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DVD Review: Walker, Texas Ranger: The Seventh Season

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In Walker, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris plays a Texas Ranger who solves crimes and apprehends criminals. He and fellow crime fighters James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.) and Alex Cahill (Sheree J. Wilson) welcome Rangers Sydney Cooke (Nia Peeples) and Francis Gage (Judson Mills) to the team in the seventh season.

Walker, Texas Ranger began on CBS in 1993 and ran for a total of eight seasons. This is the final season to be released on DVD since season eight was already released as "The Final Season." The seventh season of Walker Texas Ranger comprises 25 episodes and is contained on five DVDs. There are five episodes on each disc. The seventh season episodes originally aired from September 25, 1999 to May 20, 2000.

Walker Texas Ranger has, as you'd expect, awesome martial arts sequences from Norris, but it also has a moral base and good old fashioned values which I find endearing in an action series. While there is violence in the series, it's used only to the point where the bad guys are caught. There's no violence just for violence's sake and the good guys always win.

Disc one contains the second part of the season six finale, "In Harm's Way," "Countdown," "Safehouse," "Way of the Warrior," and "Tall Cotton," which deal with anthrax, crime bosses, and Indian shamans. Disc two contains "Lynn Sisters," "Suspicious Minds," "Widow Maker," "Fight or Die," and "Rise to the Occasion." Episodes deal with topics like kidnapping, an Elvis impersonator, and a middle school boy's suicide. Disc three has "Full Recovery," "A Matter of Faith," "Vision Quest," "A Matter of Principle," and "Thunderhawk." The topics include armored car robberies, Middle East crime ties, and a sonic weapon. Disc four includes "Justice Delayed," "The Day of Cleansing," "Black Dragons," "Soldiers of Hate," and "The General's Return." Shows cover topics including white supremacists, drug smuggling, and hate groups. Disc five includes "Showdown at Casa Diablo," parts one and two, "The Bachelor Party," and "Wedding Bells," parts one and two. Shows include programs about drug smuggling, as well as Walker's bachelor party, wedding, and honeymoon.

If you're looking for a family action series, Walker Texas Ranger: The Seventh Season is a great choice. Because of the violence, I wouldn't recommend it for younger children but I'd say it's suitable for teens and older. There's non-stop action and each episode has a moral or lesson taught.

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