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DVD Review: Wolverine and the X-Men: Deadly Enemies

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Wolverine and The X-Men is the third series for Marvel Comics' popular team of mutants, The X-Men. In this incarnation Professor Xavier and Jean Grey are taken out by a mysterious explosion and the X-Men disband in the aftermath. In the year since the explosion things have gone from bad to worse for mutants, who are being rounded up and imprisoned. After Wolverine helps a family in need he sees how badly the world needs the X-Men and decides to reform the team.

The production team is the same that brought us X-Men: Evolution a few years back. They’ve taken the best parts of that series and improved it by leaps and bounds. The producers decided to use one of the best storylines from the X-Men — "Days of Future Past" — as the basis for the series. That storyline, set some years in the future, shows what happened when mutants were to be captured and imprisoned.

The first DVD, Wolverine and The X-Men: The Heroes Return Trilogy was the opening story which comprised the first three episodes. On Wolverine & The X-Men: Deadly Enemies we get the next five episodes which include Wolverine and the team traveling to Africa to get Storm back on the team, only to find out she’s been possessed by the Shadow King and they must release his hold on her. The episode also recaps Storm’s origin for the uninitiated. Fan favorite Gambit appears in the appropriately titled “Thieves' Gambit” to steal a device that inhibits a mutant’s power and Wolverine must square off against him to get the device back. An adaptation of the comic X-Calibre features Nightcrawler helping other mutants get to the island Genosha where Magneto is offering all mutants safe haven. “Wolverine Vs. Hulk” is a follow-up to the popular direct-to-DVD Hulk VS, but instead of just having Wolverine face off against the green Goliath, it features the team.

As a long time comic fan, I enjoy this series — it has taken certain storylines and adapted them with their unique take on it. It’s also fun to see “B” and “C” level characters popping up either as supporting characters or just in the background — it's fun to point them all out.

The producers of Wolverine and The X-Men care about the DVD releases as opposed to, say, those who produce Spectacular Spider-Man. On Spectacular they release a few episodes at a time with no extras, and then a season release which costs less and has a few extras! On Wolverine and The X-Men, even though it’s not a season release they include extras. Each of the five episodes has a commentary with series writers Craig Kyle, Greg Johnson, and Christopher Yost and the trio talk about their experiences writing the show, various X-Men comics, and how certain plots and characters seen in these episodes set things up for future episodes. I applaud the producers for taking the time to include these extras as most series don’t do commentary on all episodes and it’s a rarity to have commentary on cartoon episodes.

Wolverine and The X-Men is a new twist on one of Marvel Comics' most popular teams and the X-Men's most popular storylines. It’s a fun series that the entire family can enjoy.

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