american made product. and i don’t even think sony or ninntedo have any concerns about the american market…sure it’s bigger and less picky about the games we like, but let’s face for them the japanese will always come first..support your american made products

  • Game Slut

    Hey I didn’t say Microsoft was struggling I said Xbox, there is a major difference. And if they are going to ignore japan and focus on U.S. they are throwing away a large chunk of market that Nintendo and Sony have over Xbox (Ace in their sleeve) Banking on just the US is foolish, they will never own the market, they are only number 2, almost old news, and besides when has anyone owned the whole market. Even when Nintendo ruled supreme, there was room for Sega to make money off of Anti-Nintendites. Just like some people swear they will never buy a nintendo, so too are people who will never by an Xbox. They will NEVER own the market.

  • I’m not ignoring the Japanese market. However, they’ve done everything they could over there, and it doesn’t matter to them. They’re goal is to own the US market which is now bigger than Japan. I’m not saying Japan isn’t important, because it is.

    The thing is you’re trying to say MS is struggling, and the failure in Japan is nothing new. It didn’t faze them in previous gen when they became number 2, and I don’t see it making a difference now. They have no reason to waste millions to grab a market that doesn’t care. They’ll focus on Europe and US and do just fine in the process, like they did with the first Xbox.

    And I’m not denying they haven’t launched. It was a figure of speech.

  • Game Slut

    And once again your editing out parts. You say xbox hasn’t started in japan, but that same article says they have, and sold 100,000 machines.

  • Game Slut

    C’mon Matt, whether anyone likes it or not japan IS part of this multi-billion dollar industry, a BIG part. That’s what kills me everyone is so quick to downplay japan in order to make Xbox look more favorable. Now that’s bias. It’s the global market that counts. When we started this debate there was no mention of U.S. from either of us.

  • Game Slut

    And wonderBOY. You said it perfect “im going now to attend to my so called life!!” You don’t even know what’s coming out of your own mouth, do you? And that South Park reference says alot about why you like to try and insult and belittle others when you have no valid points. You like to mimic the swearing and violence you see in tv and movies. I would recommend you not play any Mature rated games. It’s 10:00 o’clock now, finish up your blog, and Mommy will tuck you in. I only wonder is your bed in the front seat or back. Just let the big boys talk.

  • Anything is going to sound right when it’s taken out of context. He’s talking about the Japanese market. Yes, they’re not only struggling there, they never even started. I wasn’t aware we were discussing the Japanese market. He said nothing of their “struggle” in the US because there isn’t one.

  • Game Slut

    Matt, you seem to have totally ignored the last paragraph, so here’s a clip and paste. –“Quite frankly,” said Moore, “if we’re sitting here a year from now and things continue to fall flat, then we might say ‘we don’t know what to do anymore.'” — Please now tell me how this ISN’T desperation and/or signs of a struggle. Why would he spin it that way?
    And the apology is for saying that “I have nothing to go on and I’m pulling this stuff out of nowhere to make my point.” I’ve provided you 2 articles that back up my point from a highly reliable source (Reuters).

  • wonderboy

    game slut ur so stupid u mean im using a pc on a trailer? what a dumb ass!!hahahah yes i see you have an imaginary wife!!! did terence and philip farted in ur face or something!!! im going now to attend to my so called life!! while you, u keep doing ur imginary life thing!! looking for friends!! looking for some1 to talk to!! owwww!! poor smuck!! while you camp in here and look for friends !!hahahahahah

  • MGS: I can’t fathom how long it took you to find/type all that, but nothing there you said excites me. Sure, Blu-Ray has advantages, but it’s still an unproven format. Since we’re still not filling DVDs, do we need that extra capcity? Of course not, it’s a marketing tool. A slight increase in refresh rate or resolution is not a $200 difference from the competition.

    All the mulimedia capabilities and online features are already on Live, and free for the most part. An increase in graphics? Who cares? It’s all marketing hype. You talk numbers, which is exactly what Sony wants you to do because that’s what sells.

    Yes, the PS3 will be worth it for MGS, Gran Turismo, and the other franchises Sony has in their roster. How you figure 8 Days will be the next GTA is beyond me since all they showed was pre-rendered movie, but if that’s what you want to believe, go ahead.

    Leave it to the games, and until you’ve played them, it’s hard to imagine a $200 difference from what you can get right now.

  • mgsseries4life

    I have seen a lot of complaints as to the cost of the PS3. I think that the following should help you understand why this is not as unreasonable as it seems.

    Let me first discuss the graphics. By this time everyone knows the outputs. PS3 will be outputting true HD (at this time) of 1080p. The Xbox360 isn’t far behind outputting 1080i. Although the screen resolution is the same, essentially the PS3 refreshes it’s screen twice as many times a minute (For those that don’t know: 1080i is an interlaced screen, “spraying” every other line 60 times a second essentially giving you 30 frames per second, while 1080p is a progressive screen “spraying” every line 60 times a second essentially dicing you 60 frames per second). Now while this difference doesn’t seem all that noticeable the interlaced screen may appear slightly choppy. Now not to rag on the Wii, but it will be outputting 480p, which doesn’t come close to competing with the PS3.

    Now besides the output the systems have different graphics processors, and while I don’t know everything about the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), the major specs I have are that the PS3 has 1.8 TFLOPS floating point performance running at 550MHZ, and the Xbox360 only has 1 TFLOPS and runs at 500MHZ. The PS3 also surpasses the 360 graphics in other ways, and from what I know, they suggest that the PS3 is twice as powerful as the 360. (The Wii has not output specifics as to my knowledge.)

    Moving on quickly to the power of the systems. I know you all are tired of hearing it but its all in the cell. It truly is an amazing piece of technology. It does in everyway surpass what the Xbox360 and the Wii have to offer.

    Now, onto the subject of blu-ray. The blu-ray disc format does so much for the PS3. It not only provides more space to the developers for added game content, it alows for less data compression, and faster streaming rates, thus lowering loading times. Also the addition of the blu-ray player provides consumers with a low priced fully functioning blu-ray player which will share, if not control the home movie media market (HD-DVD may also catch on). Of course the PS3 will include a DVD player, so there really is no worry if HD-DVD catches on. Of course if blu-ray does catch on the technology will become easier and easier to produce and production prices will go down, and we could see a reduction in game prices due to less material costs of the disks.

    Why should you upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray?

    The simple answer is HDTV. If you’ve ever seen high-definition (HD) video on an HDTV, then you know just how incredibly sharp the picture is and how vivid the colors are. In fact, HD offers five times the amount of detail compared to standard-definition (SD). The problem with today’s DVDs is that they only support SD and don’t have the necessary storage capacity to satisfy the needs of HD. That’s where Blu-ray comes in, it offers up to 50GB of storage capacity and enables playback, recording and rewriting of HD in all of the HD resolutions including 1080p. The format also supports high-definition audio formats and lossless audio.

    In addition to the greater video and audio quality, the extra storage capacity also means there will be plenty of room for additional content and special features. This combined with the new BD-J interactivity layer adopted by Blu-ray will bring the menus, graphics and special features to a whole new level. For example, you will be able to bring up the menu system as an overlay without stopping the movie, and you could have the director of the movie on the screen explaining the shooting of a scene while the scene is playing in the background. The advanced interactivity combined with the networking features of Blu-ray will also allow content producers to support new innovative features such as downloading extras, updating content via the web, and watching live broadcasts of special events.

    Thanks to the greatly enhanced HD video and audio quality as well as the advanced interactivity and networking features, Blu-ray represents a huge leap forward in the DVD viewing experience and will offer consumers an unprecedented HD experience.

    What benefits does Blu-ray offer compared to HD-DVD?

    Although both Blu-ray and HD-DVD are similar in many aspects, there are some important differences between them.

    The first is capacity. Because Blu-ray utilizes a lens with a greater numerical aperture (NA) than HD-DVD, the laser spot can be focused with greater precision to fit more data on the same size disc. This allows Blu-ray to hold 25GB per layer (50GB on a dual-layer disc), whereas HD-DVD can only hold 15GB per layer (30GB on a dual-layer disc). Blu-ray has also adopted a higher data transfer rate for video and audio (54Mbps vs 36.55Mbps). The greater capacity and data transfer rates for Blu-ray will allow the movie studios to release their movies with higher quality video and audio than the HD-DVD format.

    The second is content. The Blu-ray format has received broad support from the major movie studios as a successor to today’s DVD format. Seven of the eight major movie studios (Warner, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM and Lionsgate) have already announced titles for Blu-ray, whereas HD-DVD only has support from three major movie studios (Warner, Paramount and Universal). This is an important difference because some of the studios might only support one of the formats, so you won’t be able to get your favorite movies in the other format. Choosing the format with the most content support minimizes this risk.

    The third is hardware support. The Blu-ray format has broad support from the world’s leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers, including Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Pioneer, Sharp, JVC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, TDK, Thomson, LG, Apple, HP and Dell. The Blu-ray format will also be supported in the next-generation PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console. This means that you will have a lot of choice when it comes to players and hardware. The HD-DVD format has far less supporters, so the amount of players and hardware will be very limited. So far, Toshiba is the only company to officially announce a HD-DVD player and it will only support 1080i output, while the announced Blu-ray players will support 1080p.

    You’ll receive the most powerful gaming system (Cell based processor) with the LARGEST gaming library in the world (backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games). 162 Games already announced for the PS3 include: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Final Fantasy XIII, Killzone PS3, Resident Evil 5, GTA4, Devil May Cry 4, Resistance Fall Of Man, Naughty Dog project, 8 Day (which look amazing probably the next GTA), The Getaway, Grand Tourismo, Tekken 6, Heavenly sword, Virtua Fighters 5, Warhawk(look amazing specially with the new motion sensor thing), Coded Arms: Assault, SingStar, Unreal Tournament 2007, Haze, Ridge Racer 7, BioShock, Call of Duty 3, Virtua Tennis 3, Possession, Dark Sector, Stuntman 2, WinningEleven 2007 and Assassin’s Creed.

    Further arguments in favor of the PS3 include: Built-in WiFi, free online features (which include video chat, and downloadable content), HDMI output, full backwards-compatibility, firmware updates, linux based OS (Operating System), and more.

