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DVD Review: Wishbone

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OK I’m a huge history buff. I admit it. My love of history includes a love of classic literature. Yes, I’m one of those people who actually reads the classics for fun. I’ve fostered that love in my children by exposing them to the classics at an early age. By the time Sarah17 got into high school she had read many of the classics already and would come home from her English class frustrated that she had to read MacBeth *again*. She’s even taking an advanced placement British literature class this year. David13 is in love with the Journey to the Center of the Earth and the Fellowship of the Ring trilogy and has read both at 13.

One of the ways I got the kids into the classics is by watching the Wishbone series. Wishbone is an adorable Jack Russell Terrier that has adventures based on a variety of different classic books. He takes kids back through time while he goes through these adventures, which are loosely based on the classics. Loosely is the key word. These are generally about 30 minutes per episode and they star him as the main character.

Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment are releasing a new Wishbone DVD on February 15th. In this DVD, Wishbone stars in “Paw Prints of Thieves” (Robin Hood); “Hot Diggety Dawg” (Don Quixote); “The Impawssible Dream” (Journey to the Center of the Earth); and “The Hunchdog of Notre Dame” (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). He always dresses up “in period costume” and of course he talks too. He manages to not only introduce the kids to classic literature in a fun and interesting way; he also manages to teach kids lessons about friendship, helping others and believing in yourself.

The new Wishbone DVD also includes bonus features: “Tail Ends” behind the scenes footage for “Paw Prints of Thieves,” “The Hunchdog of Notre Dame” and “Hot Diggety Dawg.” There is a total of 120 minutes of play time. This is a great way to get your kids interested in the classics at a young age. Wishbone is targeted to children from ages 2 to 5 but older kids will enjoy it too (and moms too!).

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