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DVD Review: Twilight

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Venomous, sensuous, and seductive. Words usually used to describe a movie geared toward teens and young adults? No. However these are words seemingly perfect to describe the recent movie release sensation, Twilight, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

A young woman, Bella (Stewart), moves to a small town to live with her father and meets a young man (Edward, who appears to be nauseated by the mere sight of her) with smoldering eyes and hard-to-deny appeal. Bella soon finds herself trapped within his gaze and overtaken by his allure. After gathering “clues,” Bella puts the pieces of the mysterious puzzle that is Edward together to discover that he is a vampire. Though Edward tries to push her away, they both soon realize that there is a chemistry that binds them together. Will their love survive an eternity or will it be cut short by a rival vampire lusting after Bella’s blood?

I have to say that I was honestly transfixed by this movie. It caught me from the first scene until the last, leaving me wanting and yearning for more. The casting is wonderful; Robert Pattinson makes the perfect Edward; he has that "look" about him that will draw the viewer in to believe he truly is a tortured vampire. Meanwhile Kristen Stewart does a great job as the innocent yet strong young woman who knows what she wants and will not let something as small as possible death stand in the way of her love.

The supporting cast also does an excellent job as the scenes play out perfectly; visualization and special effects strung throughout are great, and the closing scene allows for a good segue into the next of these series of films. I have yet to read Stephenie Meyer's novel Twilight which provides the film's source material, so am unable to compare the two. However, I plan to do so very soon, as with the rest of the series. I have heard that there is a lot left out and cut from the book, though this often appears to be the case with many book to movie adaptations.

Twilight is a movie that will appeal to a very wide audience, I feel – male, female, young and the not so young. I say this because on a personal level and at 35, I love it, my 6-year-old daughter loved it, and my 35-year-old husband was glued to the TV until the closing credits. I highly recommend this movie to fans of the supernatural, vampires, romance, and action (though not a ton of action throughout, there is a most excellent action scene sequence near the end). I have added it to my permanent DVD collection and will be watching if often.

In addition to the movie, there is a second disc (this is included in the Two-Disc Special Edition) which contains a very interesting and detailed seven-part documentary that will give the viewer a look into the creation of Twilight as it made its journey from novel to screen. Deleted scenes, extended scenes, as well as audio commentary and music videos from Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park round out this most excellent two-disc collection.

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About April Pohren

  • Oh, April, this movie sounds so good! I’m really not into vampire movies but a friend told me it was more a love story than anything, but I still never got to see it at the movies. I just might check out the DVD after this review!

  • Dorothy – you have to watch it! It is beyond words with the intensity and yes, it is more of a love story than vampire story – a bit like “I know I shouldn’t but I do anyway” love. I have completely fell in love with this movie and will be able to watch it over and over and over again! If you do watch it, please let me know what you thought of it!

  • I thought I’d not like the flick going in to see it with my 10 year old but wound up loving it. Bought that DVD too soon as it was released.

    It’s Romeo and Juliet modernized, add vampire. Pattinson is heady hot as the lead; do you know he’s also quite a fascinating musician?

    The book series is addicting, fast paced and a hugely commendable effort for a new writer.

  • Joy

    April, Great review! It makes me want to see the movie again!

  • Hi Jewels! I had no idea about the music! I’m going to have to check it out!! It was funny because my 6 yr. old daughter was sitting with me while we were watching and I made some comment about Edward (Pattinson) being a hottie (she is totally into the whole “hottie” thing already) and she gives me this funny look and says “you’re already married”, lol! I said yeah, but I can still think someone is hot! I think he is just perfect in this role! So smoldering! I can’t wait to read the books! Nor to see the second movie!

  • Thanks, Joy!! It has become a favorite of mine, for sure!! Thank you for commenting!

  • lisa

    I too thought the Twilight books were for the teenagers. My daughter -knowing how much I love to read- insisted I read hers since she loved it so much. I wouldn’t relent-she left it home one day-I read preface. You guessed it-I read all four books-loving them all almost equally. Breaking Dawn-the last one in the series-is hard to put down. I’ve seen the movie so many times-at the theater even-that I wont mention the number. Only that Summit has made a bundle from not only me-but so many people I know. Kind of hard to believe for a 50 year old female huh? I’ve had many people ask me what’s the fascination? And finally I feel I know the answer since even I couldn’t put my finger on it for a long time. Pure romance-the kind where the guy truely respects and cares for the girl.

  • kckatt

    I too bought the DVD and watched it several times over and will again and again. After watching the movie it left me wanting more…so I bought all four books and read them in 4 DAYS!! I could not put them down. It is the love story and the way he is so protective of her..a true gentleman that makes my heart skip. We all wish we could have “an Edward” in our lives and I have even placed a little of his qualities onto my own husband. I can’t wait til New Moon comes out at the theaters and have been following the actors online and on twitter…youtube is alos another good place to find videos and interviews. You can go to the authors website and read some of her own deleted chapters she didn’t put into the books…She is writing Midnight Sun a Edwards version and thoughts on Twilight events…I just wish the story could go on forever like the love they have for each other will.

  • Lizzzzz

    I thought the movie was good. But they left out alot of stuff and add stuff that was not in the book. Also Edward is hot and everything but he is nothing like I picture.Bella, Charlie, and most of Bella’s freind wasn’t what I picture.
    I really hope that New Moon is more what I picture it.=] If you haven’t watched or readed Twilight I HOPE you do because they are the bomb like tick, tick, tick!!!!
    Peace everyone,

  • Jordan Richardson

    THE best damn Mormon allegory on abstinence I’ve ever seen.

  • Lizzy

    I was a wonderful movie!