    Also Sony Computer Entertainment America reportedly stated that gaming would be free, stating: “Please note that online gaming will be free right out of the box.”
    Sony has touted free online as an advantage over Microsoft’s free XBox LIVE account, called a “Silver” account, which does not include online gaming as one of its services. The pricing structure for premium and downloadable content has still not been outlined

    Finally in response to a previous “review” the reason of the “low” quality game content at E3 was that most games weren’t more than 50% complete, and were not outputting true high-def. Also at this time games only are using about 20% of the cell processor (so I read), and it will take awhile for developers to get used to the system and its capabilities. I expect that in the future games will become much better.

    As a quick side note I would like to mention that the PS3 is reportedly to be extremely silent, compared to the 360 which is extremely noisy.

    Still it is a matter of opinion, and this is only mine. The PS3 is not only a game machine, it is a multimedia device. Compared to the price of normal blu-ray players, which will most likely be priced in the thousands, a fully functional one will be within the PS3 for only $600.

    All the facts that I said are true since I got them from Google and other sure sources. Hope I helped to clear a few things up, or to pursue some that were on the fence. Personally I cannot wait to get my hands on a PS3.

  • mgsseries4life

    New information!!!!!! The PS3 motion sense controller its not a copy, Sony had this idea since 1999!!!!!!

    PS3 controller patented in 1999

    Patent number: JP11099284
    Publication date: 1999-04-13
    Applicant: SONY CORP
    – International: G06F3/033; G06F3/033; (IPC1-7): A63F9/22; G06F3/033
    – European:
    Application number: JP19970265541 19970930
    Priority number(s): JP19970265541 19970930

    View INPADOC patent family

    Abstract of JP11099284
    PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To instruct an operation by the movement of a small controller that is close to the movement of a character by making the controller movable, detecting its movement and outputting a signal, and switch-recognizing the direction of the movement on the basis of the outputted signal. SOLUTION: The controller detects an angular speed by a detection section provided in a connecting section that connects the right and left operating sections of a controller unit 82. For example, rotation in the direction of rolling in relation to the right and left operating buttons 55, 56 of the left operating section is detected as an angular speed in the direction of rotation in the XY plane by the detection section 70 with the Z axis as the central axis. The detection section 70 is comprised of a movement detection section 71 made up of an angular speed sensor 72 and an amplifier 73, and a direction detection section 74 made up of movement direction recognition switches 79, 80. Therefore, movement can be instructed by the movement of the controller without operating the operating buttons 55, 56, etc.

  • There’s no apology to give Game Slut. Peter Moore said he sides with Nintendo and says there’s no point in getting a PS3. Again, how is that desperate? Moore is a PR guy. He’ll spin it how he needs to.

    Goessett: Zelda is one of the greatest franchises in gaming, and it’s going to be a totally original game. Same with Mario Kart and New Super Mario. You’d rather pay $50 for a watered down PS2 game then potential original classic for about $30? That doesn’t sound too smart.

  • Game Slut

    Who’s the kid wonder-Boy. Your right I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a wife. Grab some wood I think there a tornado headed for your trailer park. Are your parents brother and sister. Didn’t I see you on Springer?

  • wonderboy

    hahaha what a nintendo dork!! go play ur mario now little kid!! you have no gf and a life, ur a geek ur just waiting for some1 to talk to eagerly waiting for matt to response!! hahahahah what a moron!! the good news is i got a full set of teeth the bad news is your too young for a set of teeth!! get a life moron!! whos with you but no1!!? only u!! hahah poor bastard with no friends!!? no one to talk 2, i pitty you, im pretty sure you will use a different name again an try to say hey game slut ur right!! what a loser!! LOL

  • Game Slut

    Hey Matt, wonder-BOY is boring me, still waiting for your response to that article. (the second one)

  • Game Slut

    Nice try, your just looking dumber by the minute. I guess anyone who agrees with me IS me.
    That would make you Gosset and Jack Steel. It just kills you that people agree with me, doesn’t it. And say what you want about Canada, your opinion has no merit. What a hick. Do you even have a full set of teeth.

  • wonderboy

    OMG ur from canada!! hahahaha it figures how a loser u r!!! hahahaha! every one knows ur game guru and rob ur just posting using diffrnt names!! hahahah! what a loser!! come her kid jump!! good kid!!

  • Rob

    SOny sux!! Nintendo will win this generation of console wars. That’s all i gotta say.
    Nintendo will kick ass this time.

  • Game Slut

    Hey, FanBOY, looks like once again you have no argument only insults. I’m not working ’cause it’s the weekend (long weekend in canada). I’m not researching….I’m well informed, unlike you. FagBOY. But your right about one thing…. I am crying, right in my mommy’s lap. Mommy Fagboy said put my head up my ass WAaaaa Waaa Waaa. Loser. Quit posting unless you have an intelligent argument. At least I can respect Matt’s opinion, and he presents his side, he doesn’t resort to insults. I can insult you all day long. But I’m trying to have an informed debate. Seems like that news article got to you. Truth hurts.

  • wonderboy

    OMG! gameslut really is a geek go get a life or something no one wants to hear ur stupid praises for nintendo!! your like flooding and no one gets your stupid point! if you say you have a job youll be busy like the rest of us not posting all day and researching for articles! ur point are stupid and useless! oh did i hurt your feelings little kid?!! do you want to cry now?!! go on cry! its ok to cry,,ran to your mommy and cry in her lap!!! and while ur at it stick ur head yo ur ass and see if it fits!! stupid loser.. LOL LOL LOL

  • Game Slut

    Yes, FOLLOWERS. Lemmings follow. Right to their deaths.

  • does it really matter whether zelda is on the ds or not i was just making a point dumdass..i could care less about ps3 but i guarantee that system will sell out because of the following it has and if you can’t see that well your the fool

  • Game Slut

    Gossett, your a fool, there is no Zelda for DS. It just shows how uninformed and biased you are.
    “the ds sells out because it’s cheaper” That should be a clue to what will happen when PS3 has such a high sticker price.

  • gameslut who cares who comes out first or whats in stock you are going to buy what you want no matter what if you want a 360 get one if you don’t then don’t…if you want to wait for a wii or ps3 go ahead i’m not as far as i’m concerned the next gen is allready here with the 360 and nobody can prove me different

  • Game Slut

    Oh and here’s another great article that outlines Xbox’s uphill climb and their struggle. (I was looking for this one before, but couldn’t find it right away). The paragraph says it all and is a quote from Microsoft Vice-President Peter Moore. I’ll expect an apology for saying I have nothing to go on and am pulling facts out of nowhere.

  • hey matt i wonder what those ds games of the year were…lets see was it mario kart which is on every other nintendo system or was it zelda,again on every other system,oh yeah it was probably metroid,come on man don’t feel for me i feel for you…same games i’ve played since i was six years old..the ds sells out because it’s cheaper than the psp i would rather play rehashed ps2 games on a screen i don’t have to squint at than play the same old nintendo games on a system that really only has one function

  • Game Slut

    I don’t want it to look like a desperate move, it DOES look like a desperate move. And you neglected to mention their money loss. Sure it may be strategy, but how well did this strategy work with Sega. The ones who race to be out first, very seldom lead to success.

  • Show me where it says they’re “desperately” ramping production. This is their move. With more consoles in homes, they’re in the right position. They’ll have a market dominance, assuming everything goes right. Again, you want this too look like a depserate move, and I have no idea why. It’s a strategy, nothing more, nothing less.

    And yes, you probably could get a 360 easily now. They’re slowlt trickling into a regular stock rotation after months of not having that luxury.

    Oh, and I would have defended the PSP just as quickly had he ripped that console intead.

  • Game Slut

    By the way I can get a 360 anyday of the week in one of the many Wal-marts around here. There seems to be no problem keeping them in stock here.

  • Game Slut

    The link I gave you shows they are ramping production to desperately gain an early lead before any competition arrive, it clearly states this. The link I gave you also shows that they are losing money with their system. Your obviously over-looking the facts. But Kudos to you for standing up for the wonderful machine known as the DS.

  • Gameslut, the link you gave me shows they’re ramping production. How in the hell is that sruggling? They can’t keep them in stock and are trying to get more to stores.

    And releasing first has nothing to do with struggling either. It’s a strategic move to get about 10 million consoles in homes before the competition is even in stores. I fail to see how that’s a sign of struggling.

    Gossett, if you don’t see the incredible quality of titles on the DS, I feel for you. I’m not a Nintendogs fan by any means, but our game of the year picks last year were nearly overrun with DS games. I’m not going to name names because I’m sure there’s no point as you’ll only come back and tell me “those games suck!” even though you’ve never played them.

    The amount of logical debate or discussion here is obviously pointless now. I’ve lost all hope for anything like that.

  • thats right i said too many japanese people i’m not being a racist,there is a reason why these systems kiss the japanese developers ass the whole video game world has too revolve around them they don’t like the gta games or first person shooters all they like are pokemon nintendogs and boring ass rpgs.microsoft is an american system that has no choice but to cater to these people..but at least xbox is a system that will do what the public wants it to do want a better controller no problem,want a better online service no problem,just shut up and support the system that supports you

  • Game Slut

    “too many japanese people”?!? are you saying that racist people like you like Xbox.

  • i can’t take this shit i’mn reading anymore i can’t believe how stupid some of you are. nintendo wants one market pre-teens and teens,which is obvious by the games they sell,yeah i know they have resident evil and all that,but they have that to snag a few older people to their system…nintendo ds is a joke to me when a game like nintendogs is selling out their must be two things going on,either their are too many japanese people or their are two many 13 year old girls..psp is the way to go because of what you get with the system…also ps3 go ahead and spend all that money for a system that probably won’t be that much better than xbox360..good job sony way too rip off your competition..i won’t be buying your system either or the wii what a dumb name and an even dumber controller i will stick with my 360

  • Game Slut

    Thats’ funny because I’ve never had any defects with my ‘cube. Nor was there any news of it. And they are struggling in the sense that they had to abandon their old system and move on quickly to the next gen. which is also losing money. And as far as a reliable source for Xbox’s struggle, here you go
    They have a slippery grasp on the top spot.

  • It wasn’t rushed. Why do people think any company would rush a console that had billions of dollars riding on it? Defectives happen with any console, and through the entire life of them, not just at launch. Remember all the PSP dead pixel problems? When was the last time you heard of those? Well, they still happen.

