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DVD Review: Visions of New York City

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Is there another city in the world that can be as quickly identified by the mere mention of its architectural marvels?  Carnegie Hall, The Met, The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building,  St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Metropolitan Tower, Trump Tower, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockefeller Center are just a few that instantly conjure up mental images of The Big Apple. How many cities are as well known by places within?  Times Square, The Village, Columbus Circle, Washington Square, SoHo, Madison Square Garden, Penn Station all bring to mind that city that never sleeps at night.

Miss Bob and I honeymooned there in June of 2001 and enjoyed a cruise around the island and the views and the sights that are unique to this great city. Thanks to Acorn Media Group’s seventy-seven minute visual tour, Visions of New York City (released on June 29), we can enjoy the fun of a visit as often as we like.  Frank Deford narrates (with the pride and enthusiasm of a native New Yorker) over a soundtrack that includes big band, opera, and symphony.  High definition cameras mounted in helicopters provide engaging visual delights from low angles (just above the waves in the bay) to a bird’s eye view high above the skyscrapers.

Kudos to the producers for an ideal pairing of the musical selections with the featured scenes.  The presentation begins at the Statue of Liberty (which is technically in New Jersey but we won’t quibble) to the lively vocal of “I’ll Take Manhattan.”  An emotional moment comes when the camera approaches Ground Zero and we hear a portion of Dvorak’s “New World Symphony.”  An appropriate string arrangement segues into more upbeat jazz as we move into downtown, the boroughs, and neighborhoods.  The photography is clear, precise, and the pilot was either a photographer himself or was extremely well directed.  One memorable shot was a circular view of the Statue of Liberty first with the sun behind the camera, displaying her in beautiful living color that gradually changes into a black and white silhouette as the camera moves around to face the sun.  

Visions of New York will charm the viewer with all the old familiar places seen on a beautiful clear day as well as after sundown.  The Empire City puts on a dazzling light show for free every night.  A twenty minute re-cap with more great music and no narration is the extra feature included and is worth the price of the DVD.  Seven other destinations are currently available (some on Blu-ray) and in August, Visions of Israel will be available.

Would I buy Visions of New York?  Yes — I want to be a part of it!

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  • I think Chicago is often recognized for its architectural marvels. But I do love New York.

  • My favorite is the central park…I love the color of it during fall and spring…

  • It was very likely me, Chip. I am a frequent habitant of Tir Na Nog.

  • I love New York.