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DVD Review: You’re a Good Sport, Charlie Brown (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

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You’re a Good Sport, Charlie Brown is one of the latest releases by WB Entertainment, and it is a great addition to any home-entertainment collection. Peanuts and Snoopy seem to have immortalized themselves into television history, and remain one of the most popular cartoons in the U.S.

The DVD starts out with Linus and Sally walking to play tennis, with a disappointed Linus stating his disgust with not being able to play on his own. After continuing to rant about how none of the courts were open to play, Linus storms off after Sally threatens the “older kids” with Linus clobbering them.

The main plot around the story is a big motocross race, which was announced by supporting character Peppermint Patty. The winner of the motocross race receives two tickets to the Pro Bowl. Intrigued by the potential prize, Charlie Brown and Linus end up entering the race. Linus acts as the pit crew.

Racing Snoopy, known as the “Masked Marvel,” they both end up getting into an accident that sends both of them into a small daze. After the ambulance picks them up, Charlie Brown and Snoopy are dropped off at two different locations. Charlie is mistakenly dropped off at the vet, and Snoopy is dropped off at the hospital. The story continues on, with an exciting end that will keep all children and young adults on their heels.

A few additional highlights from the DVD include Snoopy in a tennis match and Lucy and Charlie Brown doing their traditional placekicking routine. Lucy, once again, decides to pull the football away from Charlie Brown at the last second, sending him flying into the air again.

You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown is the second episode on the disc.  In this story, Charlie Brown decides that he will enter the decathlon.  After rigorous training overseen by Peppermint Patty, he is prepared for the event.  However, Peppermint Patty has her doubts. 

The story goes on and follows Charlie Brown as he participates in each of the events.  Children will have a great time following Charlie’s progress as he goes through a challenging Junior Olympics experience.

In addition, there is an additional featurette included on the disc where different people provide commentary on the Schultz family. It is interesting, but unlikely to keep the attention of young children very long. Also, trailers are included, which are a nice but small addition.

All in all, You’re a Good Sport, Charlie Brown will delight any child fan of the Peanuts series.

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  • Dr Hank Sloan

    Wonderful great classic!!
    Cartoons are much different today for my kids, sorry to say.