    Fanboys are powerful in making things worse than they are. The 360 launch had defective consoles yes. Was it as bad as they made them out to be? Of course not, just like the PSP dead pixel problem that was over-exagerrated.

    And I’m still not understanding what you mean about the 360 struggling against the last gen. Unless you can provide me with stats from a reliable source, you have nothing to go on and you’re pulling this stuff out of nowhere to make your point.

  • Game Slut

    If they weren’t struggling against the last Gen. they why did they rush out the 360. Wasn’t the first xbox cutting it? Your figures represent 360 vs. last Gen. And I know you will say that it wasn’t rushed, but how do you explain all the technical malfunctions related to 360.

  • That doesn’t explain how they’re struggling, which is what I asked.

  • Game Slut

    Sorry Guru, couldn’t help it.

  • Game Slut

    Yes, I can explain, they had a full year head start. Think about it. Remember how well all of Sega’s head starts paid off. It’s the end results that count.

  • Game Slut

    Hey Guru, glad to see that someone else can see through this guys crap. He must work for Xbox. But beware, he is going to attack you, and say your a retard and need to get laid. He really hurt my feelings. And Jack, you make it sound like anyone who can shell out money for all the systems is a hardcore gamer. Money does not make you a hardcore gamer. In fact, I am officially banning you from owning anymore Nintendo products, Nintendo doesn’t want you. And when you bash a system AND buy it, I hope you feel like the hypocrite that you are.

  • The 360 is struggling huh? Care to explain how you figured that out given that they have about 5 million consoles in homes right now?

  • Gaming Guru

    I’m with you GameSlut. Jack Steel is some kind of idiot. He refers to Playstation as a joke in his Blog #86, and then goes on to bash Nintendo. Obviously an Xbox fanboy. Xbox has been out for almost a year, and their hype is gone. They will be crushed when the new consoles arrive, they are struggling now with almost no competition. Let the tech geeks have their computer emulator (Xbox). While the true gamers enjoy well made, original games. Give it up Jack, your not convincing anyone.

  • Game Slut

    You can appreciate crappy games?!? That explains your love for crappy systems. BUSTED!!!! And by the way, I’ve tried online gaming, and it’s infested with people who use cheats and hacks, and it will kill the online industry if these cheats aren’t eliminated or kept under control. You computer geeks are ruining console gaming, stick to hacking computers. Your turn FanBOY.

  • Game Slut

    Jack Steel, I can find every game you listed in the bargain bin, other than final fantasy, ‘nough said.

  • Hey Matty, if you read everything i wrote starting from #86 then you wouldn’t sound so stupid. The thing is I have all system , and over the years i’ve collected a large variety of games on each system. I’ve even collect the ones that some editors gave crappy ratings. So i definatly appreciate good games even crappy games. I will always love the fact that mario put a smile on my face when i played when i was younger, but I’ve grown up alot. I can sit down and play a mario game now and it bores the crap out of me, on the other hand i’ll let my duaghter play it and watch her have a good time. I just really hate to hear people(Game Slut) bash somthing that they never tried like online gaming. your right a bout one thing, its definatly about the games but alot of people like myself has moved on from mario. thers’s alot of mario games with solid conrtols, but thats not enough to keep me playing it. Point blank i’ve on.

  • Um, Jack, seriously, you need to stop before you make yourself look any dumber.

    We gave Halo 2, Forza, Metal Gear 3, Ninja Gaiden, and GTA Game of the year nods here on BC. You’re not grasping this. A truly hardcore gamer appreciates the games regardless of who made them, what system they’re on, or if they’re “kiddie.”

    New Super Mario Bros. will gain more than a few awards this year. If you can’t look past your own asinine thoughts on the industry to play this one, that’s your loss. You’re not hardcore just because you play what’s popular, or even niche titles. You’re hardcore when you accept the industry as a whole without stupid, idiotic bias that causes you to blatantly hate a system because of some ridiculous “loyalty.”

    I’ll be playing Mario right alongside Halo because it’s about the games, not their demographic. You and Game Slut can continue to argue for the rest of eternity about what system is the best, but you’ll never get anywhere because neither of you has a point or facts. It’s fanboy stupidity like this that keeps me away from 95& of the gaming forums on the internet.

    It’s a shame that an editorial that focused on a PRESS CONFERENCE with almost nothing against the system (aisde from the controller) has turned into this.

  • Its clear to me that Matt and Gay Slut…er..Game slut has never played top quality games such as Metal Gear solid(the series),final fantasy 7 and up! Halo 1 and 2, grand theft auto(the Ps2 and Xbox series), Dead or Alive 3 and 4, Ninja Gaiden, Forza Motor Sport, Grand tourismo(all), and Role playing game by squaresoft. So for someone to call themselves “Hard Core Gamers” and say that they dont buy crap and can honestly view these TOP quality games I’ve mention as “crap”, is definatly NOT hard core gamers. Instead it just shows that you will never know good experiences you’ve been missing and will never no. In fact what game on nintendo Sold more than Halo 2…none, the fact is Halo 2 sold more copies than block buster Holly movies. I cant think on one nintendo game that even came close to that. So for nintendo fan boys to say that nintendo has first place is a wet dream that they would love to have.

  • Game Slut

    Wow looks like I struck a nerve when I called you guys computer geeks. Truth hurts. Why would I waste my money on crap, just so I can say I have all the systems. I bought a PS2 and learned my lesson quickly. Can you say disk read error? Matt Paprocki, thanks, nice to see someone who can appreciate real gaming. These fool only lash out verbally when they don’t have a real argument for their nintendo wannabee systems.

  • wonderboy

    how can you call urself a hardcore gamer when it clearly shows how a slut r u in nintendo gameslut! a true hardcore gamer don’t bang other systems or their games! ur banging the xbox and ps! while promoting Wii clearly shows how a fanboy u r! just be happy u can still wipe your own ass!! coz will just see how things will go! ur just like MATT PAPROCKI labeling themslvs hardcore gamers but tht truth just a bias **cking fanboys! your not a gameslut! you dont play other games besides nintendo! ur a nintendo sluT! nerd-ass loser go get laid or bark at a tree or something!

  • A true hardcore gamer doesn’t care if a system is “kiddie” or not. The Mario titles are classic for a reason, aimed at a kids market or not it irrelevant. Apparently, you could care less if they play as well as they do.

  • You sound like a grown ass RETARD! You wouldnt know how hardcore gaming felt if it was a Hard Wii joy stick up yo ass! How in the hell a Grown ass man like your self be so damn stupid. You managed to miss the last 15 years gaming, and you seem to think that nintendo gamecube came in first place…Get out the house sometime and go get some pussy, only then will you you become a man and see that nintendo is for kids. you’ve been sucking mario’s balls for so long it’s not funny. fucking nerd get a life. let me ask you a question, whats the best game you’ve played from on nintendo gamecube.

  • Game Slut

    Oh yeah, Sony made it because nintendo messed up once, that is something to be proud of, winning by a fluke. And I guess they didn’t put the saturn under, saturn is a major player nowadays, right. If all that matters to you is online gaming, then why not stick to your computer, the originator of online gaming. I may be a fanboy, but I’m definately not a computer geek. Do you kiss Bill Gates with that mouth. And that handle was put there to club computer geekboys with.

  • Mike Tyson…I think Mike Tyson somes up what Nintendo is right now, a has been trying to make a come back. Nintendo did alot for this industry back in the day i will say that, but come on history with them speaks for it self. The Snes was the last bit of success for them. With the N64,the big N decided to stick with the high price cartridge. In doing that they lost key 3rd party support(most notibly square soft).They didn’t get with the program with CD’s. I could honestly say that if the N64 was CD based, they would of put Sony PS1 and the Sega Saturn out of business because they would of had third party support that(I guess you Nintend fan girls would say) sony stole from nintendo. Just when you thought they learned their lesson, they bring the gamecube out with cute little “mini” dvd’s. I guess you can call the design of the gamecube revolutionary…a box with a lunch box handle on it. Who in the world do you know that actually carried thier gamecube like a pocket book(besides the “hardcore” fanboy like your self).Nintendo said that online line was not the future of gaming and microsoft was take a “BIG RISK”. Now look at gaming… Xbox set the standard to online gaming and proved that online gaming is bigger than any nintendo fanboy’s dream can ever be. They set the path that Sony is following and trying to inprove on (which they can’t) and a path that Pretendo and all of its 2 hundred and something pretendo follower’s, will follow. The only reason Nintendo survived this long is because handheld and the first party nintendo brand games that came out.

  • Game Slut

    By the way, did you know the DualShock 3 senses motion, pure genius. And you know that they didn’t steal the idea because, why would Sony steal from crappy little Nintendo. Nintendo musta stole it. Your right, you can’t compare Nintendo to Xbox and PS2, it’s like comparing apples to garbage. Consider yourselves lucky Nintendo hasn’t beeen online yet, ’cause then you would learn the TRUE meaning of hardcore gamer. Your in a ring with a bunch of babies, and Mike Tyson’s about to step in.

  • Game Slut

    Who’s the Fanboy? Is there no such thing as a Xbox fanboy or PS2 fanboy. Nintendo built this industry. Oh and your so grown up, crying for blood and violence and swearing, isn’t that the kind of thing that pre-teens flock to. I enjoy that stuff too, but it’s not what sells a game. There are lots of crappy games that have all of these elements. In the end call me a fanboy if you like, your opinion is invalid. You’ve just proven that you really have no opinion, you follow, wii lead. Nintendo fans have to stand up and fight for what they believe, you just follow the masses. Follow my PS2 and XBox lemmings, follow blindly to your deaths. So sad.

