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DVD Review – Tom Goes To The Mayor, The Complete Series

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Tom Peters is the newest resident of Jefferton: a town on the grow. It is run by a competent and caring Mayor, who is continually striving to improve the town for the betterment of all its citizens, while still remaining both socially and fiscally responsible. Tom is busy trying to get any of his vast entrepreneurial efforts off the ground, but is lovingly supported by his hot and devoted wife, Joy. Tom and Joy have three small boys, and although they were all eaten alive and carried off by a pack of wild dogs, their memories and many battery-operated toys live on. This is their story.

The above is what I wish I could say about the premise for Tom Goes To The Mayor. There actually is a Jefferton, and a Mayor, and a Tom who does fancy himself an entrepreneur. But other than that, I made some stuff up. Like the competent mayor. And the devoted wife (although she is still hot). And the toys (I don't think the sons were ever given toys, with the exception of bass guitars). It's all much more twisted than that. Unsettling. In fact, it's all a bit ridiculous. And juvenile. And made with static character cut-outs. And these are only some of the reasons fans enjoyed this short-lived animated show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up.

Let me start over and see if I can get this right… Tom is unemployed, so he keeps going to the Mayor and hitting him up for financing on a bold, new money-making idea. The Mayor enjoys listening to people talk, especially this spiky-haired fellow who keeps showing up. What was his name again? Tim? Todd? Thom, with a soft “h”? Anyway, whatever Tom suggests, the Mayor usually thinks is a brilliant idea and they get right to work. They get to work on unicorns, novelty t-shirts, a pipe camp for kids, and anti-arousal medication (but not all at the same time, mind you, because that would just be silly). In the end, Tom's hot wife disapproves somehow, and people end up dead. The End.

The bad news for the show is that it was limited to only two seasons. The good news is that the whole series now fits quite comfortably in its newly released, clamshell DVD case. No longer will you have to worry about those nasty paper cuts you get with over sized sleeves that house shows whose only apparent gift to the world is more waste material. A pox on them!

The new DVD release of the complete series of Tom Goes To The Mayor is a three-disc set, containing all 30 episodes from both seasons of the show. The discs themselves are packed as full as the law allows, containing not only ample amounts of bonus features, but commentary tracks on every single episode. Many of the bonus features are about what you would expect, with deleted scenes and concept art, but there are also some nice materials made especially for the DVD set, such as the moving tribute to Bob Odenkirk. A particular highlight is the scandal-umentary entitled “Boiling Point: Behind the Scenes, Season Two.”

One aspect of the set that should not be overlooked is its educational value. Are you concerned that your pot-smoking, delinquent children (or siblings) will not be able to compete in the high stakes world of international business? If so, or if not, then Tom Goes To The Mayor can help them brush up on both their Spanish and French (and English, if they happen to be illiterate) with convenient subtitles. Because you always wondered what the theme song would be like in French.

Overall, Tom Goes To The Mayor is an excellent DVD set for fans of the show. Granted, the humor is not for everyone (as a quick glance over the Adult Swim message boards will quickly tell you). But if you're just sick and twisted enough to enjoy most of their other programming, you will be in safe and saucy hands

The other good news is that the creators, Tim and Eric, are now being at least as ridiculous, juvenile, and silly on their brand new show, appropriately titled Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Why? Because “the only married news team” still has a lot of reporting to do.

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