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DVD Review: Volume Three: Practical Tactical A.R.C. “All Range Combat”

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This is an advanced copy review of Waysun Johnny Tsai’s Volume Three: Practical Tactical A.R.C. “All Range Combat” DVD.

Master Tsai holds eighth degree black sash certification in Tsai Family Shaolin Chuan Fa Kung Fu and Tai Kit Kuen Kung Fu. He’s appeared in such publications as Inside Kung Fu magazine, Art of the Warrior magazine, and also has authored several books and has starred in several DVDs.



This DVD is the latest in a series of practical tactical self-defense instruction DVDs from Master Tsai. The material herein builds on the previous DVDs so I do not recommend this DVD for beginners or civilians, and it is likely best-suited for the intermediate to advanced level martial artist.

Master Tsai uses this DVD as an opportunity to showcase his A.R.C. (“All Range Combat”) method. A.R.C. is grounded in Tsai’s ability to take traditional martial arts techniques and evolve them for the 21st Century.  As its name implies, A.R.C. encompasses all combat ranges:

  • Range one: Outside fighting range
  • Range two: Inside fighting range
  • Range three: Stand-up grappling
  • Range four: Ground grappling

Tsai uses this video opportunity to showcase A.R.C. with a variety of self-defense weapons including the walking stick, collapsible baton, tactical pen, tactical flashlight, and others. In addition, we are treated to a sampling of empty hand techniques that include defense against club, stand-up grappling, and ground defense. Seasoned martial artists, as well as people who have purchased Master Tsai’s previous DVDs, will likely pick up at least one new technique from this latest offering.

Speaking as someone who has had self-defense training from a variety of instructors, I have to say that this DVD left me wanting to learn more about A.R.C. I’m not sure that this was Tsai’s intent but it certainly was the result. Thus, I sincerely hope that Master Tsai’s future book and DVD offerings will expand upon A.R.C.

Please see Tsai’s Kung Fu International for more information about this and other DVDs from Master Tsai.

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