  • Hey Game Slut, just like wonderboy said you’re not a “hard core gamer” you’re a “nintendo game slut”. I own a gamecube, xbox and a playstation 2. I own a host of the best games for each system(excluding the Kiddie games for lamecube). I love my ps2 because of the great role-playing game support for the system and great games such as Devil May Cry 1 and 3(every hard core gamer know that part 2 sucked!). and thats just to name a few for ps2. I love my Xbox for all of my sports games and definately the Great Xbox live support and Fable is another good hit for the Xbox just to name a few. nintendo gamecube was a good joke that went sour. the truth is unless you love mario party and more kiddie content than TOY R US, then the gamecube is the system of choice. a true hard core gamer grew up after Mario 64. Zelda will always have a place in my heart and i love all the resident evil games for gamecube(resident evil 0,res 1 and res 4) and thats IT! gamecube is for kids. The day that a game come out with violence, blood, sexual content and some swearing and its made By NINTENO, only then will i not view the gamecube as a console 4 kids. Ps2 online is good but lacking compared to xbox live. There is no way you can compare gamecube to a PS2 or a XBOX. You’re a FanBOY. Oh, and there’s nothing like playing online against the world, that’s one of the reasons why nintendo gamecube didnt sell good. and the fact is if gamecube was that GREAT, why dose almost everyone perfer a ps2 or a Xbox over a game cube. nintendo fanboys are so dedicated it’s funny. “Yeay nintendo! we love mario! Nintendo Wiiiii”!! That how you Pretendo FANBOYS sound to me! Its SAD that a GROWN ASS MAN has that much faith in the kiddie market. Grow up because “WE” did.

  • Game Slut

    OK, “wonder-BOY”. Looks like I got you where it hurts. You’ve got no intelligent comments on systems, just uninformed insults. I don’t live with my mom wonder-BOY. I’ve got a great job wonder-BOY. Quit being a hater and start being a player. BOY.

  • wonderboy

    hey game slut ur not a hardcore gamer!! your a nintendo fanboy! don’t ever call your self a hardcore gamer! you stpd nerd! grow up and get out of your mothers basement and get a job and a life!! hardcore gamers play games on all platform u retard! stfu u wannabe!i hate fanboys!

  • Game Slut

    Sorry I won’t see you on Xbox live, I don’t own an Xbox, never will. I have a gamecube, and incidentally, I am a hardcore gamer. I’ve been gaming since Atari 2600, and I play games everyday. I also have a PS2 (got it for real cheap), and other than the GTA series, the system collects dust. I didn’t buy a PSP to play liberty city stories, I will not pay $500+ to play GTA4. I’ll just play it on Nintendo when Sony goes belly up and starts licensing it to Nintendo, you know the way Nintendo owns Sonic the Hedgehog’s ass (not to mention Crash Bandicoot). When people realize they are paying crazy high prices for malfunctioning crap, it won’t be long before Nintendo regains it’s throne. Can anyone say dreamcast. Wii are the champions, my friend.

  • Hey dont get me wrong, nintendo has a great thing going for them, but come on now nintendo wont win this console war this time around. its great to have something new for a cheap price with good technology but they wont win. in fact their gonna second place coming in the door behind the 360. And that wont last long once ps3 price drops to around $300-$350. the 360 will have first place here in the states for a while. The Wii will be fun no dout about it, but the hard core gamers will flock to the 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 4 once it comes out. And thats the area that nintendo fail every generation…they cant get the hard core gamer. At this piont the Xbox 360 has a clear advantage over the compition. And speaking xbox i’m about to play on XBOXLIVE right now to play Battlefield 2. Look for the name “JRTHEOUTLAW”.

  • Game Slut

    Hey Jack Steal, you stole my joke, (see blog #83) just like sony stole from nintendo. Wadda buncha losers(sony). Hahahahahahaha

  • Well now, what do we have here. i was gonna get a ps3, but now i KNOW im gettin a 360. 500-600 dollars no thanx. for a console that cost that much, they had better come up with something a little better than a knock off Nintendo Wii joystick. in fact, i just changed the name from “DUALSHOCK 3” to Playstation DUALSHOCK Wii. All those(now safe to say)rendered videos they showed at last years e3 really had me going for them. But now i see that they are a joke!!

  • JFA

    I think we, the usa, need to be like japan when the 360 came out and not all rush out to buy the ps3. I think this will teach Sony that they can’t force a product on us that really isn’t needed to play great games a.k.a. blue ray players, forcing stores to lower the price and take a loss. All microsoft has to do now is lower the price of the 360 and I think there will be no chance for the ps3 to catch up. And If you think that just because you can play all ps2 and psone games on the ps3 makes it worth it, well guess what the ps2 plays ps2 and psone games on it and it only cost 130.00 bucks. It’s time gamers got smart, if the supply is greater than the demand well guess what they have to lower the price of the supply in order to create a greater demand. And once that happens you can lock in the demand at a lower price. These have been my thoughts laytro!

  • Navi

    seeing it from a business standpoint:
    one always wants to put on a good show in order to entice the crowd. if you have many standing in line for wii, but not many for ps3, then it’s not good publicity. and every company loves publicity. regardless of whose games you think are better, or whose console you plan to buy…bad publicity is bad publicity. now, that may not matter to loyalists who have already staked their claim and will buy ps3 no matter what, but it will matter to their executives. i’m sure whoever put this thing together is getting a couple of …choice words right now. companies are very aware of how they are perceived by the masses (media). If you read the following articles, it’s clearly not good publicity.

    Sony has gamers asking: Is it real?

    FASTER, SHARPER, PRICIER: A side-by-side look at Sony’s PS3, Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360

    Sony launches PlayStation 3
    From Chris Ayres in Los Angeles and Philippe Naughton
    So LA weblog: Playstation to Hollywood Times Online: May 09

    what a smart company would do is woo it’s fans with as much hoopla as possible to get excitement going for it’s new product. especially if you want them to swallow that price. give them something to cheer for of sorts. presenting the way they did is counterproductive. i’m telling you, i’d be really surprised if someone didn’t get chewed out over a bad presentation. maybe demoted. but not fired. after all…how much could it hurt, right?

  • Game Slut

    I just want to publicly laugh at WiiS3 and X-Sux. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Eat dust baby. It’s clear this competition is over. K.O. Nintendo is clearly the winner. Remember Sega, or Turbo Graphix, and the long list of others who tried to take over. Nintendo was there at the beginning and is still here. Can’t argue with facts. And those who say it’s all about the games, are in denial. Nintendo wouldn’t have lasted this long if their games weren’t good. WiiS3 and X-Sux owners are the same people that supported these other failing systems, and they can’t just suck it up and admit that Nintendo is where it’s at. They would rather cling to crappy systems, with tacked on ideas, than to finally admit the truth. Sure Nintendo took a backseat for a while to WiiS3 and X-Sux, but that just proved that hype can sell. Which is what those systems were, HYPE. If you jingle some shiny keys in front of a baby, they are entertained, but does that mean it’s the best or most fun toy. No. Not to mention those buyers are failing system fans looking for a system that isn’t Nintendo (stubborn). Why do I want a more expensive system with DVD cpabilites when I already had 2 DVD players. Why do I want a more expensive HD system when that means buying a $2000-$5000 HDTV. And HD-DVD, no-one is ready to upgrade all their movies again, this will take a long time to become mainstream. It’s time for Sorry and Mightgosoft to get a reality check, spit out the “blue pill” and take a healthy dose of “red pill” And at E3, Nintendo was handing out handfuls of “red pill” I could go on forever, but I gotta save my fingers for good video games.

  • NBXtreen

    i made a typo on my name, it was suppose to say “NBXtreem”…

  • NBXteem

    i gotta say, I’ve always been a sony fan. and when i saw the Nintendo controls i was like yo this sucks i aint getting that! so i was really looking foword to getting a PS3. but after what i saw about the Wiimote that became second yet a must have on my list. PS3 was the first. well i was still thinking about getting the Wii first. but after what i’v seen and heard about PS3, they just lost a pretty good fan of theirs. but hey atleast Sont is good for something. making us laugh

  • James_Bond_in_France

    Rant rant gnash gnash !! Whew calm down Malcom and take some medication………

    Yep, apparently Sony screwed up their press conference, I have been eagerly waiting for news on the ps3 and this was a bit of a letdown. OK so now we have the price, two versions (the cheap! cruddy one for *hardcore gamers* who “only want a games system”) and a release date. Where’s the lowdown on the wifi connectivity and the psp/ps3 linkup. Couldn’t give a monkey’s nut that the psp can act as a rearview mirror for some racing game… can it be used as a controller ? can the ps3 stream stuff to it ? etc.
    Well I must be the only person in the world who liked the new design of the controller, THAT was innovation, you’re all knocking Sony, but that boomerang controller looked slick and funky. Oh no let’s just go back to the good old dualshock design (ok clunky and chunky but sure does work well 😉 ). Er hello ? Like the Xbox controller has no design elements copied from the dual shock ? etc. As someone said above everything gets copied, imitation the greatest form of flattery, blah blah.

    Oh yeah, the people who say “a console is about gaming” DOH! really ? and I guess you’ll all be taking your mobile phones back to the shop because of their colour screens, downloadable ringtones, photo, video and mp3 playing capacity and trading them in for some ugly 90s Nokia type brick that you can just phone with ?

    I bought a PS2 for *Games* *DVDs* *CDs*, yes I am a multimedia whore, but I was also playing an Atari back in the day and pushing quarters into slots to play whatever had just hit the local arcade. We upgraded from a PS1, kept some games, cool! then I bought a nice set of Altec 5.1 computer speakers and ran the optical digital into them, I now have a kickass home cinema setup in my flat for *not a lot of money* compared to the cost of hifi 5.1 + dvd player, play audio cds thru the PS2 too, oh yeah and still play games on it.
    The basic version of the PS3 is just sad, “hey i just bought a crippled version of Sony’s new console and paid €500” rest of the world ROFL.

    Though disappointed I will wait and see what Sony has to offer between now and November – i like the idea of already having a large game collection to play on it (no sports shit, we like fun games with the kids Crash Bash, Micro Maniacs, Worms, Tekken, GTA), it’s card slots (yes that memory stick from my digital camera will fit nicely so we can watch instant slide shows), yes a new type of drive too, hmm probably won’t rush out and buy 50 blu-ray movies in first five minutes or that hdtv, but can kinda tell that I would like to experience that new gaming / movie experience, 60 gigs of storage, can I throw out the vcr now ? interactive wifi shit with the psp, and so on and so on.
    Fuck, it’s expensive, but then again so’s your pc and you don’t just play games on it do you ?
    As for the games, Tekken 6 footage didn’t wow me, but Heavenly Sword looks like shitkicking action heading in the right direction. Oh and MGS4.

    As for Nintendo Wii, well it just doesn’t have all those possibilities, you wanna play Super Mario for the xteenth time whilst waving a very boring looking remote around. Go ahead! You can’t compare apples and oranges, like DS and PSP, one plays games, the other plays games and does a whole load of other shit. Might as well have a debate “Simple Simon or iMac ??”.

