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DVD review: Waking the Dead – Season Seven

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British crime dramas are a great way to relax at the end of the day. I love trying to follow along as the detectives attempt to analyze all of the clues and figure out whodunit. The fact that British crime dramas take place in another country makes this type of programming all the more interesting to me — there are accents, locations that I’ll probably never visit, and different customs and traditions than we have here in the US.

Waking the Dead is a British police crime drama series produced by the BBC that features a cold case squad made up of police offers, a profiler, and a forensic scientist. The pilot episode aired in 2000 and there have been nine series (what we call seasons) since that point. Waking the Dead stars Trevor Eve (Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd) and Sue Johnston (Dr. Grace Foley) as well as Wil Johnson (Detective Spencer Jordan), Felicite du Jeu (Detective Stella Goodman), and Tara Fitzgerald (Dr. Eve Lockhart).

Waking the Dead series seven originally aired April 14th 2008 to May 20th 2008 on television. Episodes aired back to back two days a week. Series seven contains episodes 63 to 74. Episodes are:

  • 63 – 64 “Missing Persons”
  • 65 – 66 “Sins”
  • 67 – 68 “Duty and Honour”
  • 69 – 70 “Skin”
  • 71 – 72 “Wounds”
  • 73 – 74 “Pieta”

Released by BBC onto DVD on January 15th 2013, season seven contains three DVDs with each DVD containing two episodes for a total of six episodes. There are a great variety of topics covered including international terrorism, the military, sex offenders, Navajo rituals, human trafficking, and neo-Nazi politics. Each episode opens with a current crime that, when investigated, ties back to a cold case from years before.

You don’t need to have watched series one through six in order to enjoy series seven. Each episode is a stand alone show and they do not need to be watched in order to follow along. Although there have been some cast changes over the years, DSI Boyd, Dr. Foley, and Detective Jordan remain constant. The cold case squad all seem to work well together and the characters are completely believable.  The plots are complicated enough to keep my interest without being so complicated that I cannot follow along.  Boyd’s son, who has been missing for seven years, returns during series seven which adds some tension to the series. 

Some of the subject matter may be disturbing which is par for the course in many crime dramas. I found “Wounds” to be the most fascinating of all the episodes in series seven. This episode involves a ritualistic killing dating from 1995. The investigation involves ghosts and Navajo rituals and even has Dr. Lockhart building a Navajo sweat lodge from scratch.

If you’re looking for something in the crime genre but different to watch from all the variations of CSI on television, I definitely recommend Waking the Dead – Season Seven.

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