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DVD Review: White Collar – The Complete First Season

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USA knows how to do summer television right. With hits like Psych and Burn Notice, it’s difficult for the network to do any wrong. After tackling different sides of the law, USA decided to take on the unique and fascinating world of white-collar crime in their exciting new comedy police procedural White Collar.

In White Collar viewers meet con man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a sophisticated white-collar thief who has finally been put behind bars by his archnemesis CIA Special Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), an agent in the white-collar crime division. Just months before his parole comes up, Neal escapes from prison to track down his ex-girlfriend, Kate (Alexandra Daddario). Peter hunts him down, but finds that Neal may be helpful when it comes to solving white-collar crimes. After solving their first case together, Neal joins up with the CIA as a consultant and works with Peter to fight white-collar criminals.

The centerpiece of the series is the hilarious relationship between Neal and Peter and the way they play off one another – basically bickering like an old married couple. Though I admit this relationship feel somewhat strained in a few episodes, it cleans up as the show goes on and the actors become more comfortable with the characters. Aside from Neal and Peter, the eccentric, quirky Mozzie (Willie Garson) constantly battles the pair for attention on scene and, honestly, occasionally wins. Garson’s whimsical delivery and throughly developed character is one of the highlights of the show, and it’ll be interesting to see how he continues to develop. Of course, you can’t forget 90210 alum Tiffani Theissen as Peter’s wife Elizabeth. Though she seems weak aside from some of the other characters, she’s not the typical TV CIA wife and grows into her own lively character as the season goes on.

Unlike the popular prime-time franchise CSI, White Collar focuses on sophisticated, high-end crimes such as art theft, forgery, fraud and embezzlement rather than violent crimes of passion.This allows for a fresh type of feel to police procedurals, rather than chasing criminals around New York or LA after discovering a murder, Neal and Peter put their heads together to unravel complex, sophisticated crimes that take a few more brain cells than the average murder.

This three disc set is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, but only in English. Subtitles are available in English, French and Spanish.

The bonus materials were pretty good for the first season of a new show that USA was taking a gamble on. They include DVD staples such as a gag reel and deleted scenes – my personal favorites – and a handful of features that include interviews with cast and crew and a discussion of the crimes that inspired the episodes “Pro and Con,” “A Cool Cat in the Hat,” and “Nothing But the Truth.”

White Collar is another wonderful series from USA that breathes a refreshing summer breeze into some exciting television. If you haven’t see the first season, you should pick it up before diving into season two, or else you’ll miss some important plot points. Don’t let this white-hot summer series pass you by.

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  • LindaH

    FBI not CIA. The CIA can’t operate on American soil (except in Cover Affairs)and the CIA doesn’t investigate White Collar Crimes, it investigates threats to national security. Other than that, I agree with your review.