    Last comment *really* those crazy Canadians are going to have to do a site “Smash my Wii.com” :-))

    Ouch ! that hurts……….peace and fanboys, go sit on your controllers!

  • Just Peter

    I’ve been reading trough half this rant and I must say 2 things, first of all (and this isnt fanboyism but just mere observation I own all 3 consoles and love them all)
    1st: A lot of the people who say Sony Playstation is the best are saying really and I mean really stupid things not to mention they write like 3 year olds. I stopped fighting about who has the best console 3 years ago and bought a PS2 to get the games I couldnt get on my Cube and I admit they are (often) cool games.
    2nd: Yes the writer of this blog is in my OPPINION (so dont even dare to rant this) absolutely right, I mean sports games and shooters? I’ve had my share of Fifa after 99 it’s all the same game done over anyway, you’re fugging paying EA millions of dollars in cash just because they release the same game year after year, now dont you feel dumb?
    Oh and I heard someone saying something about D&D I’d watch your mouth D&D is a verry serious Adults game wich you cannot dare to comprehend.

    Thank you and good night! Long live the Netherlands and screw Patriotism 😛 (isnt that controversial ^_^)

  • Andrew Ogier

    I disagree with you totally Matt, I have to say the Sony conference was easily the best out of the shows demonstrated at this years E3, and everything about that show was entertaining…

    …I haven’t laughed so hard at such a huge pile of bullshit in years!

    From the moment they said that PS2 was the ultimate multiplayer experience, I belly laughed.

    The sheer stupidity of showing a PSP running PS1 Ridge Racer, when PSP already has a far superior version was priceless…

    The “real time” demo of tiger woods rewinding halfway through the demonstration…

    Add this to the absolutely hilariously misjudged pricing system, the fact that nobody clapped unless prompted to by the announcer (and even then it was sympathy “ooh the poor bastard’s only doing his job, it’s not his fault that this PS3 sucks more dick than a crack whore”), the pathetic swiping of features from other systems because Sony has a total lack of innovation in their own company, the endless stream of CG that’s faked to look like ingame footage (8 Days was a prime example – with unplayable camera angles and fake reticules with a HUD over the CG movie), and Sony had by far the worst presentation I’ve ever seen at E3… and 95% of the journalists around the world agree with me…

    When Kaz Hirai said “So is everyone excited about Playstation 3?”, you could, as clear as day, hear several boos from the audience, and a general deathly tumbleweed style silence from the majority.

    I think this could be the death blow for an already financially struggling Sony Computer Entertainment.

    Compared to the Nintendo and Microsofts presentations, Sony’s was a laughing stock.

    I was looking forward to owning all 3 systems this time around. Sony’s demonstration has changed my mind. Now only the 360 and Nintendo Wii will get my cash, at least for several years until Sony get some decent games and a realistic price tag.

  • speedyboy

    yo Wiimote was cool but it doesnt really have new games, its always been about mario, zelda etc. i need new and unique games! to compliment the controller

  • Jesster

    Just wondering where everyone got the idea that the PS3 controler “only detects tilt”. Admittedly the majority of their demonstration of the new controler involved tilting all over the place, but if you watch carefully, there was at least one moment where the guy quickly lifted it upwards and got a different reaction from the game. He also specifically stated it tracked motion on X, Y, and Z axes AS WELL AS pitch, roll, and yaw.

    From what I saw, the PS3 controller is every bit as motion sensitive as the Wii controller. Whether or not they stole the idea is another matter and frankly irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

    That said, from what I saw Nintendo did put on a much better presentation than Sony, and I’m now much more interested in the Wii. However, I haven’t given up on the PS3 either. I’ll just wait and see which one has more games I’m interested in.

    And as for innovation… Anyone who says Playstation doesn’t have any innovative games should try out Katamari Damacy or Shadow of the Colossus. Someone said there are no innovative games anymore. I’d say the opposite. EVERY system has its own share of innovation. Unfortunately, 90% of everything is crap, so sometimes it takes some searching to find the truly good, innovative stuff.

  • Znatas

    “a true gamer doesnt pick sides he just plays games :)”
    agree 100%, couldn’t say it better myself.

    each console out there has its advantages and disadvantages, always have, always will

  • raj

    i already have an xbox 360 and most likely will get a ps3 on x-mas…most likely will be sold out neways to me a true gamer doesnt pick sides he just plays games 🙂

  • Neogin

    “sony has the best sports/action games: madden, nhl, tiger woods, socom etc.

    if you like the xbox/nintendo games, you must be reliving your days of dungeons and dragons…hahaha”

    Please, God hates fanboys.

    Anyway, Sony’s press conference wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

  • Actually Sony didn’t steal the tilt sensor idea from Nintendo. Anyone remember the Logitech and Microsoft PC controllers from 1999? Here’s an article on it:

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    I thought it was a bad idea when Xbox 360 came out with 2 different units. Any now, Sony has taken a bad idea and made it even worse.

    When 360 came out, people were camping out to get it, etc. And you know that most people wanted the $400 unit with all of the extras. But, many got stuck getting the $300 unit after their wait, otherwise their only other option was to walk away empty handed. BUT, at least they could still buy the compentents separately to eventually have exactly the same thing that comes in the $400 package. Granted, in total it will cost you more than $400 to get it all, but you can still have everything.

    In Sony’s case, you cannot buy the extras separately to upgrade the cheaper unit. And you know that this will siginificantly piss off a lot of people trying to get the system at launch. Even though the shortage problem probably won’t be as bad as that of Xbox 360, PS3 will still likely sell out during its initial shipments. And the people who are later in line will likely get stuck getting the cheaper, crappier unit. I believe that this will cause a lot of anger, resentment, and contraversy for Sony. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

    As for me, I am a gamer across the board. I try not to be blindly loyal to any one particular company. I own many games systems: Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Sega Saturn, PS1, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance Sp, and Nintendo DS.

    My opinion of Sony has been up and down over the years. When they were first coming out, I was very skeptical. Mainly because during the early to mid 90s, most systems not made by Nintendo or Sega didn’t last long (Neo Geo, 3DO, & Jaguar all come to mind), and I initially expected PS1 to be more of the same. I ended up being wrong, and eventually got one. It was a good system, certainly the best of its time overall. However, looking back, a big part of Sony’s success at the time is significantly due to the mistakes of the competition. Nintendo went cartridge with N64, which was more expensvie and more limited than CD, and Saturn was just difficult to program for. So, while Sony really did nothing wrong or sneaky, but they were kind of like an average runner competing in a race against the fastest runners in the world, and ended up winning simply because both fast runners happened to trip and fall during that race.

    But still, it was a good system, and I got into it.

    When it came time for PS2 to come out, I was all excited, reserved it, and got it at launch. It was pretty cool. Then Xbox and Gamecube came out. I didn’t get either of those at launch. I got cube the following summer after its first price drop, then got Xbox as a gift the following Christmas. As time progressed, I found myself using my PS2 less and less. There just weren’t that many exclusive games on it that I personally cared for.

    Then, more and more, I started hearing about PS2 having disc read errors (usually with the blue CD-rom discs). I learned about this from employees at a couple of different Gamestop stores. One guy who worked there was actually on his 4th PS2 because of this. I found this surprising because I had never had a problem with mine. But, as time went on, I heard more and more about this issue. Out of concern, if a 3rd party game came out for more than one system, I would avoid getting it for PS2 whenever possible, in order to avoid wear and tear on the system. I would only get exclusive games that I really wanted (I am a huge fan of the Kindom Hearts games for example).

    But, still, eventually even my system fell victim to the problems. Last fall (of 2005) I discovered that my system had the disc read errors. Luckily my fiance and I had just moved in together, and she had a PS2 that she had barely used, so I didn’t have to buy a new one.

    However, as a result, my opinion of Sony wasn’t exactly high. Apparently this disc read issue has been a problem over the course of the life of the system. It’s not just something that is specific to the ones from the orignal launch (altough I am unsure if the newer, smaller PS2’s have the same issue, I just know that its been ongoing for the larger model versions).

    Now, there are those who have supposedly never had a problem, and find this info surprising. But then there are those who know the problem all to well. I’m sure there have been defective Xbox’s and Gamecubes out there as well, but I haven’t heard of one consistent, ongoing problem with either of those (though the recent Xbox 360 freezing issues have become a concern to me. I am yet to experience them myself, but I am becoming leary of that as well). In my personal experience of just people I’ve met in real life (meaning that this doesn’t include any online stories that I’ve read), I can probably account for about 12 PS2’s with this problem.

    So, for some time, PS3 has been concerning me. I mean, obviously PS2 couldn’t truely handle being able to play all of the different kinds of discs (DVD, PS1, 2 forms of PS2) that it was made to, otherwise these issues wouldn’t happen. And now in addition to those same functions, PS3 will be playing a whole new gaming and movie format. This concerns me, and with good reasoning. And all of the price rumors that were going around (some saying it would be as low as $400, others staying it would be as high as $1000+) had me worried as well.

    However, I had been trying to keep an open mind to some degree, waiting to hear all of the final info about it. I figured maybe some info would be revealed at E3 that would make me really want the system. But, as it stands, that didn’t happen. The price, while not as bad as what some of the speculation had indicated, is rather high. This could hurt Sony. Making 2 different models in which the lower one cannot be upgraded is simply a BAD move. And the controller came across as a rip off of Nintendo’s idea. Even if they had been planning this from the get-go and it wasn’t a copied idea, Sony’s timing was aweful in announcing this, and it really didn’t look good in favor of them.

    As many have stated, what it boils down to is the games that come out for each system. And on many levels, that is what truely matters. And that is mostly an issue of individual taste. Each person has their own preferences, and that is fine. For me, there is only a handful of exclusives that Sony offers that I care about, and none of them are coming out at launch. So, I will wait and see if I get one eventually (probably after a price drop). Kingdom Hearts 3 will probably be my breaking point.

    But, as important as that is, one issue that I would say is bigger is the system’s ability to play the games. And if PS3 ends up having functional problems like PS2, then what good are the games if the system can’t play them properly? So, I will take a watch and wait stance.

    The price factor could be a major issue that works against Sony’s favor. They may lose their #1 spot in the market. Or, at the very least, the gap between #1 and #2 may become a lot smaller. But, only time will tell.

