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DVD – The Moody Blues – Live At Montreux

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I am very careful with my music/video purchases, but this Moody Blues DVD slipped under my radar, and was an instant purchase with minimal thought process. Live At Montreux captures on video a classic tour in Moody Blues history, the 1991 tour to promote their album at the time, Keys Of The Kingdom. A reviewer on the Amazon website summed it up very well: This was the Moody Blues captured live when they were a ROCK band, before the orchestral tours, before the casino tours, etc.

This was also one of the first shows that I caught after moving to Cleveland, and was my first opportunity to catch the band, who I had been a big fan of growing up, in the live setting. I have never seen the band play a set as electrically based, as I did on this tour. It was this tour that really made me appreciate the Moody Blues, and it’s nice to have a document of the tour, all these years later.

The release is part of a series of releases that Eagle Vision is rolling out from the archives of performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival over the years. It is not without it’s flaws, which I would attribute to the likely fact that it was filmed for broadcast on the fly, with no plans for video release at the time. The mix is more than a bit shaky for the first 30 minutes of the show, with certain lead vocals missing from the mix, key instruments missing from the mix, etc. It took the mixing engineer at the show more than a few songs to get the mix right, so as a result, the opening set of songs suffer. It’s exactly what you would expect from a live broadcast of a multi-band festival – as long as you can put up with the mixing quirks, they do get it right eventually, and overall, it’s a really nice setlist that is different from the standard Moodies setlist you have come to expect.

Highlights, are 3 tracks from the Keys album, including the rarely performed Bless The Wings (That Bring You Back), and Lean On Me (Tonight). As many times as I have heard it, the disc also contains a great version of Question. Lovely To See You has always been one of my favorites as well, and it’s nice to have that present and accounted for.

Overall, this disc is a must have for anyone that didn’t get to experience the 1991 hard rockin’ version of the Moody Blues. It captures them all in good voice, and it’s good to see the core of the classic lineup playing together, especially now that Ray Thomas has retired from the road in recent years. It reminds me a lot of how amazed I was on that night that I saw them live, at how good all of the members still sounded despite years spent on the road. At an hour and a half, Moody Blues fans will enjoy this musical journey, without a doubt!

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  • Sue

    Although I can agree with most of the review above, as I have watched this DVD twice now, I wouldn’t say it was my favorite. I have always considered The Moody Blues a rock band with or without an orchestra. Remember DOFP, their first LP, was made with the lush backing of an orchestra and actually made the Moodies fathers of blending the two sounds. Others followed their lead. It truly can be tricky blending these two folds of music. The Moodies could overpower an orchestra with no problem. It takes discipline and finesse on their part. Have you seen Red Rocks? Now that is my favorite. The Moodies are without a doubt one of the finest rock bands STILL AROUND TODAY who have more job offers now than in the 70’s when they were at their height. They look and sound wonderful to this day, almost 50 years later. And what a catalog!! If you are a Moody fan then you probably have seen Red Rocks, if not you must see it to fully appreciate the finer talents of the wonderful ROCK band. Remember they had no formal musical training, they discovered and made their own place in history and are still living works of art. Their music is still rock, not have fallen into any fads. They still work today as they did in the 60’s because of this. Just starting the summer leg of their 2005 world tour, I cannot wait to see them again. Of course, once won’t be enough so I have several concerts to enjoy this summer.