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DVD Review: You Again

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Ah, High School; the time in our developing lives which can be fun, torture or a combination of the two. For Marni Olivia Olsen (Kristen Bell), her high school career has been a living hell, being tortured on a daily basis by popular girl J.J. (Odette Yustman). Once she graduated in 2002, Marni put all that misery behind her attended college and today has a successful career in public relations.

Marni is returning home for her brother Will’s (James Wolk) wedding to Joanna who is a nurse, volunteers and generally tries to make the world a better place, and just happens to be Marni’s high school nemesis! J.J. has dropped the nickname and goes by Joanna, in dropping the nickname she also seems to have dropped any memory of who Marni is.

Marni isn’t buying it, and wants at the very least an apology from Joanna. Marni’s mom Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) tells her to put the past behind her and move on. Gail then has to follow her own advice when Joanna’s only living relative Mona (Sigourney Weaver) is Ramona who was Gail’s best friend up until senior prom when they had a major falling out and haven’t spoken since.

Marni’s confidence and success immediately disappears when around Joanna and reverts to her meek high school self. She tries to get revenge on her high school nemesis, and does damage to herself and her family which also includes her father Mark (Victor Garber) and Grandma Bunny (Betty White)

Bell is a delight to watch and seeing her in You Again, makes me want to see her return to television in a starring role on a weekly basis. She’s currently working on a pilot for Showtime which sounds interesting, but I don’t want to get my hopes up yet as many pilots are shot, but either never air or get picked up for a series. Yustman is great  Joanna who is trying to put her hurtful past deeds behind her and the rivalry between Curtis and Weaver’s characters is fun to watch.

There are a few short features on the DVD release. “Following Fickman: On Set with the Director” this featurette is a love letter to director Andy Fickman where the cast and crew praise the kookiness of the director.

“Ask the Cast” is a one minute extra where the cast of the film give snippets of advice on topics including how to beat out another actress for a part, what you need for your first school dance and how to impress during an interview. This could have gotten stale quickly, but the brevity of this piece works in its favor.

“Funny or Die” the infamous website has gotten many actors and actresses to do short skits on a variety of topics. This three minute sketch has the four lead actresses bickering with each other during an interview.

Rounding things out are a handful of deleted scenes that were cut for time or didn’t add to the overall plot. These scenes come with optional introductions by director Andy Fickman, and it’s nice to see these scenes.

For even more extras check out the blu-ray edition with more deleted scenes, and extra featurettes focusing on Betty White.

The DVD or blu-ray of You Again, is worth your time and has something everyone can relate to be it bully or bullied.

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