    But, all-in-all, I am trying to be as blindly unbiased as possible, using the facts that I see before me and the pressidents that have been set as an indicator of what systems are the best to get. I already have 360, I will get Wii at launch as it interests me, and I may eventually get PS3. I will just have to see how everything pans out.

  • schizo to Matt Paprocki

    Oh! one thing! just please admit it that your a nintendo fanboy! lol! you giggle(like a little girl) when miyamoto started playing the Wii (and you wishd the Wii controller was ur *bleep*, hehehe), all the trouble for the article defntly is a die hard fanboy!! hehehe! good for you! lucky bastard!!lol

  • schizo to Matt Paprocki

    ya but sony was the one that implemented vertical in the console first, god ninty is not the one who came up with the sensore thing in the first place,, i will buy a ps3, im loyal its because from the beginning sony didnt dissapoint me when it came to gaming experience.. i had so much fun, well… we have our own opinions, and i respect your opinion but wl cross the bridge when we get there..

    i mean lets not speculate on whos going to suck or sell,, and not be judgemental lets all be optimistic for our preffered consoles,, hehehe

    so stop banging the ps3 when its not even out yet,, youre just trying to discourage potentials buyers.. yes sony’s conference didnt go well i admit that but the conference doesnt make the game or the console,, well just see at the end.. coz im definitely buying the right console !! ps3 all the way!

  • Schizo: SNK gave us the memory card first with the Neo Geo. The PC-FX gave us a vertical orientation.

    It’s funny how the Sony fans are saying that stealing is fine. $100 says they’d be on the opposite side if Nintendo pulled the same thing and snagged something from Sony.

    Guy: THe 360 add-on isn’t neccesary. It’s not going to play games according to them, just HD-DVDs. That’s a damned cheap HD-DVD player given they retail for $500, even assuming it does hit $200. Again, it’s not needed, so the cost factor is meaningless in the console “war.”

    “Yes I do, but I also can tell when someone has an agenda they are trying to spew.”

    Yes, my agenda is to destroy Sony. You SOOO got me. I mean, the two PS Ones, the PS2, and the PSP sitting next to me OBVIOUSLY means that I have an agenda towards them.

    Also, I love that the fanboys come in here and say how I hate the PS3, when I never said a single bad word about the console itself. Anywhere. I ripped apart their press conference and buisness tactics. If you read anymore into it, then you’re not reading the article, you’re putting words into it becaue you can’t fathom Sony doing something wrong.

    It’s irrelevant if the mainstream doesn’t care about the press conference. That’s not the point of the article. However, it will catch up to them. It may not be this gen, and it may not be the next one either. Eventually though, it will backfire. You can’t run a buisness where you charge $600 for something you can get elsewhere cheaper, and possibly even better, or completely without change.

    The mass public gets tired of things quickly and begins looking for the next thing. That’s something Nintendo is trying. We won’t know if it will work, but capturing the soccer mom market is HUGE if they can pull it off. No amount of Resident Evil sequels and flashy graphical tech demos can turn a soccer mom into a video game fan.

  • guy

    All you morons complaining about the price.. umm, do you think that the Xbox HD-DVD add-on is free?

    They’ll shove it down your throat until you buy it. It’ll be $200 minimum, so there. In the end, Xbox 360 will be more expensive than PS3. Just because you spent $400 (probably more buying stupid accessories) last year and $200 this year doesn’t mean that’s cheaper than $599 at once.

    I don’t think Bill Gates has enough room for all of you on his jock.

  • schizo

    you are all saying that nintendo’s controller is innovative! will you havent plyed it yet!! just imagine how tiring it is to hold that god damm thing or swing it around for an hour!! man i want to play games lying or sitting like shitty crazy!!! if i want to get some exercise ill go to the gym not while playing, coz it takes the fun out of it, you fanboys say that sony stole from nintendo DUH!!! everybody steals!!! remember sony was the first to introduce the vertical implementation of the ps2!! now ninty is using it!! or how about the memory card!! hahaha!! well see at the end!! im definitely buying ps3 with all that games!! even if i work my ass off!! or worst sell my gf!! lol

  • chris

    The creative director of Ubisoft Montreal had harsh words for Sony during an E3 workshop focusing on next-generation game design.

    Clint Hocking, the creative director behind titles such as Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory explained how he was disappointed by Sony’s attempts to copy technologies from the other consoles. After referring to Sony’s mimicking of Xbox Live, and then duplicating components of Nintendo’s motion sensitive controller, Hocking paused in frustration.

    “How much more ‘me too’ can [Sony] be?,” he asked.

    Earlier in the discussion Hocking attacked the industry’s strategy to up the ante in visuals significantly with each console.

    It’s a “fundamental problem of approach” to continue to push for stronger graphics, he said. He argued such an approach puts game developers in situations where they have to be factory workers. Assemble art texture here, model texture shades here. Repeat.

    Further, Hocking claimed the adoption rate of high-definition televisions is so low, that the approach wastes resources on art that many customers won’t even appreciate.

    At the conclusion of the workshop, Hocking applauded Wii’s new controller interface. If it can meet the technical accuracy promised by Nintendo, it can open up the creative minds of game designers, he said. While graphics may add emotion, Wii’s new controller interface is more likely to bring emotion directly to the player.

  • jungo

    there is alot of complaining here. dont forget the warhawk demo was a demo hopefully the bugs are ironed out. Sony may of took Nintendos idea its not a bad idea for Sony to keep this feature it can be adapted. befoe we talk about stealing the differance between a PS2 controller and a 360 one is the sticks ware D-pad is black and Whate is gone and look what we have a LB and a RB looks and feels like Sony to me but im not bitching because i like the new buttons.i liked Sonys Con as for the cheep option u get what u pay for if want to use memory cards Ect get the 60Gig Console.
    i had a sega and a nintendo and the best thing sega did was die i like sega dont get me wrong but no room for them. keep making sega games will be all good. now all that needs to happend is nintendo to Die i said it DIE keep Zelda and mario Donky Games Comming as Well there same as sega is doing now there Classics and are still good. still PSP is way better then DS so meny things u can do to your PSP Mods Ect and now good old PS games. Nitendo should stick to game boys for the kidys and Let Big Boys Sony and Microsoft lead the Consone Market.
    Thats my Say and If you Dont Like it i Dont Realy Care Im not Losing Sleep over it so why should You. there all out to make money. at the end of the day if im happy and your happy whats to warry about.

  • PC FAN

    I never bought a console in my whole life and it’s never too late. Judgeing from what MS managed to work out of 360 and the HUGE time frame gap between console launches, i’d say that Sony who was the more “serious” player in the market should have pulled something better and first.
    How MS did it, i don’t know but i tip my hat to them and to Nintendo as well. Why to Nintendo ? Coz they didn’t have to compete with high end graphics or specs with they’re console against the BIG players. They maintained their position and are still takin a hold of it. I would buy a Wii first ,and then a 360 besides the PC that i currently use and will use for long to come.
    I’m lookin at Sony and Sony don’t look so good, they kinda thought no one would challenge them for the crown… hehe “fate it seems is not without a sens of irony”. They were’nt up to the challenge…

  • Santa

    Sony is just stea;ling ideas like they always do and they will continue to do. for those people who just buy sony for the sake of games, the ration of good games to crap game sis probably like 1:50.

  • Neutral

    good artists copy, great ones steal.
    it’s always there in the industry.
    Xerox comes up with the Graphics User Interface(GUI) and the mouse. The executives thought it was pointless. Apple Computers go there steal the entire thing use it for their OS. MS lifts it off of Apple.
    It doesn’t matter for the source unless they own rights for the patent or some such.

    What matters in the end would always be who markets their product better, who has better service, who comes out with better products, in this case games and of course last but not least who has better ties with developers.

    Nintendo will always have its niche as will Sony. Lifting a controller feature will not make a bigger difference as opposed to other factors. If it works all good, if not they’ll probably come out with some sort of backup(hopefully for their sakes).

  • Pete

    I don’t see how u could think Sony are stealing Nintendos ideas… even if they did, why care? its called benchmarking. The ps3 controller uses different technology to that of a wii controller.

  • lol

    1) Super innovative nintendo hasnt brought out a decent game for the gamecube now in a year – mines collecting dust cause theres nothing to play on it. Who cares if the wii is the best console ever if theres nothing good out on it. Gimmicky controller will get old quickly..

    2) Sony is not going to go broke because a bunch of randoms whinge that itll suck and they are only gonna get a wii

    That is all.

  • Eurogamer: When did you first learn about this controller?

    Dylan Jobe: We’ve really known officially for about a week and a half, and we did the final tuning just a couple of days ago.

  • UseR, it is actually called the Dual Shake. And you can do Hi-Def WITHOUT the HDMI. All you need are component cables. It just is analog, where HDMI is digital.

    It doesn’t matter if Sony really “stole” the Wii’s motion sensing tech. from Nintendo or not. It is too close (in time frame) and it looks like a desperate move. Also there is an interview on Eurogamer with the developer of Warhawk, saying they had officially know about the tilt sensors in the PS3 controllers for “about a week and a half.”

    That screams tacked on at the last minute. It also screams last ditch effort. They tried to steal Nintendo’s Wii-mote thunder, and it backfired on them.

    A week and a half? I don’t care which color of jaded glasses you look through, that looks bad.

  • trebba webba

    I’ve owned both PS1 and PS2, but I doubt I’ll be buying the PS3. $600 is just asking too damn much, and I don’t see any of Sony’s games as an incentive to spend that much. Final Fantasy’s turn based combat and linear storylines are boring compared to newer RPGs (Oblivion, KOTOR, etc.), GTA is coming out on 360 at the same time as PS3 this generation, and basically the only reason I kept my PS2 was so I wouldn’t have to wait 6 months to play GTA on my Xbox. Metal Gear Solid 4 will probably be pretty good, but I can always get my stealth fix on Splinter Cell Double Agent instead. I already have a 360, and I think I’ll just get a Wii instead of the PS3. It’ll probably be cheaper and I’d rather try out something new and fresh instead of Sony, who’s just churning out sequel after sequel that’s garaunteed to sell just because of the name slapped on the box.

