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DVD Review: Veggie Tales – Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving

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The story of Saint Nicholas comes to life in this fun Veggie Tales movie, Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving. From start to finish this film was a great movie on so many levels.

As holiday cheer is spreading through the town, everyone is excited about their own Christmas plans and gifts. Unfortunately, Laura the Carrot and her family may not have a Christmas at all. All of the Veggies try to think of ideas to help out, but Bob the Tomato, in usual Veggie Tales fashion has a great lesson/story to share. So off Bob and Larry go "back in time," to tell the story of Saint Nicholas.

I was very interested to see how this animated film aligned with the history of Saint Nick. I had never heard the full story myself, only bits and pieces so it was very interesting for me to watch and learn.

From his Greek fisherman heritage to his reputation of secret gift-giving, the story replicates history and the legend of Saint Nicholas. Some of the characters and side storylines have been changed to fit a children's cartoon, but the essential message that giving is truly important remains throughout. They are happy therefore they give.

This film has an inclusive tone that invites you to journey Saint Nicholas as he searches parts of the world to find true happiness. Songs, fun references, and some jokes that adults would appreciate keep his adventures lively. As Saint Nicholas changes costume styles and finds himself, you see him grow more from Nicholas to the Santa Claus we know and love.

In the end the Veggie townspeople listen to Bob's story caught onto the Saint Nicholas spirit, some of them giving up things they'd been excited for, to give Laura and her family a Christmas they didn't think was possible.

My daughter loved the incorporations of traditional Christmas carols with fun, original songs and lyrics that Big Idea Productions is accustomed to creating. Our favorite song was the "Silly Song" aka movie's intermission, "Donuts for Benny." Where a tender song turns into a hyper donut-loving doggy dancing and singing crazily. It really was quite funny.

Big Idea Production did a wonderful job illustrating this great Christmas tale. You'll see all of your favorite Veggie Tales characters, and a few new faces in great color and quality picture. The detailing that they put into even the smallest pieces really make this movie stand out.

Another great feature on Veggie Tales – Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving are the "Give This Christmas Away" song with Matthew West and Amy Grant and Operation Christmas Child music video. Enjoy several bonus features included on this DVD such as: Behind the Scenes, Audio Commentary, Sing Along, Family Activity, and more.

I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to add a new Christmas movie to their collection and is looking for something wholesome and thought-provoking. This truly is a film for any age group and something the whole family will enjoy.

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