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E-commerce is the promotion and sale of goods and services through electronic means. This usually involves the Internet, with transactions conducted through websites.

As the Internet marketplace grows, almost anything is available for purchase online. Online shopping for physical goods (usually for later delivery), purchasing instantly downloadable files of digital information, subscribing to repeated deliveries of information or goods, paying for access to membership-based website communities, bidding on goods or services through online auctions, donating to charities, and almost any other sort of product ordering or transaction imaginable is increasingly being conducted via e-commerce.

E-commerce offers impressive business opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies worldwide. The vast reach of the World Wide Web, combined with increasing usage rates and ever more powerful (and inexpensive) e-commerce website tools continue to take market share from traditional bricks and mortar businesses due to the convenience, wide selection, and often competitive pricing offered by online merchants.

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