  • in my opinion of what i have read and seen on videogame sites i think microsoft put the other big two to shame. microsoft has a lot of things going on with their system that really shows they are pushing the envelope for their 360 and xbox live plus xbla. games that are coming out that didn’t look that much different from sony…speaking of sony that company is so arrogant they were quoted as saying if we want their system we better save up for it, is the ps3 good enough to pay all that money for,not for me its not i would rather spend my thousand some where else, i don’t need blu ray i’m good with my dvds…nintendo is a joke to me i’m done with mario and zelda and metroid i have play these same games since i was 10…i don’t have to try the controller to know i won’t like it..why change a good thing.i have played every system that has come out since the early 80’s and in my opinion i think microsoft has given me what i want in my gaming experience

  • UseR

    Lol, typical $ony, it was expected sooner or later.
    No HDMI port in the $499 ps3? What happened to the hype of Hi Def gaming this generation, and “all our games will run in 1080i”?
    Granted, $ony didn;t steal the “Wiimote” they did use the idea of the controller. Tilt sensor? lol, warioware twisted on the gba has a tilt sensor, so does Kirby on the gba…
    Nothing original, nothing new, just rehash after rehash… Take off your fanboy glasses and have a good look… Nice controller $ony, looks familar…Dual shock? No more rumble. Good contradition… Nuff said

  • some guy

    All i can say right now, “what is gaming coming to these days?”……. -_-;

  • something something

    I’m still iffy on the Wiimote, it just seems a lot of work to play a game, but you look pretty dumb waving around a controller…sorta how people look when they play the EyeToy. I’m gonna get a PS3…well not when it comes out, more like when it comes out with a good game IE MGS4. I’m a bit disappointed by the $499 version of the PS3, but you know what? I might as well goes balls out, the lost of cash will be compenstated by entertainment I’ll discover, via PS3 games or a collection of my older games. Sure I can get a Wii or a 360…but their game roster doesn’t seem all that appealing to me, and ya know thats all that matters in the end…the games.

  • PS3IsForTools

    And you’re welcome to your opinion, ‘Tis a free country after all. With that said I’ll admit that I love my Guitar Hero – but that’s one game for the PS2 versus about 6 for the XBox (Halo 2, Crimson Skies, Forza, Burnout: Legends, DOA:Online and GTA: San Andreas – Custom Soundtracks rule!) and 8 for the Gamecube (Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime: Echoes, Smash Brothers, Resident Evil 1 (Remake), Resident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness, F-Zero GX, Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker).

    I don’t have alot of time to play games so when I do play, I want it to be fun. I don’t play sports games because I prefer to actually be outside playing sports instead. Yes, I don’t get any cheat codes when I get my ass tackled – but it’s alot more fun.

  • Tool

    I’m not getting hyped up about it. I am just pointing out that people by consoles for their games…this shouldn’t be news to anyone. This article implies that if people knew what SONY was up to, they wouldn’t buy the console. That is just ridiculous.

    I’ll prolly buy the console because I have like sony’s games much better than any other system out there. In my opinion, xbox/nintendo playability don’t match up to SONY.

  • Umm…

    “a fine way to try and slip by important facts to the press who may not read the rundown on paper”

    don’t give the press a free pass here. it is their job to read the rundown on paper.

  • PS3IsForTools

    Everything about the PS3 – from consumer reports to people developing for the system – says that the PS3 is essentially an XBOX 360 with a Playstation Logo slapped on it. Developers have been quoted as saying that the PS3 and XBOX 360 will look almost exactly the same when put side by side.

    So you’re getting hyped up over a $200 more expensive X360? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Tool

    I don’t care about sony or how much money they make or lose…I just like to own the best console and games…and in my opinion that is sony.

    i don’t see how your point has any relevance…unless you just like to hate sony for some reason.

  • opinion

    “it’s getting to the point where even the mainstream will figure it out”

    come on now…matt is either biased or just not smart. the mainstream doesn’t care about this junk, they just care if the games are good

  • PS3IsForTools

    Well, hey, at least you admit you’re a Tool, that’s a start. Now all you have to do is stop throwing money on a burning trash pile and you’ll be on the right track.

    Look at the facts, even by purchasing a PS3 all you’re doing is helping Sony dig its own grave. They’ve already estimated losses in the HUNDREDS of millions for the PS3… in the first year alone. On the bright side, at least you’ll be helping to put them out of their misery.

    Consider it a mercy killing.

  • HeyPhil

    Yes I do, but I also can tell when someone has an agenda they are trying to spew.

  • Matt (#42), do you realize what an OPINION is?

  • Matt

    If Sony is manipulating their audience, I’d have to say that you are doing the same to your readers.

    I think you need to change your header fron OPINION to BIASED-OPINION

  • Josh W. is right but its the combination of everything and balance that makes it a good game now i know that gfx arent everything which is true there were some good games that came out over the years that got overlooked because of the gfx. REZ a PS2 game (if you know what that is) the gfx looked like a oldschool game in 3D, but it wasnt it is a good game to play if u can find a copy(im not happy that i sold that game now) the gameplay was great thats why most people liked it not because it looked retro. So what if it was all wireframes the game was good. Balance see thats all a game needs. To tell you the truth i got a few games for my PC that i wish i didnt download bc i only looked at gfx and the game sucked after i played for a wile.

    sorry for this sorry looking post im trying to get somethings working again and plus a site for a mod has gone down i trying to get the download on a few sites to spread the bandwith over more sites

  • innovation

    too bad nintendo/xbox can’t seem to translate entertaining press conferences into great games

  • Josh, you’re looking for facts in an opinion piece. You can’t make an opinion fact. We have a conference recap up with no opinion involved at all, or you can watch the press event on a number of websites. That said, they skipped over so many important facts, like the removal of feature in the cheaper version, that those little snippets alone make it an awful event.

    More than a few have backed that up in the comments section, but again, see it for yourself.

    As for the innovation, Nintendo’s press conference had plenty of that.

  • ToolWithMoney

    Don’t be angry that you can’t afford a PS3. Just put down your Wii and get a job so you can afford a real gaming system.

  • Josh W.

    Before I take any of this credibly, I’d love to see some evidence. Evidence that is completely lacking in this OPINION article. I’m with the guys who say: “I gbuy the console for the games.” However, a good system is integral to the games. As for motion sensors… they were in development at the same time. With the advent of wireless remotes, you know everyone was going to be working on gyroscopic controllers. Everyone thinks the same now… so is merely rushing it through production first innovation? I think not.

    As for the horrible nature of the press conference, I have a hard time believing it went as horrible as has been said. Sony is a major corporation, and they know better than to do something so stupid.

    As for innovation on games… NO ONE has any. Every single console (no to mention movie theatres) have given up on new games. Everyone merely does remakes, and sequels. It’s a sad state of affairs personally. Sony is (personally) holding onto the ‘better, more diverse’ titles… however this is quickly coming to an end. The first person to come out with a new set of interesting games should win a medal… I’m tired of the shit I’m seeing for ALL of the consoles out there.

    To sum it up… with the way gaming consoles are going, I’m not surprised to see this happen. However, I highly doubt it went as badly as its been made to believe. Besides, too many people (probably including many of you above) have too much money to care. I DON’T have the money to spend on a 500 dollar system, so I’m not getting it. Personally, the graphics whores have finally gained enough holding, and have enough of mommy and daddies money, that the corporations are selling only to them now. However, I’m still enjoying my games for the PS2, Xbox (only halo 1 & 2), Dreamcast, SNES, NES, Atari, Virtual boy, and Gamecube…. when the systems are finally worth their price tag… I’ll get them. Games and game play are far more important than features or graphics. And if you disagree… you’re saying it yourself. You care more on looks than gaming.

  • matty

    i am well aware. i have also played the EA games on all consoles…PS is the best by far…in my opinion

  • “they are far ahead of any gaming system when it comes to sports. ”

    You do realize that Madden and the rest of EAs franchise are on every gaming system out there, right?

  • “they foresaw the time when 3D games would require larger storage capacity and built a system with, not just a CD player, but also the horsepower to make use of it.”

    Nintendo had the idea, because the SNES CD that was a joint venture with Sony eventually became the Playstation.

  • hey_snot

    nothing comes close to the original. there have been many attempts by nintendo and xbox to make comparable sports games, but it has never worked. they just do not get it. it being PLAYABILITY. sega owned sports at one time and now it is playstation. they are far ahead of any gaming system when it comes to sports.

    the playability and complexity of playstation games is much more advanced. i think this is intentional by all parties (PS, xbox, and nintendo). playstation is geared towards an older audience. i think other systems dumb down the games because they are targeting younger audiences.

  • PS3IsForTools

    Well, I’m glad that at least that Sony has decided to take the PS3 out of the Household Gaming Market. $600 for a system that MOST people won’t be able to fully utilize is an absolute joke, let alone the fact that the Low End version of the PS3 is a joke… Oh, and the fact that Sony is essentially paying HALF of the system costs themselves just so that you won’t crap your tighty-whities at the nearly $1000 actual cost.

    Yeah… Sony’s a BIG winner.

    At least Nintendo knows how to run a business: I.E: Make Money.

    Maybe SONY’s Playstation Division’ll get around to doing that one day – you know, after they’re done recovering from the PS2 and PSP and UMD.

    Face it, SONY’s a sinking ship and no amount of Madden XIIXI’s is going to stop that.

    Oh, and enjoy your $60-$70 games kiddies, all alone in your basements while wii get to mingle with all the curious hot girls who want to try out this new “controller-thing”… believe me hoss, us geeks’ll be right in line to show’em how.

  • Perhaps you didn’t notice that Nintendo has innovative sports games, and even the Madden team are redesigning the game strictly for Wii.

    Not to mention that the best sports games are still for NES. Tecmo Super Bowl ftw.

  • don’tBaHater

    the author of this article forgot to mention 1 thing…none of this really matters

    people buy consoles for the games, not for what some suits had to say at a conference

  • ko

    I think Sony’s system is pretty uninspiring as well, but it’s pretty unfair to say that the only innovation they’ve had is the eyetoy. Unlike nintendo, they foresaw the time when 3D games would require larger storage capacity and built a system with, not just a CD player, but also the horsepower to make use of it.

    The playstation 1 didn’t get popular randomly. It got popular because it was a superior system for a while.

    That said, nintendo has clearly created something special this time. The PS3 and 360 are incremental increases. I don’t know why people get excited when the ipod goes from 40gigs to 60gigs and I don’t understand why people get excited about the PS3, but some people do.

