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E3 2006: I Expect To Be Amazed

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First of all, I expect to be amazed by the Nintendo Wii’s game demonstrations. There are simply too many rumors and too much hype around the Wii at this year’s E3. I don’t have enough energy to focus on Sony and Microsoft. Sure I’ll watch both press conferences live on the Internet (most of us Europeans aren’t going to E3), but most of my attention will go towards Nintendo.

From Sony I expect to be amazed by the technical capabilities of the PS3, just as I was last year. Rumors are saying that the new controller will be unveiled, the boomerang was exactly what Sony said last year, “just a prototype.” And of course the big bomb, the PS3 price tag.

From Microsoft? I don’t really know. They don’t have much to show, the Xbox 360 is out and people know what it can and cannot do. There is of course the possibility of Halo 3, which will pretty much be the only thing Microsoft can surprise us with. Some are saying that the “portable Xbox” will be shown. Highly unlikely, if you ask me.

And then there are all the games; Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 2007, Zelda Twilight Princess, Supreme Commander. I could go on and on.

I’ll be watching the show(s) from the other side of the world, streaming at 300k from my place in Denmark. Only three hours until the Sony show starts. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about E3.

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  • From what I read the Wii is a pain to work with according to the main man at EA Games. It’s not as powerful as the PS3 and xbox 360.

    Too bad though, Nintendo once dominated the world but I guess the big money that the other two spend on their marketing campaigns is just a little out of their league.

    Hope you have a great time watching the E3


  • I tend to disagree, everyone of the developer interviews I’ve read says that the Wii is by far the easiest to work on, mainly because the hardware is so much like the GameCube. They also said that for the same reason, developing for the Wii is much cheaper.

  • I think you’ve got it all wrong. The Wii is not out to be the most powerful system.

    And I would not classify that Sony press conference as “Amazing.”

  • Andrew Ogier

    Oh Sony amazed me alright…. by having the audacity of blatantly ripping off both Microsoft AND Nintendo in the most shameful way imaginable. The Sony conference was quite simply the lowest I’ve ever seen the gaming industry sink.

  • Fred Garver

    I’ve been reading forum’s from gaming sites all over the net tonight, and they have one thing in common – about 90% of the people are ripping Sony and saying they won’t buy the system at those prices.

    It’s very likely that the 360 core system and the Wii will both be selling for $249 in the US when the PS3 launches, at $499 being it’s lowest price, and most likely out of stock everywhere for the holiday season, just like the 360 was. MS and Nintendo need to streamline their operations to take advantage of the gigantic opportunity Sony has handed them.

  • When I saw the PS3 controller being introduced I immediately though they were stealing Nintendo’s idea. And they did.

    Sony waited before introducing their controller after Nintendo did