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E3 2006: Paris Hilton Embarrasses At E3

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Paris Hilton’s new mobile video game was announced not too long ago with much fanfare. To keep the momentum going, the hotel heiress made an appearance at this week’s E3 convention in Los Angeles to promote the title, dubbed Paris Hilton’s Jewel Jam.

It seems someone should have written that title on the back of Paris’ hand. Showing up late for the gig, Paris apologized and went on to express her excitement over the new game “Diamondquest.”

Since fans aren’t interested in Paris’ intellectual attributes, the blunder appears to have been quickly brushed aside by those who wanted pictures and autographs of the woman who’s famous for being famous.

The first in the series of games involving Hilton is set to hit a cell phone near you this summer. Gameloft is producing the series, and hopefully will give Paris a crib sheet on the next installment’s name.

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  • How low do you have to sink as a developer to create such a thing?

  • Armin – mobile phone games are (finally) booming here in the US. There is no shame in this at all — not since they put 50 Cent in a game.

    Besides, Jewel Jam = Bejeweled crossed with Jewel Quest. That is pure gold on a mobile phone. It will sell even better with Paris Hilton’s name and likeness slapped on it.

    Oh and don’t tell Matt this is Bejeweled meets Jewel Quest, or we might have a Zuma sized problem on our hands.

  • reggie von woic

    Lol @ ken.
    You won’t find me playing any “jewelly” games on my mobile phone, even if i had one.

    10:00 am october 17, 2007: “…Paris Hilton named new good will ambassador to…”

    9:00 am october 18, 2007: “…Reggie Woic, a sophomore at a kansas university jumped off a cliff. Time of death reported to have been 6 seconds past 10:00 am yesterday…”