  • Yes I must say that the Sony Press Conference was bad, but thats not the main thing I follow when I buy a PS system. To me it’s all about the games and gameplay. If I want great GFX I’ll play on my old gaming rig thats still working(over 4 years old and still running, and I thought I was gonna kill the thing 2 years ago when i overclocked some things, anyway). I know that just like any system the GFX will get better as the years go by, look at the GFX on the first PS2 games and look at the GFX now.

    The card game looked good now I’m not sayin I’m gonna buy it, but I think I see a money making idea don’t you. If you don’t, don’t worry because I’m sure someone will think of some way to get kids to buy the cards and go back to their store just to play with them on the screen, and pay to do it.

    As some of you said that Sony riped some ideas from other things its true, but look at movies, music, games, and etc. Heres a perfect example the Matrix how many movies and games have taken a seen from that movie and put it in their own. GTA another good example how many games are similar in some way to it. Look at True Crimes: Streets of LA it has elements from GTA and the Matrix.

    Ah my favorate thing about Sony free net play, and they are not stoping it so I’m still happy. One reasone my Xbox is under my Atari 5600 (yes even under that) even my Atari gets used more.(lol kinda sad isn’t it)I think the last time I used it was 2, 3, maybe even 4 years ago why you might ask because you had to pay to play. Also most of the games that I liked for Xbox were on PC, PS2, or GameCube. I wonder what a barely used Xbox would go for when it becomes an antique.

    Yes it is a little pricy for me, but I have been saving up for the last few months and almost half way there, but it’s not looking good unless I get a rael job.(Loading ringtones, wallpapers, and games on people’s cellphones + building 1 PC for someone got $100 for that try it because its not that hard to build one)

    Ok Nintendo’s Wii system I will at a later date buy it only because of the games but only a few. Now since Zelda will be on Gamecube it helps me because then I don’t have to buy Wii right away.

    Gotta get to that $700 mark $658.99 for a game and system with over head for taxes.(got to just love those taxes)

    Written By,


  • jock

    jocks are well-balanced, socially-adjusted people. this allows them the ability to afford superior gaming systems. don’t be so jealous. you still have your xbox and nintendo…have fun playing super mario XXVII…LOL

  • Lonato

    That’s fine all of you barbaric jocks that came into the video game market because it was cool can keep your Sony garbage and let use real geeks have the Xbox 360 and Wii. Good luck affording the PS3 it will take a lot out of your booze money.

  • God

    You playstation fans can have your rehashed prettier looking sports games.

    I’ll be playing something different and innovative.

  • sony games

    sony has the best sports/action games: madden, nhl, tiger woods, socom etc.

    if you like the xbox/nintendo games, you must be reliving your days of dungeons and dragons…hahaha

  • littlekid

    xbox and nintendo for 5-12 year olds

  • Mo Money

    1 – Sony Execs eat babies
    2 – They have no good games

  • rtf

    bottom line – most gamers don’t care where the ideas come from, they just want the best games out there. sony playstation has the best sports and action games on the market. i don’t really care if they are innovative or not…their product is the best out there.

  • Solid Snake

    Whoever wrote this article, I have only two words for you. First one starts with “F” and the second one starts with “Y”.

  • 0mar

    I don’t care if Sony execs eat babies, if the PS3 has good games, I’ll buy it.

  • Ballz

    Caboose said: “It detects on all planes except for time!”

    You’re just being obstuse, right?

  • David

    Complete agreement here. Here are some of it’s horrible downfalls.

    The “cheaper” $500 PS3 will have many downgrades that can not be updated at a later date. $600 is for the better system

    In comparisson the upgraded Xbox360 is $400 and I am betting there will be extremely little difference between the graphic capabilities between either system.

    The its “innovative” tilt sensitive controller

    An obvious rip off from nintendo’s truely innovative controller that can sence ANY motion at all; in 360 degrees of turning and movement around the game system

    I was wary about the price of the Xbox 360 but I eventually bought it. I am definitely going to get the Wii due to its cheap price and awesome controller. As for sony, I am staying far away until MANY truely spectacular games comes out that I can’t get anywhere else and the price drops considerably

  • KaiSer

    Come on … integrating new sensor modalities like gyroscopes or accelerometers in game controller devices is not “stealing” from Nintendo. I mean, after itoy it was obvious that they would jump onto stuff that is used in the research community for years now (look at SIGRAPH).
    And I guess we will see if Sony is successful or not with their new console .. I bet they are … Not to mention that they already won the price for the better name PS3 vs. Wii ???

  • Caboose

    Sony has not improved on anything here. The Wiimote is motion sensing. Full 3D movement. It detects on all planes except for time! And it work perfectly. The Sony controller detects tilt. Just like how Marble Madness works by tilting. BIG difference there.

    After watching the Sony Press Conference, and then the Nintendo one, Nintendo got more done and said in 45min than Sony did in almost 2hrs. Sony’s was bland and boring. The gameplay was rather unimpressive. More of the same old BS of showing Pre-rendered CG. Nintendo knows how to make a conference. Rending the largest theater, and everything was fast paced, very little idle time, and each person knew what they were doing and what they were saying. Unlike the Sony conference.

    The only thing that Sony showed that was impressive was the card game. That looks like fun. Sony is going the way of 3DO.

  • Tonicboy

    “This is more of what they should of showed.”

    ‘should of’ should be ‘should have’

    Sorry, the grammar nazi in me just couldn’t take it.

  • Geoff

    Sony’s PS3 controller with “6 degrees of freedom” isn’t really a copy of Ninteno’s Wii remote at all. It’s a much, much simpler update to an old idea. It’s fine with me. The card game demo (and I dont like card games) was cool. The $600 isn’t cool.

    I’ll have a Wii first. A 360 some time after a price drop… and maybe eventually a PS3. I usually buy my consoles closer to launch but not at the prices we’re all looking at.

  • ern k

    Sony may have stolen Nintendo’s idea but they have improved on it significantly by not requiring any external sensors. Also the fact that the demo was hard to control is utter bullshit. If you watch the demo stream you will know the man did an apt job with it.

  • Sony’s press conference sucked, no doubt about it. Last year they had all these exciting things to show, but this year…. It’s rubbish! Nintendo clearly had it going hard all the way and knew what to say and when to say it.

  • Avanost

    What? … way to tell people what to think. I already knew the facts of your article but disagree with your opinions. I buy a console for the games. I want to play the games coming out on this console. Case closed.

  • Mysterio

    Yep, it has finally come down to this, Sony stealing other peoples great innovative ideas and then claiming that they came up with those ideas themselves. And to think I was actually going to buy a PS3 this Nov, but now I’m not.

    I was going to buy a Nintnedo Wii no matter what and still am, just was going to buy a PS3 as well but now I’ll only get a Nintnedo Wii.

    Maybe once PS3 goes down to like $200-300 then I might think about it.

    Anyways, bad move Sony, bad move.

  • Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo

    I’d like to get in a thought before all the fanboys take up all the comment space.

    Isn’t it conceivable that it is possible that maybe the whole reason for the design of the Boomerang controller was so that it could take advantage of the tilt sensor? I mean, it was kinda shaped like half a wheel. Perhaps their tilt sensor was in the works before Nintendo revealed the Wiimote. Too bad they didn’t announce it first.

    On second thought, prolly not. But think of it this way, everyone was gonna copy the Wiimote eventually, right? This is just the first step.

  • sal m

    it seems like this was a total disaster for sony…i’m not disagreeing with anything matt or other critics have said about this event, but it boggles the mind that sony could screw this up to this extent.

  • You could see on the video that there was a clear latency prblem with the controller, he would turn it, and 1/2 second later the airplane turns.

    And the guy demonstrating it looked, quite frankly, like an idiot.

    Do you think it possible to hook up a keyboard and mouse to the PS3?

  • And first hand accounts says of Warhawk say the technology was “tacked on.” That demo of Warhawk was also less than impressive. When he turned the controller, the plane did not follow.

    Would Sony have added motion tech. into their controller if Nintendo had kept its mouth shut? Who knows, because of that lawsuit, they just may have had this in the works all along. But I doubt it.

  • Remember the N64 “Rumble Pack”? Now every controller has build in rumble effect.

    Remember the N64 analog controller? Same thing.

    Two Nintendo “innovations” that are used by Sony and Microsoft today.

    I bet the generation after this all consoles will have Wiimotes. Nintendo always took risks and challenged the way people play games.

    And by “innovative”, it’s meant that technology is used in a new way, sure it was there before, but does that mean Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo “stole” the idea of creating a games console?

    It’s just too ovbious that Sony waited to see what Nintendo had to offer, and then tried to copy it to an extent.

  • Yes, I intend to buy every Blue-ray disc that hits the market! [/sarcsm]

    I would not think of buying a PS3 without HDMI, which was my point.

    And in all actuality, Nintendo stole the idea from Microsoft and Logitech circa 1999. Or you could go back over 20 years and you have Le Stick from Atari. That is a great catch by a couple of bloggers.

    But really, who innovates any more? Just a fresh can of paint, and re-brand it as your own. I mean look at what the Dual Shock got Sony into? They didn’t innovate there either. In fact, they infringed on copyright.

    Things are starting to sink in. $600 is a hell of a lot to spend on a system and still have to pay (most likely) $60 on top of that for just one game. Add in an extra controller and you are talking a 3DO, um, I mean $700. At that price, the online service better be free.

  • Ken, If you plan on watching Blu-ray flicks you need HDMI.

    And I agree, Sony stole Nintendo’s idea. I don’t care how much the PS3 costs, I’m probably not getting one.

  • I know some people turn the feature off, but force feedback has been in controllers for a while now. They should have just licensed the tech. like Microsoft did for crying out loud.

    Nice of them not to mention the lack of HDMI port, Wi-Fi, and memory stick ports on the cheap PS3.

    I suppose I could live without the HDMI. Although I have it on my set, I might as well hook the PS3 up with it. I could live without the memory card ports, unless those will be used for game saves?

    But since I have a PSP, I don’t think I can live without the Wi-Fi on the PS3. The PSP-PS3 integration is going to be there. And if I don’t have to run more Ethernet to my TV stand, I will be thrilled.

    Isn’t the PS3 going to act as a LocationFree player for the PSP? That is still a rumor, I think, but that is a pretty strong argument for Wi-Fi in the PS3, if you have a PSP already.

    This means it would be dumb for me to buy the low-end model.