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Dwell Beneath + Winter Solstice – Split EP

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Harvest Earth recording artists Dwell Beneath and Winter Solstice have teamed up to release a powerful metal encounter that is sure to leave you wanting more.

First off is Dwell Beneath with the crushing track Long Since Goodbye where they show off their technical guitars, eclectic vocal diversity, and hooks a plenty. Their timing is impeccable in all that they bring to the mix. Long Since Goodbye, Calm Before Destruction, Curse the Day and A Season of Sorrow are amazing tracks that showcase their metal design. Their style is so diverse that comparisons to Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Converge, and The Fucking Champs would be apt and accurate. The recording and production work make these five songs very appealing without sounding overdone. No doubt you will hear more from these guys (and you will be pleased).

Winter Solstice is an interesting contrast to Dwell Beneath; fast and aggressive, but not nearly as technical. The lead singer bellows through the songs with a rough metal-core voice, but the recording doesn’t give his abilities justice (and the drums are left sounding hollow). The guitars are semi-technical at times, but could use some variation to fill in the overall sound. Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight, A Good Deed Done, and The Brother I Never Had beam the impending notoriety that Winter Solstice could possess with a couple years of focused practice.

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  • namer

    Every metalcore band in the galaxy is compared to “Converge and In Flames….”. It’s getting kind of ridiculous. Metalcore is the pop punk for 2003.

  • Solamente Frost

    which is why I also compared them to Killswitch Engage and The Fucking Champs. They have elements from all those bands – not just Converge and In Flames

  • I’m listening to Converge and I can say that they are much better then most all metalcore.