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DVD Review: Wolverine And The X-Men: Fate of the Future

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Wolverine And The X-Men: Fate of the Future is the latest DVD release from the series Wolverine And The X-Men and is the third series for Marvel Comics' popular team of mutants, the X-Men. In this series Professor Xavier and Jean Grey are taken out by a mysterious explosion and the X-Men disband in the aftermath. In the year since the explosion things have gone from bad to worse, with mutants being rounded up and imprisoned. After Wolverine helps a family in need he sees how badly the world needs the X-Men and decides to reform the team.

The production team is the same as for  X-Men: Evolution from a few years back. They’ve taken the best parts of that series and improved by leaps and bounds. The producers decided to use one of the best storylines from the X-Men, "Days of Future Past," as the basis for the series. That storyline set some years in the future shows what happened when mutants were to be captured and imprisoned.

Fate of the Future contains the next five episodes in the series, and we see the two teams of X-Men (the one in the present, and the one 20 years in the future where Xavier has awakened from his coma) doing what they can to prevent the awful future that Xavier has warned them about. Even though Xavier is in a coma in the present he can still telepathically communicate with the current X-Men, and strategizes with Wolverine to try and coordinate missions that will ensure the X-Men's future.

This time out we have a sequel to "Past Discretions" where Mystique informs Wolverine that Maverick’s daughter is in danger. Along the way we see some more of Wolverine’s time in the Weapon X program which gave him his adamantium claws and bones, as well as a connection between him and Mystique.

Another fun Nightcrawler episode, this time he and love interest Scarlet Witch are kidnapped by inter-dimensional TV programmer Mojo and must compete to survive. To make matters worse, Wolverine has also been kidnapped and turned into a feral killing machine; the duo must find a way to break Wolverine’s programming and escape from Mojo’s world.

Things get a bit more serious in “Badlands” which sees Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and Forge run an attack on an anti-mutant government facility. This runs parallel to a corresponding battle in the future which Xavier, Bishop, and Domino are having with a Sentinel that mimics Wolverine’s powers. This episode shows the effects of missions in the present having a profound effect on the future. We also learn the fate of Magneto in this episode.

Next we have Wolverine’s past catching up with him, as the Silver Samurai kidnaps his teammates and forces Wolverine into a sword duel. We also learn about time in Japan in this episode.

The final episode of this release sets things up for the rest of the season. Earlier in the season the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attacked Senator Kelly over his plans for mutant registration. He decides to retaliate and increases his attempts to enforce mutant registration. He’s not only going after dangerous mutants, but all mutants; part of his plan is to activate Master Mold which creates/controls the Sentinels used to hunt mutants. This episode then sees the X-Men and the Brotherhood working together to prevent Master Mold from going on line.

These episodes also have first appearances by many characters that fans know and love as well as lesser known characters which X-Men fans will love spotting. Characters introduced include X-23, Polaris, Silver Samurai, Mariko Yashida, and more.

Once again the DVD has some great extras. Each episode has commentary with series writers Craig Kyle, Greg Johnson, and Christopher Yost and the trio talk about their experiences writing the show. Not all series need commentary, but it’s great that each of the episodes so far has had commentary.  You can tell these guys are fans, and really enjoy working on the series.

With this volume there are probably two more volumes to go. If they follow their previous releases of five episodes per volume, volume five when released should have episodes 19-23, with the final three episodes being released with volume six, which makes sense since the final three episodes are one story, just as the series premiere was the first three episodes. The final releases should be out in time for season two which should be even better than the first.

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