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DVD Review: Tooth Fairy

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Tooth Fairy is a family comedy released by Twentieth Century Fox on DVD on May 4, 2010. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars as Derek Thompson, a rough and tough hockey player. Also staring in the Tooth Fairy are Julie Andrews and Billy Crystal, who play Thompson's superiors.

The story is about Thompson, a brash, rather rude, and insensitive tough guy hockey player who is known for knocking out other players' teeth. That's where his nickname "The Tooth Fairy" comes from. His dreams to be a famous hockey player seem to be in the past, and he's bitter about it. He lets this bitterness affect everyone around him including his girlfriend and her two children. He makes fun of everyone's dreams and makes sure to crush them.

When he ridicules the existence of the Tooth Fairy, he is sent to Tooth Fairy Headquarters to meet the head fairy (Julie Andrews). His punishment for making fun of the Tooth Fairy is to spend time as a Tooth Fairy in training, where he learns to fly, break into houses to retrieve teeth, and actually learn to be nice to people. All this responsibility comes with a fairy wings and a tutu.

Thompson is one of those characters, as a mom, I just wanted to smack. He takes great enjoyment from smashing other people's dreams – even little children's dreams! He's annoying, insensitive, and totally stuck on himself. Watching him transformed into a pink tutu wearing Tooth Fairy with wings was highly enjoyable. Watching him grow into a more sensitive man who actually cares about people other than himself was even more enjoyable.

The Tooth Fairy DVD includes special features "Tooth Fairy Training Center," which is a short exercise routine for the kids to follow along with a fairy to lead them. The DVD also includes a sing along with "Fairy Oke" – get it Fairy Oke – karaoke? Both are cute and entertaining for younger children.

This is a fantastic family movie. I found nothing offensive or inappropriate about the movie at all. It's a good, solid PG movie that's loaded with laughs. My 12 year old son was impressed with the fact that the movie starred The Rock, since he's a fan of wrestling and he laughed through the whole movie. My 17 year old daughter was impressed with the star-studded cast. If you found The Santa Claus funny, you will definitely enjoy Tooth Fairy.

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