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DVD Review: Two and Half Men – Season 4

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Not much has changed for Two and a Half Men over the years. The characters remain themselves, the gags remain completely inappropriate for network television, and it’s always consistently laugh out loud funny. Season four shows no decline in the laughs-per-episode quotient.

The season picks right up from the third, with a botched Vegas wedding. Alan’s his usual overly depressed self, Charlie is still womanizing, and Jake… well, Jake is changing. He’s slowly getting older, and a few episodes like "It Never Rains in Hooterville" do a great job of making the adjustment.

There’s little question this series is formulaic. Nearly every episode features Charlie (Charlie Sheen) with another woman, Alan (Jon Cryer) reacting, with Jake (Angus T. Jones)  stuck in the middle. The difference is that these are truly wonderful characters, branching out to every possible extreme. The performances, especially Jon Cryer who is always at his peak in each episode, are memorable and deserving of accolades.

There’s little to complain about when it comes to Two and Half Men. Aside from those who find the show offensive to whatever morals they may have (and can’t get past it even though it’s a TV show), it’s hard to see anyone not finding this funny. It’s not hard to see this end up being one of the longer running comedies on television.

Like the show, the DVD transfers have been consistent as well: fairly awful. Season four is compounded by edge enhancement, an overall murky look, lackluster detail, and inconsistent flesh tones. Compression artifacts are constantly a problem, and are quite distracting. Primary colors fare well and at the very least show some consistency.

It’s a TV show. Hence, the DVD is presented in basic stereo, and lacks much of anything worthy of discussion. Dialogue is clear, and the laugh track sounds fine. Oh, and the theme song offers a decent amount of bass as well.

Extras include a basic gag reel that runs eight minutes. It’s loaded with some quality line flubs and a couple of physical mishaps. Two Men Talk About Two and a Half Men is a 13 minute featurette with the show's co-creators. They talk openly about the content of the show, working around the censors, and the characters they’ve created. Finally, two of the episodes carry commentaries (one episode has the cast, the other has the creators), though why they chose these specific ones is never really known.

While it is fairly obvious, the opening theme song is performed not by the main cast, but studio singers. The real cast simply lip-sync the lyrics.

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  • soar

    I agree, I’ve seen every episode of s4 and they’re awesome. Two and a Half Men is one of my favorite shows on TV right now, lol.