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DVD Review: Visions of Europe

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Have you always dreamed of taking a tour of Europe but can’t find the means to make it happen? Now you can do it from your living room, thanks to Acorn Media’s travel series, Visions of Europe. Newly released on DVD in October 2009, this 10-disc boxed set has over 15 hours of footage from the popular television series. The set includes: Visions of Italy, Visions of France, Visions of Greece and Visions of Germany, as well two new releases: Visions of Austria and Visions of the Great Cities of Europe.

The series is filmed in high definition from helicopter-mounted cameras. These aerial shots offer exquisite views of Europe’s greatest treasures. The audience can experience fantastic sights of remarkable places like Tuscany, the French Riviera, Athens, and the Black Forest in a way not even accessible to most tourists. The shots are so crystal clear that this is surely the closest thing you can experience to actually being there. The only unfortunate aspect of the shot quality is the constant motion. The aerial shots create a panning sensation that, while steady, could easily cause a bit of queasiness for those who are sensitive to motion sickness. This is definitely a documentary that focuses on the geographic beauty of these fantastic travel destinations. It is not the best choice for those looking for more personal interviews or local hot spots like one might see on the Travel Channel's series, Passport to Europe.

For those who are planning to travel to Europe in the near future, this boxed set is the perfect way to narrow down your travel plans. Each title in the set is broken down into multiple disks for your viewing convenience. Visions of Italy, for example, includes three different discs: The Great Cities, Northern Style and Southern Style, and Sicily. Each segment of this documentary set is also narrated and complemented by beautiful music that is fitting for that particular country. The segments also incorporate bonus footage that was not originally aired on television.

The endless opportunities in such a historically rich continent can be a little overwhelming to a first-time or even experienced traveler. The footage from this series can surely help you discover where your interests lie. Each segment gives a very general yet rich overview of the different destinations, making it perfect for those who are even just beginning to consider traveling to Europe. Perhaps you will find yourself inspired by the beauty of a city that you have never previously considered visiting! The Visions of the Great Cities of Europe segment is a great place to start. Tour London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, and more.

Those who have previously enjoyed traveling will be amazed as the memories come flooding back. Perhaps while gliding over the cobblestone streets of Prague you will remember a walk near the Vtalva river. Or maybe while flying over Dublin you will notice a favorite pub near Grafton street where you once shared a Guinness with a friend. Before you know it, the Visions of Europe documentary travel set will leave you drifting away into the abyss of vacation from your own living room couch.

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