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DVD Review: Triangle

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Philosopher Albert Camus created the Myth of Sisyphus and the notion of human absurdity. Sisyphus is a man who, by cheating death, is eternally punished to push a rock up a hill only to have it roll back to the bottom again. Director Chris Smith plays with this notion in his latest psychological thriller Triangle starring Australian actress Melissa George. Icon Home Entertainment is set to release this intelligent thriller in the UK to DVD and Blu-ray release on March 1.

The film is based around a group of 20-somethings who venture out for the day on a friend's yacht. The mood soon changes from a relaxed atmosphere to panic when a storm appears out of nowhere, overturning their boat. Left stranded in the middle of the sea, an ocean liner appears on the horizon offering the chance of being rescued. Upon boarding, the group soon realise that something is amiss and that's when the blood starts to spill and they are individually hunted down by a lone killer. All is not as it seems though and the storyline develops with an intriguing twist.

After the initial introductory scenes the plot becomes better developed. Triangle has an intellectual looped sequence that creates enough interest to make the viewer want to sit through the entire movie. Chris Smith is not new to the thriller genre and has written and previously directed the films Creep and Severance. He has done a good job with Triangle and the script not only delivers those eerie suspenseful moments that thrillers are so well known for but also delves into an intelligent and somewhat complex story line. The moments of suspense are written into the story well and they bring an unexpected delivery of surprise to the viewer, which is really refreshing in comparison to the usual thriller plot.

Melissa George aptly plays the main character Jess who gets lost amidst the twists and turns of the plot. The actress began her career on the popular Australian soapie Home and Away and went on to establish a career in Hollywood. She has starred alongside Josh Hartnett in 30 Days of Night and Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror. Michael Dorman (Daybreakers), another established Australian actor, plays the male lead and yacht owner Greg alongside actor Liam Hensworth in his first major film role. Liam plays Victor, the cute guy who shares his looks and biceps with an appreciative audience and he seems to be targeted as the next Australian hunk to watch out for. All actors play their American characters well, with an exceptional performance by Melissa George; however, there is the odd slip-up with some of the actors allowing their Australian accents to occasionally break through.

Triangle was shot on the Golden Beaches of the Gold Coast in Australia. The CGI is somewhat believable but there are moments when the green screen was used and it's quite obvious; however, the tight budgeting did not really allow for expensive Titatanic-style imagery and they did extremely well with what they had. The camera work filmed on board the ocean liner is done exceptionally well and there are some well designed shots used. Keep an eye out for a scene towards the end of the film when Jess is confronting herself in the mirror. It's a highly thought-out piece of filmmaking and in the special features section under "The Making of Triangle" you can see how the shot was created. The lighting of the outside scenes is perhaps a little over-exposed but when shooting in a bright environment such as the sunny Gold Coast, the intense light of day can perhaps interfere with choices, though the overall look of the film is very crisp and clean.

The DVD and Blu-ray do come with a special features section which, as previously mentioned, includes a "making of" feature which offers some interesting insight to the set builds, actor interviews, and cinematography insights. There is audio commentary from director Chris Smith, storyboards for three scenes, deleted scenes, and the competition winner's poster sesign. There is also "The Storm," a special effects featurette for an added bonus, so the DVD and Blu-ray offer quite a lot.

The film is a good thriller with a unique twist. There are some budgetary restraints but the Australian cast, especially Melissa George, do really well in creating a well-made psychological thriller alongside a talented crew. Sometimes the plot seems a little complex and the constant loops of the storyline sometimes make the viewer feel as though they are on a roller coaster of repetitiveness but it has a very refreshing twist that keeps the audience interested.

The film is rated 15 in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland has a rating of 18 and has a run time of about 95 minutes. Icon Home Entertainment have a website at Prepared to be Scared where you can find further information about Chris Smith's psychological horror Triangle and other thrillers. If you live in the UK and order the DVD or Blu-ray before March 1 via Amazon you will buy it at a heavily discounted price.

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  • Joel R

    Can ANYONE confirm if the UK Blu-Ray release of TRIANGLE is Region-Free???